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Ahhhhh refreshing

Aphrodite Happy place new

Aphrodite are in this round of the Swank event, they have this gorgeous beach hideout “happy place” in both PG & Adult versions. ($199L & $299L) Its got loads of poses, mostly for couples but I also found some for singlepringles (and their dog of course). Sweet piles of pillows to lounge on, if you touch the ladder you also get a menu for various décor items that appear, such as curtain light, ivy, lantern etc – adorable touch!

Aphrodite Happy place NEW! - TUKINOWAGUMA – hair Alette NEW 175l -

My French bulldog got very interested in my bowl of cookies – yes yes there is FOOD in the menu too ! O.o must mention my new hair-do its by TUKINOWAGUMA and is called Alette, there are two styles to choose from both just $175L, the HUD for colour change is massive – great value. Seemed to be some great items on offer in this round of Cosmopolitan.

Aphrodite Lemoncello & truffles NEW

A week or so ago Aphrodite also released various trays of drinki-poo’s and nibbles – this is the Lemoncello version complete with delicious looking truffles – just touch and you’re offered a drink or chocolate – yummmm. For the curious amongst you – Limoncello is one of my all time favourite drinks – infact Player got me drunk as a skunk on it a few months ago! Its lemony and refreshing , I have mine with ice or a mixer which Player says is a dreadful thing to do but oh well, Im English.

FYI: Limoncello (pronounced lee-mon-CHAY-low) is an Italian lemon liqueur known for its refreshing sweet and tangy flavor. It is made from lemon rinds, alcohol, sugar and patience.

Limoncello has its roots in Southern Italy, primarily along Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula, known for their meticulous lemon cultivation. Locales of production include the Sorrentine Peninulsa and the Amalfi coast and the Gulf of Naples and in Procida, Ischia and Capri. It is also produced in Sicily and Sardinia.

Although traditionally served as a digestive, or after-dinner drink that aids in digestion, limoncello can be enjoyed at other times of the day, particularly in a cocktail. You can also enjoy it in a varity of foods as well. Limoncello can be a wonderful ingredient in cooking    and baking.


Aphrodite store

Aphrodite Blog

Aphrodite Limoncello & truffles market place


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Ravage me cold Autumn

Its been so so chilly in England the last week…downpours of rain…icey winds, it’s almost wintery…I was SO ready for this new bumper release from coldLogic ! Check out this new coat “shreve”…totally fantabulous tweedy look fabric used…and beautiful detailing around the bottom…all tied up with a belt to keep those chilly winds out of your snuggle spots…

Showing full length here , so you can see the new “swank” pants…Im wearing them in cinnamon along with the new suede ankle boots from DUH! (only 25L per pair or a fat pack of these darling boots for 100L!) The rust pair of these DUH boots are actually a fully wearable demo yay! Thanks Renee <3. The ladder and cactus behind me are both from Zinnias..totally adorable and really lift a dull spot around your home….(thanks Zinnia<3)

As is usual with any coldLogic release…there are a few variables on one piece…heres that coat, this time styled a little more….sleek…less tweed more glammmm! Its called “austin” and I really really REALLY adore it…beautiful tones in this so check them out (or treat yourself to a whopping-great-value quantum pack)

And now for something a bit different…”twist” ,is it a skirt…is it pants…hmm…its BOTH …no really…it is…twist is a short lil skirt..complete with leggings/pants underneath…all-in-one…fantastically of the moment…and SO wearabubble….there are just heaps & heaps of colours to choose from in these..I wriggled into the jansen baggy shirt with mine…but they would look equally as wicked with something more fitted…I predict these will be BIG this season (but who listens to me anyway lol) I’ve got a jiggly wiggly bat on a string..isnt he just sooper cute?! It’s from one of my fav FUN stores RC get three colours of bat in a pack…to rez or wear…they really do bouncccce ! My Halloween arrangement is from the market place..12 prims and only 1L…made by “snuggles”, love it …

Ok here’s my latest “vamp” it up moment…oh cmon…you knew Id have too right? There are a few new pairs of pants released this time..I totally squealed about these called “higgins” very soft…and the cream is almost edible (I just can’t wear white or cream in real life…ever…I’m a grubby girl who slops coffee at the merest provocation) I picked out this glorious wool look cardigan/jacket to wear with them called “blohm” its sooooo feminine…and sooo pretty in this delectabubble pink shade…gosh, I think Im almost striking a pose “Vogue” !

Last up for me today…but you really need to go poke your snout inside the store to see the full array of goodies…these “wharton” pants are scrummy delicious…dead perfect for lounging in…wear with sneakers to roam…chunky ankle boots…sooooo versatile…check out the lovely tie detail at the ankle and cargo pockets on the legs…a squillion diff colours to dribble over…I slipped into one of my all time favourite tops from coldLogic “graham”…so right for a flop by the fire no? (my chaise is new also – more about that in my next post!) Thank you coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Snuggles Halloween decor

DUH! ankle boots

RC  bats