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Hunt me down. (Hunt&Free item).

Ever Wonder dropped me a note that she has an offering out for the “Walk a mile in my shoe hunt” and I dropped her a note saying “SEND IT NOW” so this morning I was rewarded with these.


I’ve just been reading a little bit more about this hunt and from what little I’ve read it looks like although mainly shoe/feet based gifts there are a few surprises thrown in there like nails, poses etc and even better a whole list of shops old and new are involved in this hunt and I love finding new shops to check out just as much as the goodies.

I wonder what these boots mean to Ever Wonder?   I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve been into her shop but I know from all my past visits that she always has a Free GG/Sub gift for everyone and of course now for a token 10Lds you can grab these boots.  LM for her shop and also the LM and Hints page for the rest at the bottom of this post.


Again how weird in that as soon as you put a piece of clothing on you just know the look you’re going for and I think I look fierce!

PS I was in such a rush I should have used the resizer and maybe made the boots a little bit smaller but I only thought about that once I’d taken my close up so they do look a bit big on my stick thin AV legs but 1 click would have shrunk them to a perfect fit.

PPS Special mention to the non visible Freebies which are basically the nails and lippie I am wearing but you can’t really see them enough to appreciate them, they are free to join group gifts and I also noticed that there is 2 hunts going on at the Livia…Affordable Beauty Shop which since most things here are priced between 35-40Lds  is a good description.  Add to that the fact that the nails and lippies all seem to contain SLink, Maitreya and Omega Appliers and even bigger bargain and if you’re like me not into Mesh Heads, I just can’t find one I relate to, you also get the tattoo layers and yes when I went back to LM grabbed I treated myself to a couple of packs and I can’t wait to open them.

More Than Ever Mainshop

Livia…Affordable Beauty

LMS and Hints for “Walk in my shoes Hunt”

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Free Sweet Thing.

I’m finally back from sunning myself in the garden but unfortunately it looks like I’ve developed an allergy to something and  look like an angry red swollen blob, so I’m having a major Humph Day.


OK at least here is some cuteness.


Sweet Thing is the name of the shop and it’s not often that I snag all the gifts and wear them all.


You get the dress, SLink Nails, boots and that cute little necklace.


You don’t even need to have SLink feet for these little Gogo style boots.

You do have to join the VIP Sweet Thing group but don’t panic as even though it’s VIP it’s still FREE.

Sweet Thing


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Marketplace again (Dollarbies, freebies).

So whilst I was looking at the Marketplace I decided to see what else I could find.  Normally I end up bining about 90% of what I find because it looks good in the picture and then you get to try it on inworld and it’s a case of WTF but today I was on a bit of a roll.


For some reason these photos ended up so dull I had to do a little bit of picture editing but just in this and the second photo as the rest turned out fine, so I left them alone so you can get a good idea of the texturing.

The dress from Pekoe’s Marketshop is so sweet and I was slightly intrigued because on the Marketplace it’s marked “our demos are wearable” and since it only cost 1Ld and I have known that sometimes demos can actually come unmarked and therefore are “wearables”  and it turns out that this is the case here.  The dress is only 1Ld and if you want those matching boots and socks, again marked as “our demos are wearable” and can be worn without the socks,  you can add another 2Lds to it.  I’m not wearing the cream leggings which come with this outfit I thought a little bit of contrast would be good.  So basically a whole outfit for only 3Lds.


Fiddled photo but I had to show you Selenia.  I’ve just mentioned this hair in a previous post but since it suited the look I was aiming for I would show you it again.  Cost only 75Lds  but you will have to take your chances as this was an Arcade Gacha win but not only are all the shades so lovely so it doesn’t matter which colour you win you get a colour pack and not just the 1 colour!  Thats so generous as most hairs are a single colour.  The Gacha in in the entrance of Mina’s shop.

Guess what else was marked as a wearable demo, these Bell Bottom Jeans.  You’re going to see these flares reblogged in the Summertime becaus any floppy hat and floaty top teamed with these pants will make such a great summer look.  Again another “wearable” demo from Pekoe and a token price of a 1Ld. This photo turned out much lighter than the ones I had to edit somewhat so the colours are more natural inworld ones.


With these next 2 items I maybe repeating myself but I don’t remember ever blogging this particular !gO dress and as for the skirt I know I have blogged this style before but I can’t remember the one I showed had a colour changing Hud.  I could be wrong but no loss in showing you it again.


I’ve got every !go freebie, or I thought I had, and in this case a Dollarbie.  I have a feeling that this dress like the others cost a Linden on !gO’s marketplace shop but inworld they’re freebies.  If it’s available inworld as a Freebie then it’s outside of the shop on the washing line.


I know that this style of skirt is now a much appreciated Freebie in SL and I know I’ve blogged it before but I can’t remember it having a colour changing Hud.  So I figured what the heck and took a quick snap.  I think there are 4 colours in total, blue, pink, white and black.

PS I also snagged some nails which fit not just SLink but also Omega and Belleza hands, 10 shades in all and very pretty.

Pekoe Marketplace

!gO Tunic

Mina Mainshop

10 Pack Nails Polish

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Hi Ya Dave.

This is going to be a slighty odd post because I simply cannot show you ALL of the goodies I got so I’m going to really suggest you follow the Link to Hello Daves Flickr and everything you see marked as a Group Gift seems to be in this pack.

Dave’s Flickr

I’m not even sure how I stumbled into this shop and I almost left as the walls and walls of SLink nails was making me drool,  I like many others have a budget to keep to even though everything seems to be well priced at 99Lds a pack. Then I spotted the Freebies that “Dave” has out for anyone to grab, Dave is actually Maia Gasparini LOL so he is a she.  This is what is written in the note that comes with this gift

“Click on any bottle of polish to apply that colour to both your Slink hands and feet, or click on the tub of nail polish remover to bring your nails back to a natural french manicured finish.”

OO that’s different it means you don’t have to go searching through your invent you can just rezz this decor item on your dresser and click away on you colour of choice or remove it.  Although I have to confess I’ve just not tried it yet.

Hello Dave

The reason I’ve not tried out this yet is because next to the board showing you this items is a VIP notice which says if you have missed old Group Gifts then join the VIP Group, which I’m pretty sure was only 75Lds, and you get all of the old Group Gifts sent to you so I did and watched as my invent went CRAZY as oodles and oodles of Group Gifts loaded into it.  I’ve counted a total of 92 (give and take a few) nail and toe packs and in each pack is a choice of colour so you have so much choice which is why I really suggest you check out “Dave’s” Flickr and everything marked as Group Gifts is what you get.

I finally caved in and attempted to get the best shot of a pair of nails taken inworld.


I normally don’t do nails because I find it a pain in the rear end trying to get a decent picture but the quality of these nails is excellent.  I think this is one of the shades from an Autumn pack and there was a blue, pumpkin and other colours AND as I was stood there pulling poses a New Group Gift came through. Yes that is my skeleton in the background it’s what happens to people who annoy me (but I rarely get annoyed so everyone is pretty safe).

Make sure to  check out the Marketplace as there not only the Free gift shown but 2 others.

PS, it goes without saying no SLink hands no SLink nails.

Hello Dave (inworld)

Hello Dave Marketplace

Hello Dave Flickr

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Bit of what you fancy (inc freebie)

KoiKoi Group gift for Slink high feet.

Always brings a smile to my face when theres free shooz about ! KoiKoi have these darling dotty peep toe heels out as their subscribo gift – free to join also. Totally lovely, and of course PINK ! You need the SLink high feet to wear these btw. Nip over and grab a pair, bet you don’t leave without snapping up some others too.

HED Summer swimsuit, with slink hand & feet polish appliers and HUD for colour change

Whats a girl to wear with new shoes? New bathing suit of course. This delightful little number is a new release from HED – the store appears to be market place based only currently and I don’t spy any demo’s there – however all the gear seems very affordable. The swimsuit is part of a set called “The Aloha Summer set”, you get a HUD that has seven fabric options yay! Plus earrings, necklace and matching appliers for Slink nail polish – toes & feet.




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Groovy Baby

KoKoLoReS FiFriday Slink nails NEW!

Fi*Friday is here again and KoKoLoReS has some fantabulously groovy Slink nails for your trotters and paws ! Bright chunky bands of colours all across your nails, my personal fav of course is the light pinks. Make sure you get them at the Fi*Friday steal price of just 55L !