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Catch some happiness today

Happy Mood - happiness catcher milky way denim mesh outfit with shirt and socks slow kitchen hat hair

While I was out exploring Happy Mood the other day, I came across this natty little gadget. Its called a “happiness catcher”…I admit as there was no demo I was not entirely sure what I was buying . I’m so very glad I went out on a limb though, it’s just wonderful and amazing and makes me smile BIG. Basically, you wear the catcher (or fishing net) and then twirlllllll around to the left or right…and you capture things in your net. I caught all sorts of items, such as cake, leaves, love letters, hearts, bones and also the  special stars. If you catch stars you get the chance to make a wish ! Once you’ve made your wish…its spelt out in the sky above you in bigggg twinkly letters, isn’t that precious? (You have to be in a sim that you can rez in for this option)

Happy Mood - Happiness catcher

Also included in the box are two hats (I’m not wearing them in these photos, I’m wearing my hat/hair from slow kitchen), which are sooper sweet, the catcher also has a built-in AO, and its über cute….plus the option to use single poses one at a time…oh look! I caught a big fat slice of cake *grins*…If youre liking my outfit, it was such a steal. It’s from “milky way” and cost only 100L, the set comes complete with striped t-shirt socks and the romper suit itself. Definitely worth taking a look at this store, heaps of deliciousness, lucky boards also.

Happy Mood


Slow Kitchen

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Slow Kitchen dollarbie dress- Slow Kitchen hat & hair- Slow Kitchen free tights pack- Shiny things Zimminy free shoes-Slow Kitchen pack of scarfs

Every now and again, I like to take a gander at stores I havent visited for an age. Slow Kitchen is one that I just adore to wander around. I was sooper happy to discover that SK is now making hair *squeeee*, only a few styles at the moment but I HAD to grab this hat & hair combo. Only 200L and has four texture changes in it. Just inside the door I nabbed this sweet dollarbie denim blue dress, perfect for a Monday Mooch…plus a pack of tights, also one Linden (lotsa colours yay!) Couldnt resist the scarfs either..100L for a pack of five different tones…thats uhm…wow only 20L each (you get spine or chest attachment points) Rooted around in my inventory and found my Zimmy flats by Shiny Things..I double checked for you, these darling little shoes are still free for group members, you get two types for new viewers with an alpha or older viewers without alpha…handy!

Happy Monday !

Slow Kitchen

Shiny Things

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Its never slow in my kitchen

I’ve always meant to ask how that name came about “Slow Kitchen”, but I’ve always been too busy slobbering over the gear to remember *grins*. Slow Kitchen has been a fav store of mine for the longest time..such dainty, pritty things..and such good prices. There is always something I *gasp* over and buy each time I go…no big change this time either..I grabbed up the latest group gift above..A line Tshirt in a super marl grey fabric. handy dandy and a real classic, I spotted a pack of leggings for just 30L, so nabbed them and teamed them up with the grey Tee…adorbs!

Whilst dribbling over the leggings pack..I also spied this darling little top (2 colours to choose from) it was just 30L ! There are two ways to wear it..with or without the t-shirt underneath…

Andddd *drum roll* puhlease …this is what got me into a lather..This dress…that comes in black or angelic pure white…with its layers of frothy lace and tiny tiny little diamonds scattered on the skirt…its also has a bow at the nape of the neck…unbelievably just 120L…If youre liking the necklace & earings I’m wearing…youd better dash over to Addiction RIGHT now…cause they are the Secret Wednesday item (well there are two actually!) and for today are only 49L the set...totally different..and unique design, the teeny pearls are the lightest delicate shade of pink..the thing I totally love about this creators gear is she gives you a lot of choices..chest & spine attachment points..resizer or not…fahhhbulous!…

Go get squeeeely: Slow Kitchen

Love Letter jewelry set: Addiction Jewelry


Slow kitchen goes dotty

Slow Kitchen Group gift & tram doctors bag

Yus I know..I’m blonde and here Iam wearing.hmm…well auburn hair I think you’d say…maybe more copper? Anyyywayyy its a gift from “tram” and I ❤ it sooo much! Im really into shorter hair styles recently..more neck shown off to kiss perhaps …*wrigggles at the thought*…The rather lucious dress is from Slow Kitchen, a real fav haunt of mine..”the fancy swing dot dress* is the current group gift, it is verrrry swirly and girly..and umm dotty of course! The tiny bag Im clutching is also from tram, beautifully made, lots of tiny details and free also!

Go get dotty : Slow Kitchen     tram


Baywatch eat your ❤ out !

A lazzzzy Saturday night, means that my sugah and I get to shop….mooch…and laze around…we headed over to one of my all time favourite stores “Slow Kitchen”, grungy chic clothes, pretty wearables, and nowwww gatcha machines…gawd Im addicted to them, I can’t walk by one without playing it ! Soooo…they had swimmin type stuff in them…first thing I won would you believe was a pair of shorts for Player, totally cool hawaiin print with prim cuffs…check him outt…

Slow Kitchen swimwear gatcha ! 30L a go

I had to have another go of courrrrse, and I won this gorgeous sage & gold kini !

Slow Kitchen kini & shorts gatcha prize

Next to the swimmy wear gatcha was one that did floats…naturallly we forced ourselves to try this out also ! only 10L a go!

Slow Kitchen floats gatcha 10L

2 types to win…we both got the standing pose one, there’s also a swimming one!

When I’m not so sleeepy Ill unpack the group gift I snaffled up and show you

Fai ❤

Taxi to: Slow Kitchen