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Consider This.

I did a recent post about the sale going on at Pink Fuel but sorry folks this isn’t a sale item in fact Sora is a Special Edition.

pink fuel3Pink Fuel has cornered the market in skins which have non standard body types from slim, curvy, seriously buffed to the asexual Boi look and each and every body type comes with an amazing and sweet face.  In this picture I’m not wearing my SLink Body so you can see with a simple Tattoo layer how you can give yourself that 6 pack that in RL you could never get.  I’m just wearing the Athletic/small boob version here but if you want to see more then I have put some nuddie pictures into my Flickr so you can see the Buffed/Small Boobed look in all it’s glory and in that one I am wearing my SLink Body.

WOW update, I decided to check out the shape that came in my pack and I was most surprised at how much I love it so I quickly took a couple of snaps.


A lovely slightly curvy shape with much more realistic leg and arm length, the pose I’m using makes it look like there is more of a thigh gap that there really is.


This is as harsh as it can be but I wanted to show you in all the photos exactly what you’re getting for your Lindens.  So I’m using my Nams setting with no photo editing and the skin is the same skin as the previous pictures but with another make up option. Without the hair you can see how lovely face shape is, I think it’s almost a heart shape so can you just picture this pretty face on a Boi body or with an asexual body or of course with more curves than Marilyn Monroe?  You have a whole range of choices.

OK now for the sad news, individuality and uniqueness costs, Pink Fuel isn’t cheap but that doesn’t mean it’s outpriced itself.  I have been known myself to pay thousands for skins but that time has long gone but I still remember trying on a skin and when it “sings” to you the price tag doesn’t matter.  I can’t pin the actual price down as you can buy everything from a basic pack up to a Fat Pack which is stuffed with everything you will ever need.  If you decide to go for the basic pack you can of course come back and add as many Appliers, Tattoo, Make Up, Shape options as you want but if you can buy a Fat Pack it will ultimately save you a fortune in the end.

Of course you could always check out the sale room as the prices have been slashed but the reason that there is a sale going on is that Mochi Milena has had a busy time updating so many skins that it was time to have clear out and there is a pretty big difference between the old and the new.  If you follow the Link to her blog you will be able to see what all the new Updates skins include but also there are free updates for those of us who already have a Pink Fuel skin.  I do believe that the updates may have been sent out already but if you’ve not got it or have lost it then pop into the main shop and there are update terminals there for you to use.

Now for the NUDE piccies or at least the link to my Flickr account.  I hasten to add they are not porny at all but show a bit more skin.


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Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Buff Babe.

I popped over to The Thrift Shop event and within the first 2 isle I’d broken my promise and spent some Lindens.


Low, low, very LOW rider style mesh shorts.  So low I had to choose my skin wisely and fortunately this Pink Fuel skin was perfect.  The shorts come from the Toxic *H* stall and for 75Lds they come with a colour changing Hud and 2 colour packs to choose from.  I do believe that this event is over on Sat and I must get back there to check out what else is there is but I’m pretty sure that dotted around the bargains are some Freebies to grab but I’ll have to double check that.realbluebodyI have blogged this skin before and OMG no it’s not a PumeC skin! shocking I know but Mochi Milen in her Pink Fuel shop sells skins that have a difference to them, super Kawaii skins, boi skins, flatter boobs layers, make up, appliers and on and on.  I had picked this skin up previously when it was at a seriously discounted price. The skin on its own has a lovely sweet face, most of her skins are youthful and bright but not childish! and I saved so much on the skin I treated myself to the Applier which gives me an amazing Buffed look which stands out even more on such a sweet face.  This Applier comes with these options “regular, regular+small chest, athletic, athletic+small chest, ripped, ripped+small chest & curvy”  I believe I’m wearing the athletic+small chest in my pictures.

Sadly this shade of skin is now discontinued but as I was LM grabbing I spotted the SALE sign straight away and TPed to the skybox and droooooled.  Skins, Appliers, Tattoo layer’s, Make Up and other cute things slashed in price.  There are appliers for everything from Phat Azz to SLink hands which although have to be bought individually the prices are more than reasonable and more so if you want to create such a unique look to your AV.

PS and if you want this buffed look but not the cost of a SLink body then you can get all the layers as tattoo’s but they will only match the same shade of Pink Fuel skins.

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