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Follow me…I mean Us !

Follow Us - Sweety Pipes office , desk I’m honoured to say that Laurent83 Waco, designer at Follow Us, is allowing me to show off some of his newwwww creations ! You must surely know by now if you read this blog, that I am totally besotted with all things for our Second Life homes…I literally ripped open the boxes to get my hot little paws on the goods…and was soooo excited that the first thing I saw was this “Sweety Pipes” office set. As you know I recently moved home to a new sim, and had been looking for a new desk to call “home” while I blog…and wow this is it ! Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor detail Apart from the unusual design, with shelves supported by pipes..the little decor details are just fantastic…love the colour tone of the retro phone…these touches really add a lot to pieces and its something I have a keen eye for when I decide what to place in my own home . Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor details The little vintage fan is delightful, one touch and the blades whirrrrrr around too. So enjoy the dainty fabric pennant hanging from the shelf too ! My absolute favourite thing about this set up…is when you choose certain poses, the desk rezzes props…mmhmm…it really does. For example…choose eat, and as if by magic before you a bag appears and cupcakes,plus one to wear & eat, how cool is that?! Make sure you go and try this out..its really fun. Follow Us - Sweety Cuddles sofa - girls toolbox Another piece I want to share with you is this “Sweet cuddles” sofa…adore the wood texture, very fresh. It has single pringle poses and also some cuddles for couples…you can also change the seat cushion colour to blue, always good to be able to ring the changes. Heres the really fab news…its just FOUR prims ! Now anyone can spare four prims for such a great looking couch right?! You might have noticed on the wall behind me a coat rack…no? Well here’s a closer look…

Follow Us-Ladies jacket & shelf- decor detail

These finishing touches, for me, are what makes a piece…ok it might cost you a few more prims , but it’s SO worth them . Follow Us has both an inworld store and a market place one. Heaps to see if you visit the store, join the group while youre there (its free) and grab a few gifts to check the quality out…if you look on the market place youll also find plenty of pieces for as little as 1-10L. I have more to share later ! Thanks Laurent ❤

!!Follow US!! inworld store

!!Follow US!! market place store

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Dig This (worse title ever).

I’m so happy not just with this excellent sub gift and the Great Outdoors Hunt item but the whole shop which is called Dig hence the rubbish title for this blogg.  This shop is going to cost me a pretty penny so much so I’ve left and I’m going to have a careful think about what to buy otherwise I will end up buying the whole shop and not have anywhere to place it.


So this is the Sub gift and it’s called the Bali Sunlounger but in all honesty  this could be used as a bed, day bed, lounger or a sun lounger as intended.  Although there is some AOs in it  which are for putting on sun screen etc most are simple relaxing poses (boys, girls and unisexed) but the colours are so rich and deep I think this wouldn’t look out of place inside the home.  No couples poses in this one but a nice choice and a nice slow ao.  I was so happy with the sub gift I forgot about the  hunt item so had to TP back to grab it and I’m so glad I did.

Log pile

What you are looking for is a tree stump  and so far they have been so easily found I’m shocked.  You do have to pay for the stumps 45Lds but so far I’ve been more than happy with what I’ve recieved back and check out Iris Maskelyne (Digs) offer.  A log hutch, stool, rug and the lamp.  If you look closesly you will be able to see the lamp is a minature copy of the actual stump your looking for.  Such a nice touch but then thats what makes her furniture extra special.  It’s solid, well proportioned, beautifully textured with excellent poses for not an unreasonable price.  Everything you need from rugs to a whole prefurnished home and all mesh.

They do have a Marketplace shop but you really need to be able to see this stuff inworld to be able to enjoy the quality.


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A little of this…a lot of that

It’s not just clothing that changes with the seasons…its your decor too…Im not talking about pumpkins and candy buckets..but the colours of your home. If like me, you like to use a few accent pieces scattered about, you’re gonna love this collection from Prism Furniture..its vast! Its called the “Indian Summer” set…the tone of the wood gives it such warmth, coupled with the gold brocade fabric for a lovely autumnal feel. There is a big collection of pieces in this new range..I especially liked the love seat…and the end tables are super stylish..I prefer a low table like this to the higher more Victorian ones…its modern yet…not overly so.

These pieces will sit comfortably inside most homes…they dont shout class they just oooooze it ! You can purchase this as one collection or, pick and choose which pieces you’d like, depending on prim budget & space…(I SO love the coffee table and its striped satin runner)..As is usual with Prism Furniture, the animations are just beautiful…couples and solo poses provided…you can even get an accent pack of vases etc to go with it all…as the designer Lilly Juno says , ” turn your living room from yawn to WOW!”, it certainly will…thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture inworld store

Prism Furniture Blog

Prism Furniture on the Market Place

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Warming and Welcoming (mdrm)

This is the most perfect fireplace for everyone.  We’re talking about such low prims and because of the options in the menu you have you can literally furnish a whole small room or cosy nook.  So you get the basic fireplace which including the books, plant, ladder etc adds up to a small 10 prims however when you click on the fire surround you get a whole selection of seating to suit all tastes and also a lovely fire surround/bench. This photo shows the fire, bench and the old fashioned chairs.  Not a vast anount of poses but enough to keep everyone sitting happily.  You can rezz 1 chair or even more and once rezzed move them to any position you like.

This is the sofa and I love it’s unstructured and yet shaped soft plump cushions.  Limited poses and yet they’re not the bog standard and have been made to  make you fit so well into the sofas folds.

Last option is the stools which you can see are big and padded and only 2 prims each!  Again you have the choice of how many you want to rezz and once rezzed you can move them to anyplace you want.  Now I can’t find poses in these however at such low prims you can easily use a lovely cushion or add a pose ball.

Now my home is small and yet even with all of these items rezzed it leaves me so much space so this is a lovely set that will fit into either the smallest home or a large home which is begging for some warming up for the comming Autumnal months or as we call it in the UK our Bloody Summers!

All of this will cost you a more than reasonable 280Lds and mdrm is the name of the shop and naonao ellils (naonao2.ellils) is the name of the owner and you really should check out her stuff it’s innovative, reasonably priced, quality and prim friendly.  There is downstairs as well and make sure you check out whats on the beach.  The second LM takes you to her bike shop which are so retro with cool poses and riding aos.

[mdrm] main shop

[mdrm]bikes n stuff

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Home sweet Home

Soooo I was tied to my desk most of the day, taking call after call…during the REALLY boring ones…I was also browsing the market place (yayaya, I’m a woman I can multitask!) I saw this darling house, very pretty (a little high on prims but really nicely built) Lovely textures throughout…locking door…brilliant for 1L…its by ~Harmoni~…sooo anyway it got me thinking..I wonder if I could decorate it, low prim…and for virtually nothing…a challenge!

You might have noticed the charming wicker chair & table set Im sat on outside, its zero lindens and is made byAL’OL Homes. Low prim and looks perfect..nice animations also.

Heading inside, I couldn’t resist snapping up these framed prints by one of my all time fav budget shopping haunts “Lisp Bazaar”.

Everything is 10L or under..these sets were completely free. (only 2 prims per print). I began to search in earnest now for some interior decor..

…and came up with thisss, the whole set consisting of a large plush sofa..matching chair, two rugs, lamp stand, table and screen plus the picture…and the scatter pillows for the floor was just 2L ! There is actually MORE..but I couldn’t fit it all in the shot…a fire and another sitting pillow.  Each piece is low prim and the poses are lovely..fahhhbulous.  I really loved the textures, so tactile and looked snuggly soft..Its by a previously unknown store to me called Unfinished Caravan…will certainly  take a look at their other items .

If you’re looking for a more modern feel…howabout this lounge set from [FourSquares], it’s called “Metis”…loved its sleek lines and great quality baked textures..streamlined and would work really well as separate pieces, or all together as I have it here…a little heavier on the old prim budget at 47 prims the set..however it is zero Lindens…and you can split it up to make a feature  in an area..really lovely set.

[FourSqaures] for the Metis set

 ~Harmoni~ for the cozy house

AL’OL Homes for the wicker chair set

Lisp Bazaar for the framed picture sets

Unfinished Caravan for the sunset lounge set