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Feed the addiction.

film stockIn RL I’ve managed to quit but that doesn’t mean I still MISS SMOKING! So to come across a pretty damned good smoking set is helping my craving.

LighterIt’s easier for me just to post the note card that comes with it but the one thing I can say is that the HUD is mega easy to use, the AO smooth and minimum effect on your normal AO.  Each time a cig burns down you take it out of your mouth drop it on the ground, reach into your pocked to pull our a pack and then pop a fresh one in your mouth.  As the cigarette burns down it turns to ash.  I was just about to give up trying to catch a shot of the lighting up when I managed it.  I may have quit smoking but I still keep my Zippo and the scrape of the metal cap lifting and flash of light is exactly how it sounds.

The marketplace has some demos for you to try but you should pop into the inworld shop to check out the full selection.  Cigars, joins, black coloured, classics etc

I bought the

Hud Functions & Icons
Hud buttons will be explained left to right and from the top to bottom
(Top Line)            ———————————————–
V.4                      Give the notecard for the history of Nikotin History (this extends over the 2nd and 3rd lines)
Question mark –  Give this notecard
Power Button –     Retrieve and light a cigarette or stub out cigarette if you have one already lit
(Second Line)       ———————————————–
Cigarette Size –   Change between one of the 3 states of cigarette length (Designed for no decay but will still function as tho it had naturally decayed to that state if enabled)
Smoke Cloud –    Toggle the various smoke options (Nose, Mouth, Ears & Smoke Ring)
(Third Line)          ———————————————–
Cross Arrows –    Resize (this will resize all the points at the same time so please ensure you ware all parts before you press this
Gender Icon –      Change the animations to male and female options (there will be a short delay before it starts so please wait)
Envelope –          Give demo product to a friend who is within range of you
(Fourth Line)        ———————————————–
Cross Junction     Allow you to change the texture of your cigarette ( depend of the model you bought )
Alarm Clock –       Decay time & auto light options you can choose how long in minuets you wish the cigarette to last before being stubbed out
Hand –                 Change from mouth to hand and back again (all decay will pass to and from each state naturally so no need to change settings when you toggle)
Nikotin Logo –      Send you a landmark to the store where we have various other options to choose from
Bugs & help
As with all our products a lot of testing has been made to ensure it is bug free however if you do spot a bug we would love to know so we can fix it. Please contact Raph Dirval with a notecard with the bug description and any error messages so we can recreate it and fix.g the cigarette lasts and


NicotiN Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Yes Sir.

TeacherIn celebration of “back to school” time Apple May Designs have slashed the price of so many items of clothing for men and women. Everything with an apple attached to it is slashed to 25 Lds.  A whole range of clothes for men and women.  Shoe, tops, pants and on and on. The top is called Harvard and the pants are Preppy a total of 50Lds for such a great look. Must mention that you do have a colour chose as well.

BreakBreakfast with a view.  The Jammy bottoms are another Apple May Design offer and there is a ladies version as well. They were the perfect thing to wear with Follow Us  new Fast Dinner Table.  A floating shelf loaded with accessories, tableware, coffee maker etc. As always packed with excellent poses and Animations, I’m using one in this picture because they’re that good.

Break3Multiple choices of food everything from breakfast to desert with the cutlery and Animations to go with them.  The food is so damned realistic I’m hungry just looking at it.

Break4As always everything is linked apart from the stools so you can move your position.   Sorry forgot to get a prim count on this but I did check the prims of the rezzed food as that is extra and they’re so low primmed.  Enough space and 2 stools means you can have company for breakfast/lunch or dinner.  Called Fast Dinner and is to be found in the entrance way as well as the new bathroom sinks specifically designed for men or women.

Make sure to check out Laurent83 Waco’s MP shop (Follow Us) some great bargains and it’s sooo tempting.  All Apple May Design demos are available on their MP but not the discounts.

Apple May Design (AMD)

Apple May Design Marketplace

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace