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The Shape I’m In.

This is the first shape I have ever blogged in fact it’s the first shape I’ve tried on for many a year that I’m in love with.  I’ve had the same shape since almost day one and apart from a couple of tweaked shapes, my “skinny ass” for system skirts and my “saggy t*ts” one for some mesh tops, it hasn’t changed.  Thats not to say I haven’t tried many a freebie and demo and had a great laugh at the fish mouth, alien face, slits for eyes, midget height and monkey arm before I bin them and then today I got sent some samples from AnalyAmat (Anna Shapes) and I LOVE it.

Skin Smoke

Remember it’s the shape and not the skin to look at (the skin is from Essence and is called Wednesday).  Well rounded realistically sized boobs, small waist flaring to wide hips and  a rounded bottom.  Arms and legs are well proportioned.  This is a very natural real woman shape.  Although it does come as Mod (never ever buy a shape that isn’t mod or copy!) I just didn’t feel that it needed any modification.

Smoke 2

Again ignore the skin but check out the facial features.  A pouty mouth and the narrowed eyes that are very in vogue at the moment but without the extremes that some shapes take it to.

Smoke 3

Popped my smile on for this one because Woo Hoo this shape takes MOCK make up so well. This shape is called Jessica and I’ve tried on so many of the Demos from her shop and for once they’re all so good it would be hard to chose.  Some shapes for the boys as well.

Nitty Gritty so I popped over to “Anna Shapes” to check out prices which seem to average 800Lds which to a lot of people maybe a bit more than they can afford to pay but all is not lost because not only does she have some bargain, 80Lds priced shapes  on the Marketplace but if you want to  buy the Jessica shape I am wearing you can only get that from from The Discount Store (inworld ) for 80Lds as well.  Not only a BARGAIN but a damned fine shape.

A nice touch is that she includes a note in your purchase which tells you which hair, skin and eyes are being used in the picutre so if you want to recreate the look completely it’s a no brainer.  I wish more people did that.

The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Inworld

Anna Shapes MP