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Sympathy (freebie).

This weekend I’ve eaten too much chocolate and watched too many bad horror movies and gossiped and laughed like an old woman and now I feel sick and I have a head ache.  So to take my mind off my self-imposed queasiness I decided to sneak into SL and take a couple of quick snaps of some cute clothes.


Same outfit in both pictures the top is a well know design in SL now but it’s simple cute, free and also in this case comes with a colour changing hud so you get emmm I think it was 5 pastel colours. It comes from Infliction and you do have to join the free group to grab it but if my memory serves me correct Sly Von Schweetz (asylum.miggins) is pretty good at putting Group Gifts out so this place is somewhere to keep an eye on.


The shorts I’m wearing are an old Gacha item from Mag and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t tell you about them at the time they were available because they’re simply cute.  So cute that I’ve kept them all this time, simple but with a light satin sheen.  As it happens I’m in Margritta’s inworld shop and although I can’t see these shorts I can see that she has a NEW free to join Group Gift out so although these shorts aren’t here it’s worth a pop in for that.  I’m also going to put her Marketplace link here because she has some simply sweet eyes and dresses on special offer and again if you need new shorts and her prices are more than reasonable have a check for them as well.

Now I’m going to take my sorry behind to bed and munch on salad and fruit to make up for a weekend of over indulgence.



Mag<3.B Marketplace