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Feels like a Monday.(10Ld TeleportHub GG & Mention of Free Hunt).

I had a rotten nights sleep so so far this morning my RL has lagged as much as my SL life has because when I logged in 70% of my invent was gone!  Although relatively easy to resolve it did take 3 tries, then I decided to do the “Snow Queen Hunt” as it has some of the shops I love involved in it and the first on the list is “Wicca’s Original” and I hunted high and low before I gave up.  Not completely empty-handed as I did pick up this TeleportHub Group Gift and I can tell you about the boots I’m wearing.

This outfit comes in 3 pieces, top, skirt and a thin metal chain.  I did spot that there are other colours in the full-priced section so if you want to try it out before you grab it then just try on one of the demos.  As it’s a TeleportHub Group Gift that means it does cost 10Ld but well worth it.

Special mention to the boots.  The Wicca group cost 99Lds to join and in the main entrance are new Group Gifts but you will see a TP in the floor which takes you to the older Group Gifts which inc these boots.

I’ll put the link to the Snow Queen Hunt Blog for hints and LMs, no pictures so hopefully, some nice surprises to be found along the way.

UPDATE: What a little smarty I am, I checked out the Wicca’s Marketplace shop and typed in “Witch” which is part of the hint given and it came up with a selection of items which suggested to me I should look in the SHOE department and I did and I found it and it’s Maitreya only lol.  So no I can’t show it to you but at least you should be able to find it for yourself.

Wicca’s Original 

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