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Southern Living

I always get a thrill when my IM box pops up and its Lilly Juno ! Usually she has something newwwww and gorgeous to show me, and I’m not kidding you…seriously gorgeous…this time it was a brand spankin new set called “Southern Living”…my heart went pitty patter at the colours… dusky raspberry  pink and greens…LOVE! The range is huge…theres just so many options I really can’t show the whole shebang…so Ive highlighted  a few of my favourite pieces. This range is for sale at the “Around the World” event…Ive given the landmark for Prism’s store, but explore around…theres plenty to see.

I noticed with this new set, the prim count had gone a lot lower, always agreeable! I copied the drapes wildly and scattered them around with abandon , at 3 prims per set, why not?! Theres a stash of darling “finishing touches” in this range also…a dear china tea cup…trays with drinks..and I just adore the candelabra, so quaint.

As is usual with Prism’s pieces, there are lovely poses in the chairs, daybed etc…even the rocking chair is full of sits…

Last photo for today, but there really is a huge amount I havent been able to fit in , pop over and take a look, try the poses…Im sure you wont be able to resist ! Thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture Around The World