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Smile with me.(Dollarbies).

Just a couple of random things.

As you all know I don’t use a mesh head and to stop myself from having a permament “Resting B*tch Face” I use either a tatto lip smile, parted lip etc or a lipstick that has teeth or a gap etc and one of the ones I really like and use a lot is from Tuli.  This one is a freebie but I decided to pop over to see if there was a new freebie, there isn’t, but found this.

What you get is a Hud which basically allows you to reduce the amount of Alphas you need to wear.  TBH I don’t have much need for this as SLink is pretty good at the Alpha choices you have but you might not. Obviously used for mesh bod bits only.

But grab the “smile” as well.  A simple tattoo layer which is perfect on it’s own but try it over the top of your fav lipstick tattoo as well.  I have a lot of these types of smiles and some go really well over a lipstick and some don’t.

PS Yes this is the dress from The Wash and in this picture I think you can see why I love this textured one.

Tuli(Marketplace because I’m too lazy to log back inworld to grab the LM…..and yes I have my RL Resting B*tch Face on)

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A complete MIX. (Bargains, free, NEW)

I’m so happy I found  a packet of Jaffer Cakes in the back of my cupboard so my sugar craving has been sated plus I’ve won 2 pairs of NEW boots on eBay for less than £15! TOTAL! SL is turning out to be just as rewarding as well.

The Mix is just that a mix of “Sales, New & Exclusive” items and I knew that as soon as I saw the colour Hud with this hair it was one of the “Exclusive” offerings.  Called Lieke and the style is probably familiar to you as I’ve shown and used this hair many times before but the colours are definitely different.  It’s hard to explain because they’re a bit ombre in style or highlighted but only on the tips of the ends fortunately since I’m not doing too great a job of describing the colours there is a Demo set out for you to try first.


You will see on the stand that you can get the Hud for The Mix which is the quickest way to see which shops are in The Mix and what it is they’re offering ie a sale item or new etc.  To get this Hud you can either join the in world group but I’d recommend getting it through the Marketplace, for free of course, because while you’re on the Marketplace you can also snag these adorable free shoes and slap (thats slang for make up).

XXXCellurb1These come from the Alaskametro shop, you get 4 mesh feet options and of course I used my SLink High feet.  Such a lovely iridescent sheen to them.  They do come with a Hud but that just changes the soles I say “but” but nothing because a really lovely gift.


Now look closer at my face, this is the same FREE skin I showed you in my last post but with one of the Free makeup layers and also a Toothsome smile from the Alaskametro shop.   Some of the make up esp in the Fat Pack one is pretty old but not only is it standing upto the test of time some of the Freebies I grabbed came with Appliers for Mesh Heads and the toothy grin I have on my face is a tattoo layer and as you can see I think it looks pretty good.

If you’ve wondering the dress comes from Dirty Princess and it was so sexy it made me spend Linden on it! Can’t remember how much I paid for it but it was full priced and well worth it for the sheer sexiness it makes you feel plus it comes in all the standard mesh sizes and mesh body sizing.  I’ve just TPed over to Dirty Princess and spotted a new GG there of latex/leather knee-length boots.  I’ll show you them in my next post cos SL and RL time is running out.

Mina Mainshop

Alaskametro Marketplace

Dirty Princess

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This n that.

First of all my “fluff” shot.  Yup I really did have fun doing this piccie.  As it happens I had both the Mermaid tail and the shell bra already in my invent but a recent  noticed from Pididdle reminded me to dust them off and just have some SL fun. I am wearing the pink coloured shell bra and although you do get only 1 bra in a pack you do have a choice of colours to buy.  Check the picture of them in Brutus Martinek’s shop and you will get a better image of how pretty they are.

memaiduseBrutus Martinek has like a lot of us had comp problems but now she’s back and I’m so looking forward to some new stuff because this is the sort of shop that has a bit of everything that tempts you to spend more than you had planned to.

cross blue

This smile is a prime example because I came over to check out her new skirt with cute and unusual Armadillos over it and then got waylaid by these mesh teeth.  Subtle and a great fit and you get 2 sets of gnashers in the pack ones which are pre fitted for an average AV and a second pair which rezz just outside of your lips which means that it’s so much easier for you to edit this pair into place if the standard ones don’t fit.  Don’t panic as a demo is available.  You will find these “pearly whites” upstairs and at 85Lds a bargain.  So much so I treated myself to some of her shocking Lippies colours as well.  Although a lot of the items here are mesh I have to say that she has some non mesh bikini’s which have such big lovely fat bows on them I was sorely tempted so if you’re not a mesh head like me then pop over and check them out.


Honestly! I forgot to put the pantie layer on so I’ve popped a rose there to cover my mistake.  This is the latest shape from Amaly Amat and can only be found at the bargain price of 80lds from the The Designer Circle Shop.   As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I blog a Anna shapes all the time and for good reasons, basically she does the BEST shapes ever.  So if you want to see what her shapes look like the check out all of my pictures because basically in 99% of them it’s an Annas shape I’m wearing.

I’ve had trouble finding her shop in SL but I’ve put the link to her Marketplace shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t noticed it before but she now has whole load of shapes under 100Lds and a free demo pack for you to try them all on.


The Designer Circle (Discounted Shape)

Anna Shape Marketplace