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Saturday Freeness


Got a heads up that Free Dove has a few hunts happening at the moment – three in total I think – which is crazzzzzylegs as everything is free there always! I love Free Dove, it’s a brilliant place to mooch for new or older residents – great selection of pieces from so many designers! The outfit above is from Emerald Couture, brill slinky leggings and sweater combo. I found this in one of the hunt boxes that are liberally scattered around (part of the Ydea hunt I think), go and take a peek – you wont come away empty-handed ! (Boots are $25L from Duh)

Free Dove


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Sweater Time (Promo $99L limited time)


Just what I wanted – a sweater dress for the cooler weather. This is from ArisAris and comes with a Hud that gives you six colour/pattern options. I’m wearing mine rather modestly with some woollen tights by Sweet Tea. Popped over to DUH! and snatched up a pair of the fur-trimmed snow boots to go with it at a ridiculously inexpensive $25L! (other colours also available)


As you can see above there is pattern and colour options to suit everybody and most mesh body fits are included in the pack.Limited promo price of just $99L !

ArisAris offer

Sweet tea tights


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Thrift Store Chic

coldLogic top & calle jeans - DUH @ The thrift shop event glasses & running shoes NEW

The Thrift Shop begins today hurrrah! There are always so many bargains to snaffle up and one of my favourite stores is in this round. DUH! Has some totally adorable glasses on offer, you can buy them individually for 12L per pair orrr a fat pack for just 40L. I love the retro shape and matt lenses. Make sure to pick up a few pairs they will be SO useful. My fabulous running shoes are a new release instore, they come in male and female sizing and have a resizing ability so you can get a really perfect fit. My jeans are by coldLogic “calle”, I think you’ve seen me wearing these several million times already, and my top is also coldLogic “nicks” – don’t forget coldLogic has a massive 50% off everrrryyything sale on at the moment.

coldLogic top & knight leggings - DUH @ The thrift shop event sky snow boots (other colours available)

DUH! also has these dead cute fur topped snow boots at the thrift shop, again just 12L per pair *faint*. They fit so well, no editing at all , I’m wearing the delicate “sky” colour above – along with my coldLogic “knight” cream leggings which I lurrrrrve. (Ohh btw the coldLogic sale is only at the mainstore, not on the market place.)

ps. I have tried to get into the thrift shop, but the sim is closed at the moment, might be worth trying later on today.

The Thrift Shop



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Wrap up warm

coldLogic new new_003333

I just popped to the local shop and did so in my SLIPPERS – omg, despite the sun shining brightly its sooper icey cold. So take a hint and make sure you put on something warm, your tootsies will love you for it. I slipped into these sweet snow booties from DUH!, such a great price for a stylish piece. I bought the fatpack of four shades (the basics pack) @ 50L it’s a steal. You can also buy them individually. I seem to recall a free pair in hmmm purple? beside the display. My jumper and jacket is new from coldLogic, all one piece, its called “carpenter”. I think it looks kinda apres ski – Lovely colour range in this, will definitely brighten up the day.

coldLogic new new new new

Here is “nicks”, I plumped to show it in the rather fabulous melon tone. It’s a cardigan over a sweater look , and I so so so like it. Casual yet classy, I’m undecided if the buttons have little faces on them or not? Check it out and let me know !

coldLogic new new

Last up for today is “wallis”, I’ve gone with a new colour called tiffany. It’s a gorgeous jade – blue shade. I must mention the hoods on all of these – they are brilliantly designed ! They lay quite flat and don’t interfere so much with your hair . Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Scary Hammies! (tons of free Hammy stuff)

TrackFree and Squee in fact on her Marketplace it seems that everything is free and she has oodles and oodles of Hammie and Hippo AV accessories.  This is the wearable shower and as you move around you leave a trail of sparkles!  As adorable as this is you should see what else she has everything from winter woolies, scary Halloween costumes, Santa outfits, snow boots for your Hammie!! and  even a tiny Space hopper! and all FREE!  (that of course doesn’t inc the actual Hamster AV).  She also has an equally as generous selection of Hippo Av accessories.

track1Not free but this only cost a single Linden and in the pack you get a variety of Halloween themed goodies to be worn with your Hammie AV.  It’s a flying Cuppa Chup instead of a broom stick! For 10Lds she has an adorable Rudolph outfit inc the most important bit, the nose.



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Twelve Days of Christmas

A great event is on at the Jersey Shore shopping area..Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt ! There are ooodles of stores participating…Pink label & SAKIDE are two of my favs, so I headed over to take a peek. Pink Label actually has two gifts for you to find, all the stores are pretty small so its dead simple to find them, even I found them ! Youre looking for a small silver star, each prize is only 12L. I’ve mishmashed two gifts into one above..the sludgey green sweater which I LOVE..short skirt and the fahhhbulous shirt…theres a short flouncy skirt also in one pack if you fancy a change. Boots are from DUH “snow booties in cedar” cost just 25L, if you havent been to DUH go check it out..such good value, and lully bags alongside the shoes, boots etc..

Heres the Pink Label shirt..Chrismassy but not tooo much..

I also trotted into SAKIDE and snapped up their prize… get a fat pack of these scrummy dresses…red, black & white…theres a whole lotta butt cleavage going on at the rear…get your own and check it out !

12 days winter green outfits: Pink Label

Opened back fir dresses: SAKIDE

Boots : DUH