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Updated Sn@tch

Kick Ass

As soon as the notice went out that the Riot and Lucky Boards had been updated at Sn@tch I was over there like a shot.  I blog Sn@tch a lot not because I get paid to (I wish) or get free stuff ( most acceptable) but because they never fail to impress.  The items in the LBs and the Riot boards are shop quality and so are the freebies on the table at the entrance.  One of the most updated shops in SL, not a week goes by without new items being added.  Mainly non mesh but I’ve noticed the mesh selection is getting bigger and bigger and so are the Lola Tango selection but it still excels in the non mesh with it’s quality texturing it stands up well against any mesh clothing.

The outfit I am wearing is one of the LB wins, the weapons are from my own arsenal, but remember even in the LBs and Riots the clothing are shop quality and not old tat. As always each pack contains as standard a selection of colours and layers the only difference between the LBs and Riot items is they are non trans.  Because you get so much as standard then what I do is I have a folder in my invent labelled “Donate” and I pop the few items which I’m not keen on the colour and keep the colours I do love and when I stumble on a lost and lonely noob I treat them to some Sn@tch (boom boom).

Check out the Gatcha’s and the free gifts on the front desk. I picked up some pretty undies for free and a lovely flower locket earring set which I’m hoping to get a picture of and will post that soon as it’s adorable.


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Calling All Sn@tch Lovers

Snatch111Quickest post ever because one of my fav no fail shops in SL is having a quickly sale.  Sn@tch is its name ( as always resists all the Sn@tch jokes).  4 days only but a big chunky discount of 50-77% off.  Which means their more than reasonable priced are now even cheaper.  Certain restrictions of course such as the new stuff and buying gift cards (but of course you can use your gift cards and get the discounts on the clothes you buy).

Sn@tch is branching out into the Lola, Mesh market but their main stock is non mesh and is s deceptively simple, brilliantly textured, wearable fat packs of clothing.  For most items you get ALL the colours as standard and so many items are also (non copy) trans so if your feeling generous you can donate the colours you wouldn’t wear to friends or Noobs (that’s what I do).

Everyone should know by now that I love Sn@tch because they’re so damned good.  They have generous LBs, a monthly fish for this outfit, usually a hunt or two, gifties set out, one of the best groups where if you can’t get the answer you need you can ask in this group and you will get it and the only Riot board where people actually come to hang about to lower the price for others even if they’re not in the market for what is on offer.

The top I am wearing is one of my goto tops, called Dahlia and comes in all clothing layers and 6 colours in the pack.


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Sn@tch Gets Bigger


And of course by that I mean Lola Tangos.  As I’ve said these magnificent boobies are now attracting the eye of the BIG SHOPS and one of my all time faves is of course Sn@tch. Obviously at the moment a lot of clothes designed for the more enhanced look are downright rude but classy or at least normal is starting to creep in and I just love the counter balance that a lovely “normal” item of clothing adds to the enhanced boob look.  I also love the fact that  you get 8 colour choices and even though they come with Tango Appliers they are STILL Trans how good is that?  OH wait it gets better because for this week only The ski Bunny sweater is only 69Lds. Remember though that Sn@tch also has LBs and because so many people loiter at Sn@tch it doesn’t take long for your initial to pop up and it looks like NEW STUFF has been put in the boards and a large Christmas Tree and underneith that each day is a giftie just waiting to be grabbed.

Sn@tch (a girls best friend)


Now lift your eyes from my boobs and check out my peepers. As someone who takes a lot of pictures in SL the one thing I do notice is the eyes.  Bog standard is just not nice so when the notice came through that Poetic Colours had put out a Crimbo Pressie for us I went and grabbed them and the Freebie pair on the back wall. Poetic colours make the most marvelous realistic, bright, medium or dark and you even get a choice of size. Lovely sparkling clean clear eyes,  Christmas Pearl and Oriental Pearl.  Get your peepers looking great.

Poetic Colours

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I predict a Riot ( or Free Sn@tch)

Sn@tch is like Marks and Spencer meets Triple S a combination of great textures with a modern twist in the styling.  If you’ve never rioted before then it’s simply a case of the more people there the more the prices go down on the outfits shown on the riot boards.  Riot boards seem to have fallen out of favour simply for the fact that you can never get enough people to attend to push the price down but this is never the case with Sn@tch.  Once the call goes out in group for a Riot everyone piles in even if they want it or not.  What you can see in the photo is a riot in action (trust me it’s more exciting being there than seeing the picture) and if you look closely not only is the riot in full swing but the people are fishing and there is Lucky Boards and Gatcha for you to while away your time on as the prices drop.  Best of all they change the outfits on offer frequently so if it’s not to your taste come back and there will be new stuff out pretty soon.

You must squeeze Sn@tch into your Groups (resisting all the sn@tch jokes) because this is one of the best groups.  Not overly chatty but full of help for anyone. There is a vibrant swopping system going on for fished items of clothing and once someone calls out for a Riot eveyone comes running (remember you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it).  I’ve “Rioted” twice this week already.

Over the past years I’ve managed to get some great shop quality outfits from the Lucky Boards but this by far is my Fav.  Very reminiscent of the style of clothes worn by Marie Antoinette but in a shortened modernised version.  The sculpted skirt is built outwards to extenuate a small waist.  Resisted the temptation to go shopping for a piled high white wig to complete this almost costumy(sic) look. 4 colours to chose from.  Now LBs and Riot Boards are non trans but all or most of Sn@tches other outfits  ARE Trans but Non Copy and since you get full packs of colours like me chances are you will end up either donating to friends and stray Noobs.  In fact I always say there’s nothing stopping 2 people getting together to buy an outift and then sharing the price and the outfit. And don’t forget the gift bags on the desk you will be sorry to miss them.
Sn@tch is a massive store and has a great selection of Mesh but it is mainly non mesh and non the worse for it. An easy to use TP board if your lazy and you can check out the massive Bargain Pit for a bargain.


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I have a new release from Bubblez to share with you today…its different from the usual style’s we see from Milo…but yet…still familiar…and this is why I adore Bubblez….always something different. Aya is partially mesh…the top of the gown is a simple shirt layer…the main body is the meshy bit…works very effectively….love love LOVE the way the hemline is sort of bunched up in parts….so charming. Thanks Milo ❤

My necklace and earings are from the “Summer by the sea Gatcha event”, made by snatch…and I just adore them…for only 35L you get a complete set..the pendant & earings…luck of the draw which design you get, but I was thrilled with the red poppy style I received !


Summer Gatcha

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Big “N” Busty “N” Bloomers

No sighing because I’m wearing yet another corset (be warned I have about a dozen in my invent and I might show you them ALL) so why this one?  Well it comes from a shop called Etchaflesh which is packed to the rafters with the tightest, cheekiest corsets you’d want your AV to be squeezed into but what makes them difference is the sizing.  Now believe it or not in SL terms I’m almost flat chested because of course what is popular is big, bigger and BIGGEST and this is the corset shop for those who think Big is best, personally I’m still waiting for pert and petit.  So for those of you with bosoms that enter a room before your body does then this is the shop for you, actually this is the shop for us all because how good does this look on me!!! This one is called “someday” and it’s a sweet retro duck blue floral pattern (in my photo it looks more greenblue but thats because I fiddled with the lightening).  However you MUST check out the Market Place first as they have this lovely at a lovely 99ld Promo price and sadly for my bank balance they have a massive 164 items for 99LDS!


Etchaflesh shop

Now for the  frillies.  I love Sn@tch thats the shop of course.  When you buy an item of clothing off them you don’t just get the one colour you get a whole set of colours the whole clothes layers and then the icing on the cake they’re Trans! So basically any colour you don’t care for you can give away to friends who will I’m sure love you even more.  They have such great texture to their clothes you really can see the fabric they are made of.  Couldn’t resist this sweet, sexy, naughty Miss Maverick.  Now in this case you only get the single colour but at a sweet 50lds I still think it’s a bargain.

This is through the Marketplace however I’m giving the LM for the main shop as they have generous LBs and you can even fish for an outfit but I bet once you start scanning the shop you will end up buying something.

Sn@tch marketplace

Sn@tch inworld

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Love Gatcha !

Gawd I so love gatcha machines…so little surprise that when I heard there was a “Love gatcha” fair on at the Amira sim..I flewwwww over there to check it out…boy-oh-boy was I in for a surprise. MIAO has this to die for lingerie on offer..30L a go..and you get the whole shebang…bra, knickers,corset, stockings..and its transferable *squeeee*… come on downnnn boys…this was made for you to snap up for V day no? Heaps of colours for the flex those biceps and get pulling them gatcha machine handles .

 Lately, I’ve noticed that gatcha type events have got really pricey you know? Sometimes I stand and think “do I really really want this item” cause is like 150L or something..gatcha is you can’t choose the colour etc..instead of a little frippery has (for me) become less fun when you have to consider the cost. Sooo I’m  rambling..but the Love gatcha fair is back to grass roots..its like the ones I used to love..where youd go round and take most everything cause it was inexpensive and SUCH a blast !

Sooo I got a little bit carried away on the Somnia gatcha…but but but I just fell in love with the yoga pants and and and it was only 20L a go!! Each pair has a cuter-than-cute slogan across the butt..super little tie at the waist…goes soooo well with the Tee’s from Snatch, also just 20L a pop ! (they have such sweeeet slogans too)

Last whirl I had was with Aura..a mesh dress…in a load of colours…ohmaii..for only..20L ??!! mmhmm thats right…comes in four sizes, with 4 different alpha masks to try…sooo if you’re canny…you can pass some around to your mates to try also…cause…all the items I bought..are transferable..hurrrah! Thanks to all in the Love Gatcha was FUN !

The event: Love Gatcha