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21 Shoe Event

Somnia KoiKoi Cashmere & keane

The first ever 21 shoe event is up and running ! You will have to be sooper speedy though as it’s a 24 hour thing. Basically the participating designers will have two pairs of shoes on sale for the price of one (or less!) Above I’m wearing the “Stretch Stiletto” boots from KoiKoi. Brilliant & essential for the season and you get a superb close fit on the leg. My dress is new from Somnia, it’s called Tyasri, I so adore this Wintery white shade, covered with tiny moustaches & spectacles which is really on trend currently.

KoiKoi Boots

Close up shot of the stretch KoiKoi boots – so you can get a feel for the fabric.. lovely huh? I love love LOVE the stitching detail, the texuring is really top-notch. Gotta feeling these will become a fav over the winter & spring.

KoiKoi 21

KoiKoi have also included the “Strappy Mamba” high heels as part of the deal . (These require you to have the high SLink feet .) Lip lickingly sexy, with a fantastical leather used for the main shoe and gold snaps to grip the laces threaded over the front of your foot.

KoiKoi Somnia

I wore them with one of the new Somnia releases (and there were oooodles), quite a simple but elegant little frock no? Its called lalaera and there are two packs of tones ready to roll !

Skin,shapebrow shapers,teeth layer 95L !

I also popped over to The My Attic event this morning and helped myself to a big dollop of treats . I snagged the Mina Nikky hair – just 95L per colour pack ! Then I spied this skin by DeeTaleZ, it’s called Jarla and comes in a choice of skin tones. I went for the sort of mid one called “mixed type”. Not only do you get the skin, but also the shape, teeth, brow fixers. I wasnt overly keen on the choppers to be honest but I’m wearing the mouth shadow which I think adds a little more definition to the lips. I did buy a shed load more actually, but havent had time to open the packages yet !


21 Shoe Event blog


My Attic

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New stuff !


Somnia NEW !

I’m re-energised after a visit from my Daddy, we had lunch together and I made his favourite sammiches (Tuna & mayo all frothed up!) He bought some rather sugary buns for dessert – he always forgets I’m a diabetic bless him. Anywayyyyy now I’m stuffed with food I’m ready to rock & roll…Somnia is fast becoming one of my fav go-to-stores for mesh. The releases are many but never losing quality. Above I’m showing the brand spankin new “Nyitia” belted mini skirt, fabbo thick belt to show off your slinky snake hips and really perfect to wear with a whole load of Somnia’s sweaters and tee’s. NINE colours in the pack for only 200L, thats uhm *brain fade*..erm..22L per skirt ! The sweater is also new and comes in a pack of nine tones..its called “pixel heart”, I thought the stark white really made the red skirt POP .


Now, pro-tip…get this amazing cardi & tank set, you wont regret it…like e.v.e.r. Its called “Boffle”, you get a cardigan and an undershirt in each of the nine tones. You can’t wear the cardi as a piece on its own but what you CAN do, is mix and match up the colours. Endless variations ! I just adore the thick chunky knit of the cardigan, the under shirt is self striped and fits like a glove, big buttons complete the look, I LOVE this set! My trousers are also a new item “Zhevios” is the name, they go SO well with the Boffle set, but are also a fantastic stand alone item. Thanks Sanura ❤

Somnia store


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At the end of the day

Somnia NEW

Theres a whole bundle of new releases from Somnia this week, this dress caught my eye. Its called Ecliptic Vortex, little bit of a retro pattern going down! Great design detail with the ribbed turtle neck and the attached wide white leather belt. For your 200L you actually get a stonkingly huge pack of NINE colours ! (all in five sizes each) Dont forget to use the scratch & win ticket in the box while youre there!


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The Challenge Goes kitsch !

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_008

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this round of The Challenge, as its Kitsch and gawd I lurve that. I even had to log in from work to see a package that had arrived from [Breno] ! (YES I get that excited) Was sooper chuffed to see that it was a Marilyn inspired item – retro! Imagine this in a room, focal point, glossy lips, ciggy hanging out – LOVE it. Uber low prim, coming in at 2Li, naturally I had to squeeze in shot…

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_004

…as I wanted to show off a coupla things Id recently bought and had given for review. Lust after my boooots , mmhmm my first purchase since getting the Slink high feet at Shoetopia. These are the demi boots by Slink, come in a range of colours (the donation colour being OMG pink squeee) Superb styling and just what I was hoping to find for Winter. My skirt is an older release from coldLogic, such a classic little piece, tight fitting mesh skirt, perfect length, called “page” and available in a heap of other shades. The short sleeved sweater top is a new release from Somnia, there is a light and dark pack “swanky shell” is the name and this is the grey from the lighter pack. Somnia is always such brilliant value so go check it out.

MOCK Golden twilight Winterberry makeover

I also must do a big fat shout out to Mock Cosmetics. I such a rubbish blogger and rarely mention everyyyything I’m wearing. Mock has saved me an absolute fortune in skins to be honest. I buy her makeovers mostly : because I’m a) lazy b) they rock. A makeover usually changes lips,eyes and sometimes cheeks. You wear it as a tattoo layer, et voila – totally different look for the skin you’re wearing!

MOCK Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover

You can also get lips creams, glosses, eye liners, blush and more ! The changes to your face can be subtle or dramatic, depends what you fancy and SO affordable. I usually go for a very natural new skin these days, as I know I can vamp it up with my makeup layers. I treated myself to two new “makeovers” yesterday, 1st photo is Golden twilight Winterberry, I also added a very light slick of Smolder crema lip colour, 2nd photo is a makeover called  Iron & Fire Sahne – now both of these are fairly low-key, which is what I wanted, but there are heavier looks available also, most of which I do own !

[Breno] (The Challenge item not for sale until the 1st of December)

Slink @ Shoetopia



Mock Cosmetics

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Keep your puddies toasty (Freebies!)

SF Design Group gift mesh glove FREE! Sonia group gift mesh hoodie FREE!

I’ve got some lullies to share ! *sings* GOD I am insufferably excited about the Chrismassy period already ! I love Winter, and Christmas, I’ve been badgering Player about getting our Christmas tree out…Zan and I have already made our whole sim SNOWY ! I was dead chuffed to receive some Wintery attire this week, Somnia has sent out two gifts to her group (free to join currently – join, then check the past notices and grab them)) This adorbs hoodie in iced blue, with a tiny skull & crossbones detail on the pocket…and SFDesign has these fantabulous mesh gloves (or glubs as I prefer to call them) as a group gift too ! They come with a handydandy HUD and you get quite a few colour choices – yay!

SF Desing Group gift mesh glove FREE! Sonia group gift dress FREE!

Somnia also sent out this short-sleeved knitted dress, also a group gifty. Such a warm tone of plummy red. I think the group is free join – but don’t shoot the messenger if that’s changed !

Somnia owl sweater NEW!

I have a real craze about owls at the moment, and this new release from Somnia made me “ooOOooo & aaahhhh” a lot . Seriously cute and comes in a pack of EIGHT colours for just 200L !Frankly the most adorrrable thing I’ve seen for ages *squeeeeee*…o.O mustnt forget to add my beautiful scarf is a freebie from 1mm, it comes with a darling little basket bag – free join to the group and an abundance of gifts waiting at the desk for you .

SF Design



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Ta dah

Sonia High impact & low impact NEW!!

I have just a few of the heaps of new items from Somnia to share with you…if you go to the store prepare to spend spend spend ! Above is the high & low impact pants and tops. Sold as separates so you wont have too needlessly buy both if you want only one piece. Great for lounging about in and so easy to wear. Each pack is 200L and you get EIGHT colours  ! Mix and match your little hearts out ❤

Somnia Bohemian Diamond in purple NEW!!

Love this new little frock “bohemian diamond”, I’m wearing it in the purple shade, there are some lovely autumnal shades in the pack too (Eight tones in the pack for 200L). It fits SO well, especially around the arm holes, which are always a bugbear for moi. Worn with my newwww Clawtooth beret & hair ” Je t’aime” currently on sale at Collabor88.

Somnia Celestial lace NEW!!

Last up from Somnia today is “Celestial”. I so enjoy the sweet detail around the hips and the two-tone colour palette, sweet! My hair is obscuring the capped sleeves that are perfectly executed so no gaping or shoulders poking through yay! Again, only 200L for EIGHT tones *faint*.

All my poses are from the Le Femme pose pack by [ ReveriE ] Poses, new to me store, market place based. Take a peek and you will see some brilliant inexpensive poses for males & females, and quite a few dollarbies to snag, great to check out the quality !

Somnia mainstore

[ ReveriE ] Poses


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In – Somnia

Somnia NEW!

All this hot weather, we English folk are So not used too it. I can’t sleep and keep getting up late each morning gah! Annywayyy enough about my sleeping habits and on to the good stuff right? Squillions of new pretties from Somnia (see the tentative link?) Above I’m wearing the newwww fantabulous thick cord  effect “Floozy bandit” shorts, gawd I lurve these. They also come with an optional big chunky ole belt in black or brown. I teamed the shorts up with another new release the Fizzy Curves t-shirt, so wearabubble and cute and heaps of colour options! The t-shirt is at the main store, the shorts are at The Thrift Shop event and a brilliantly low price of 95L ! For that paltry 95 bucks you get TEN colours ! (back to full price afterwards)

Somnia - NEW!!

I soooo adore this new dress “Tied up Tigs”, its casual and adorable, can be worn as a dress, or over pants / leggings, so versatile! Nine colours in the pack for an incredible 95 L *faint*, ohhhh while you’re there try your luck on the gatcha mahine, sooper sweet tanks with cartoon motif’s on for only 20L !! The Thrift Shop is pretty huge, pro-tip for finding Somnia, stand at the front and look approx four rows over from right to left.

Somnia main store

Somnia @ The Thrift Shop