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Snowflake Hunt or “A tale of two tables”


Spargel & Shine AGSH

I’m always one of the first to arrive at any event held at the Antiques Square! Mostly because two of my favourite antique stores are there. Spargel & Shine always always alwayssss make something lovely and wonderous for events, plus you wont leave empty handed if you have a wander around the shop – it’s all sooper pretty (and thankfully low prim!) This is the snowflake hunt, I was so early some stores hadn’t set up yesterday, but I did find Spargel & Shines item, this fully loaded table above. Have to say that the crystal cut-glass vase really captured my heart, and the lamp even works ! So much pretty for so few prims hurruah! Youre looking for a snowflake, most stores seemed to have a clue to help out, each gift is just 5L.

Nadeau Shoppe - AGS Hunt item

I also hopped along to Nadeau Shoppe, another firm fav of mine. Cant believe I found the snowflake here, I’m usually SO rubbish at hunts ! This is the gift above, a lovely little festive table to grace your home. Few in prims but big on style, its won a place in my SL home. Another beautiful shop to browse, with some unusual pieces to buy and collect. You really should explore the area, its magical and Snowy. I took a horse-drawn sleigh ride around the square and had a skate on the pond in the centre.

Antique Square

Spargel & Shine

Nadeau Shoppe