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Wrap up with Neve

A new round of Uber means new pretties from Neve Hurrah! I for one will wear these two pieces again and again and again, they are SO moi. The top is a cardigan thats all soft and snuggly, packs of four, choose from patterns, plains and of course you can play around with the tshirt below – sheer or not and loads of colours.

The Tumble jeans are just fabulous – three options for the hemline – I adore the rolled up! Options of belt colour, and removing the belt hoops etc..

The pack choices in the jeans are really coolio, super love the patchwork versions which look so homespun and vintage, but really ALL of them are a must have – I’m wearing my newwww slippers with the jeans but they would suit sneakers, flats and boots too. Slippers are by Beaticia and only cost $40L per pair, lots of colours available and fits. I snapped up a new hair in Magika yesterday – have always liked their hair and there are some really chic new styles out – this one is called Irene.


Uber Cam Sim


Magika Irene hair

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Oh Yeah! (Freebie).

Big fat French kiss to the lovely person who gave me the heads up about the new Jian Sub/Group gift, because of that and another freebie I had a lovely and so simple time in SL this morning.


Faith has left this poor bear in the snow all this time!


Although I should have stopped running and taken a better picture of my new undies to show you.  As I was trying the boot/slippers/uggs on a notice was sent out about new undies at DanemarkZ, so I and every bloddy else in the “SL offers and Free(SLO&F)” (sic) group TPed over, I’ve never seen so many Cheap B’s in one place at the same time which basically meant it was lag Hell!  So I just grabbed this and TPed home.  Will be going back later to check out the shop more in full when it’s calmed down but this is a simple pretty little undies set, bra n panties in tattoo layers and Omega Appliers.


OMG look at that face GO ON LOOK AT IT!  I have a Bengal and when you tickle his sweet spot, behind the ears you perves! he smiles just like this.  I have, to be honest, and if I had seen these in a notice I would have ignored them because I just thought “slipper” nah I have enough and chances are everyone else will have but “LOOK AT THEM!”  They wiggle their little tootsies, wag their tails, MEOW so cutely they make me melt but never fear you can actually mute the little sweethearts.  You can also stop the animation and also change the texture of each kittie.

The lovely person who sent me a note about them said they were sent out to her as a Sub and I’m subbed to Jian but didn’t get em so when I popped over I reslapped the sub board and yup not only these but other gifties were sent to me straight away.  All of them old ones BUT brilliant ones none the less, I still use the bar, the wreath is perfect for any time of year, the champange bottle/glasses are so realistic etc etc so get over and either slap the Sub board or reslap it if you’ve not been sent these goodies.


DanemarkZ (Turn right and it’s just outside the door where all the Gacha’s are.

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Fit for a Princess

Aphrodite Slippers & Princess crib

My little girl Aurora hasn’t had a new bed for simply ages – so when I saw this new release from Aphrodite I grabbed it and set it up. This is the “Happy ever after” mesh crib. It has a total of eighteen animations, one for the parent the others for child avatars. Of course you don’t have to use it for a child avatar, as you can see my Zooby baby fits in it perfectly – as would any other type of baby. I was surprised by the low prim count – it looks like it was gonna be a LOT more than 9 ! [DAMI] have these sweet chunky cardigans in their mainstore for just $69L, it’s a gacha machine so luck of the draw on the colour I’m afraid, but I scored a lovely lavender, so wore it as my robe !

Aphrodite mesh Her Slippers (Him also available)

Also new from Aphrodite are the mesh slipper. I’m wearing them with my Slink flat feet, but they work for most other mesh feet and of course ordinary feet. In the box you get another pair just to set out as decor too !

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Blog


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Pause for thought! (25Lds for 500Lds).

I wasn’t going to eat that last brownie, I wasn’t going to finish that last drop of wine and I most certainly wasn’t going to SL and yet again I’m so glad I did or else I would have missed this excellent offer from Leri Miles Design.  For a short time only, so put on your ice skates and skate over there and grab it, she has not only reduced her VIP group joining free to only 25Lds BUT you get a stonking 500Lds credit to your name.Shirt

Chosing what I was going to spend my Lindens on was real easy because I’d spotted both items on previous visits and just like RL I love nothing better than a simple oversized mans shirt.  A range of colours to chose from all the mesh sizes and of course demos available.

DressThis dress is now a staple design in SL, a casual dress with a zippered front but what makes this one more memorable is the patterned panel at the front and the lovely old retro fabric even it’s name Maribel has a lovely old twang to it. So I actually picked 2 items that I wanted to keep and not the newest designs she has out.  Special mention is that the 60Lds offer of some lovely high waisted pants are still out, some lovely colours.  Please don’t forget to check out the upstairs as well, the steps leading up there and just outside the front doors so even more goodies for you to find.

In the first picture you can see the lovely mittens from mon ami, free, but you can’t see the even nicer matching slippers.  A sweet little shop in what looks like an interesting sim so I will be popping back later for a good look around.  There is a wall of Gacha’s some LB’s and of course this freebie.  Simple and sweet.

Leri Miles Design

mon ami

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Munching Cupcakes

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  - ALL prizes 5L !

I wish I was gorging on cupcakes, but after being bed ridden for a week I feel SO pudgy I can’t ! Closest I can get is hunting for them, luckily for moi there is The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt on at the moment. Each prize is just 5L and I found some darlings ! Above I’m wearing one of the four skins called Giada from style by Kira, what a generous gifty ! Different makeups and cleavages option also in the pack.

cupcake hunt 5L Per item

My yummy mesh pj’s are by Sugar Button Boutique and I lurrrrve them ! I often wander about in jammas, easy to wear and totally socially acceptable in most place (whut?!) I’m sitting on the couch pouffe from FOllow Us…its gorgy…and rezzes stuff for poses such as the tray of treats and a darling radio etc…brilliant .

cThe Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

Last up is my bunneh slipslops…oh cmonnn you know you want them…just about theeee cutest pair I ever did spy. They are by Atypical and I found them pretty easily, you all know I’m rubbish at hunts ! Check out the website, it lists all the gifts and gives the clues, enjoy ❤

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Blog


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Slip Slops

I had to take Zan’s advice and go visit the Okinawa Summer event..just wanted to share this seriously uber cute find ! A whole pack of these darling slippers are set out as a gift from Lunaire…pink,purple,lemon & aqua…slip them on for some quality comfy time awww. As Zan mentioned..there are lucky boards galore…and a few other gifts to take home…lovely event !

Okinawa Summer fair