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Purty. (freebies)

bye bye

Was doing my daily “OMG I need to clear out some of my invent!” rant and I came across this dress from Soulglitter is OK a pretty standard style in SL now but check out the texturing it’s pretty darn impressive.  As it happens I had the hair on before the outfit and although the fabric patterns are different I thought what a sweet look. FREE from Soulglitter and not only is there some other GG’s but also a shelf packed with cheapies and old hunt items waiting to be bought at a bargain price. .  LM given so you can join the free group and check out Auroris Resident’s inworld shop.


Soulglitter Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Valentines freebies & cheapee’s

follow your heart hunt free bag FREE

Is cheepee a word? I dunno but I have some for you ! First up is this gorgeous little outfit from LC Designs, its their gift in the Follow Your Heart Hunt. Pencil skirt and cropped top in a delicate beige, the peplum waist having little hearts over it, keeps it right on trend for the day of lurve. The top is really nicely tailored and has a heart motif  embroidered on the front. My bag was a freebie from IZUMIYA one of many that are located on the upper floor of the store.

Valentines sweater 10L

Moving on, a sweater from Soulglitter, they’ve got a few in this style with different motif’s on the front. All the great bargain price of just 10L.

Citrus gacha rare NEW! Free tattoo Coca & Wolf

Citrus have this bunnygirl outfit in their gacha machine at The Thrift Shop event. It’s the rare win, the other prizes are bunneh head pieces that are SOOPER sweet and adorable. Ohh my tattoo, it’s another market place freebie I found from Coca & Wolf. I rarely wear tattoos in SL (although in real life I have a few!), but I liked this one, its small and well done .

The Thrift Shop

LC Designs

Soulglitter market place store

Coca & Wolf market place store