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Sexiness.(50Ld Gacha)

It’s nice to just be able to mooch around and so I ended up at a nice shopping sim and the Beuno shop.

There are some nice Gacha’s and I won a couple of backdrops, not the one I’m using, and this sofa.  Normally I don’t show you Gacha wins unless the wins are all the same thing and it’s just the colour/texture that is different.  This Gacha costs just 50Lds and the sofa is just 7prims I think and I bought it because…ok no real reason why I just wanted it.  I’ve just used my sim setting and the texturing is quality but it’s the menu which is the winner.

You get 9 really good sits, and you can adjust, 5 couples and 12 what look like really sexy sex ones but as a confirmed SL singleton, I’m just guessing at those. I’ve taken the picture in my sim setting so you can see what you’re getting but for only 50lds I would have been happy with any of the textures.

PS. The Beuno group is free to join but I couldn’t spot any freebies and there isn’t anything recent in the notices but check the shop out for yourself.


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2 for the price of 1(Linden,Dollarbie).

I’m on a diet and my cat is an asshole apart from that it’s been a good Monday so far.

Such an easy time in SL as well because the second notice I checked led me to not one but 2 gifties and all it costs is a token 1Ld Group Joining fee.


Just a sofa, loungers, chaise long etc  I thought I’d shown you this before but I dug my old one out which is now binned because this one isn’t just lower in prims but better in quality.  Low prims, exc tex and packed with poses it’s a win win.


The second GG is this outfit. A simple dress with a great fit and sharp texture and you can just make out the detailed buckle as well.  I was so pleased with these 2 I forgot that there was possible a 3rd gift, a simple white shirt as well.

OK a great way, diet or not, to start the weekend.

Vintage Touch

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Douillet – What’s that all about?

Chez Moi new!

Douillet – it means “comfortable & cozy” in French – and this new set by Chez Moi certainly is that. Beautifully made low couches that are stuffed with a gazillion poses for singles & couples, plus activities! The fabric on the two-seater and the couch are both texture change – absolutely gorgeous fabrics and really Autumnal. The fire brazier is super sweet and makes the area feel so snuggly.

Heres the deets for the two-seater :

♥ 50 individual animations (male and female)
♥ 20 animations to enjoy time alone
♥ 12 activities such as reading a good book, eating macaroon, drinking hot chocolate, playing guitar among other
♥ 24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
♥ Props: book, mug, guitar, newspaper, tablet, bubble blower etc.

Chez Moi new details

Close up view of some of the details, here’s the deets for the larger couch:

♥ 40 individual animations (male and female)
♥ 8 activities
♥ 18 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
♥ Props: book, mug, guitar, bubble blower etc.

Even the blanket on the railing has poses built-in ! This set can be purchased individually or as a set in PG and also Adult. Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Chez Moi market place

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None too Shabby (Freebie@New Mina Hair).

Finally I get to get to the Shiny Shabby event and even better I found the Freebies this time.

OK firstly the non Freebie but even better a new hair from Mina.  Because this is a paid for item I’ve taken the picture in my Nams setting with no photo editing.  Obviously there are Demos out there for you to try for yourself, and I always recommend that you do.  Very Hippy Chick Chic, called Jacky which again I believe was a popular name in the 60-70ties.  The hair as standard comes with a colour changing Hud and you have a choice of the hair band colours.  At this event it’s not at a discounted price but again at 250Lds it’s hardly over priced. I also put on the second Free top from HPMD so you can see this one is a more natural SL light.  Check out the details for that in my previous post.


But never fear the Freebies are here.


It’s the sofa only the rest are rummaged out of my invent.  Sadly the sofa at 25prims is pretty high but check out the texturing.


So realistic and if you’re into a real shabby, cottagy, Grandparent look then this is perfect.  A room filling big piece of furniture but you still don’t look like a little doll when you’re sat on it.


For those with a little less space check out the Freebie from Zerkalo, a simple wow here.  An oversized Fishing Reel type basket with great detailing and texturing.  Sorry forgot the prim count but I’m pretty sure it was about 3prims and at that count anyone can squeeze this in their home.  I picked this gift up from the Zerkalo shop@Shiny Shabby but when I went back to LM the shop I couldn’t find it but that didn’t stop me as I TPed to their mainshop which is still being set up, that NEVER stops me from snooping and not only do they have the basket set out as a Group Gift but also this great sofa/seat set.


WOW what a find.


If I’m not mistaken this was a gift from Zerkalo at the last Shiny Shabby event, and it’s the one I missed, so I’m really pleased to have found it again but I do believe the only difference is that this gift actually comes with a choice of colours. Leather, old, muted and low primmed.  So if you too can’t find the Zerkalo shop @Shiny Shabby then don’t fear pop to their mainshop, join the Free group, and snag these excellent pieces of furniture and the basket.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

Shiny Shabby (Group Gifts).

Zerkalo Mainshop



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Be kitsch at Kuro

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch NEW! (colour change couch and stool - packed with poses adult & PG versions available

Another item from the latest round of The Challenge is from Kuro. The theme is kitsch this month and this was JUST what I was wishing for ! Cutesy colours to choose from the menu (pink,green and a serious brown for those who aren’t uber girly!) You can get this couch in both PG & adult versions. Having *cough* extensively checked out the adult version, it has SO much nortiness included you might wanna handle it with oven gloves. The PG one is crammed with poses too ! Even the stool is colour change and ohmaiiii…literally bucketfuls of animations, it would make a brilliant prop for budding photographers (28 poses inside). The couch is just 4Li and the stool only 2 Li amazing ! The set is also materials ready so if you’ve got the latest browser all set up you’re in for a real treat !


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Little Gems


ohHai ! I found some little low prim gems for you today and all three are free. Above is a sweet little rocking chair, just right for your porch or deck. It swings, the cushion has a few patterns to choose from and you can also change the texture of the wood, love it. This is from the market place and is made by [Was-K], I also found thisssss in the same store….

Free chaise with adult animations-cuddles-singles-

a beautiful chaise… same store and free! Top tip, read the notecard before using…as this isn’t the usual set up. The menu is very extensive, adult animations galore, cuddles and single pringle poses. The cushions have a few patterns to choose from also .

Free breadbin !

Last up is this delightful little bread bin…its won a place in my kitchen. Made by KH Designs and for one single prim & zero Lindens, it’s a lovely addition to your home.

Chaise & rocker



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Follow me…I mean Us !

Follow Us - Sweety Pipes office , desk I’m honoured to say that Laurent83 Waco, designer at Follow Us, is allowing me to show off some of his newwwww creations ! You must surely know by now if you read this blog, that I am totally besotted with all things for our Second Life homes…I literally ripped open the boxes to get my hot little paws on the goods…and was soooo excited that the first thing I saw was this “Sweety Pipes” office set. As you know I recently moved home to a new sim, and had been looking for a new desk to call “home” while I blog…and wow this is it ! Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor detail Apart from the unusual design, with shelves supported by pipes..the little decor details are just fantastic…love the colour tone of the retro phone…these touches really add a lot to pieces and its something I have a keen eye for when I decide what to place in my own home . Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor details The little vintage fan is delightful, one touch and the blades whirrrrrr around too. So enjoy the dainty fabric pennant hanging from the shelf too ! My absolute favourite thing about this set up…is when you choose certain poses, the desk rezzes props…mmhmm…it really does. For example…choose eat, and as if by magic before you a bag appears and cupcakes,plus one to wear & eat, how cool is that?! Make sure you go and try this out..its really fun. Follow Us - Sweety Cuddles sofa - girls toolbox Another piece I want to share with you is this “Sweet cuddles” sofa…adore the wood texture, very fresh. It has single pringle poses and also some cuddles for couples…you can also change the seat cushion colour to blue, always good to be able to ring the changes. Heres the really fab news…its just FOUR prims ! Now anyone can spare four prims for such a great looking couch right?! You might have noticed on the wall behind me a coat rack…no? Well here’s a closer look…

Follow Us-Ladies jacket & shelf- decor detail

These finishing touches, for me, are what makes a piece…ok it might cost you a few more prims , but it’s SO worth them . Follow Us has both an inworld store and a market place one. Heaps to see if you visit the store, join the group while youre there (its free) and grab a few gifts to check the quality out…if you look on the market place youll also find plenty of pieces for as little as 1-10L. I have more to share later ! Thanks Laurent ❤

!!Follow US!! inworld store

!!Follow US!! market place store