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21 Shoe heads up.

21 Shoe YS & YS Rapallo Pure & B&W. Black lace FREE Lingerie with appliers The Wayward Hunt

Heads up my beauties, it’s almost time for 21 Shoe again, yes yes yes 24 magnificent hours to grab your trotters some prettiness. I’m wearing the offering from YS & YS, I’ve come to really love their shoes lately. Always classy and bang on trend. These are “rapallo” and of course you get TWO pairs for the price of one for the duration of 21 Shoe. These are the “pure” version, pristine and white, with a high heel and lots of strappy action across the tootsies. You get two versions in the box for Slink & Maitreya. Ohhh my lingerie is FREE btw ! It’s from Blacklace and is their gift in the Wayward hunt, traditional layers and appliers included yay! info below.

21 Shoe YS & YS Rapallo Pure & B&W. 2 for 1 !

Closer view and showing the other pair in the special deal, rapallo black & white, these have a wooden platform heel so a little more of a casual look than the pure ones. Dont forget, the 21 Shoe event runs for just 24 hours and begins on the 21st of the month.



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I dont wanna make you broke ! (Freebies)

Freebie dress-top Corvus


Oh Haii! Sooo yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our Pure group members – despite what Zan says about me being all moody-shy-private – I really love to meet up with you! Anyyyywayy hi Johanna *waves* – we had a chat as I fixed the group gifts and she told me that Zan and I keep her broke ! Ohnooessss , can’t have that. So in her honour I’m doing a post today with freebies that are delectabubble and pretty and wont cost a dime. Above is a stunning mesh dress from Corvus. I’m wearing it over jeans as a long’ish top. Its got a snazzy side tie, kinda like a knot, and has  skull logo which might be handy-dandy for Halloween? Really nicely made and sooper easy to wear.

FREE outfit - appliers for Slink Physique for jeans, system layers - mesh top - Giselle hair by Pollen - FREE skin all appliers inc.

This next outfit is from FLG, what a corker, not only do you get a lovely mesh top, but also jeans that come in system layers and Slink Physique appliers – the jeans have SIX colours ! The top has a HUD also with SIX different patterns/colours plussss you also get a Slink mani & pedi tossed in – blimey isn’t that the steal?

Free outfit- clothing layer & Physique jeans - mesh top - hair by Pollen Giselle

This is the entire list of contents:

HUD Pants : Brazilia,Phatazz,Wowmeh,Banned , Slink Physique and 6 colors

HUD: Slink Nails Feet and Hand 6 colors

HUD: Blouse mesh 5 sizes and Hud 6 colors

HUD : Slink Pants Stocking 6 colors

HUD : Banned , Slink Physique 6 colors

6 Pants Layers

6 Stocking Pants Layers

FLG Market place store

Pollen – Giselle hair

Mine Lena hair at  my attic @ The Deck (95L !)

Corvus free dress