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Shiny Disco Balls or in this case SHOES (Freebies).

Another quickie, I can you hear you sighing with relief LOL.


These shoes remind me so much of shoes before SLink Feet, they’re so tall and towering but don’t be fooled as they are SLink High shoes.

There was other GG’s waiting to be grabbed and I’d managed to try on the bikini and a rather nice top but time constraints  have meant I’ve come back out of SL.

Femme Couture

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Spend Some Save Some. (Freebie).

I’ve actually had to log out of SL to do this post because I’m so distracted by the hair and shoes it’s too much like RL!

OK firstly the hair which is another Mina’s from The Hair Fair.  If you look closely you will see that the band around the base of the pony tail is the same texture as the hair! Love it.  I won’t show you the 3rd one I have yet as the Hair Fair goes on till the 26th (I could be wrong but I don’t think so) so I’m going to save that for a later date., I’m so damned lucky that I get to blog this hair because I love it, it has everything I think SL hair should have-a great colour palette, realism, affordability and best of all to look great when worn.


As always you can choose the colour pallet of your choice.


This is something you don’t usually get with a Mina and I’m trying to think if I have one of her hairs which comes with an “add on”.  Those long “bangs” as Americans call them and we in the UK say Fringe are “added” to the main hair.  The tendrils hang down to frame your face beautifully.  I’ve not had a chance to check this out but I’m actually hoping I can use the fringe on their own as a “hat hair”.  I’m pretty sure I have a couple of hats in my invent which I will be able to wear with this fringe.

So spend some Lindens on the hair but save on NEW SHOES! In fact although I’m only showing only 1 pair here I have 3 others from a different shop waiting for my next post.


Pure Poison has an unusual way of giving out it’s Group Gifts in that they’re loaded into a Gacha so you will win the SLink High Shoe but the colour you get will be random and guess what I won?  the RARE of course!  Mine came with a colour changing Hud and from the looks of it has all the shoe colours loaded into it and I can also change the heel, sole, straps etc to whatever colour I want.  Although this is a Gacha win because they’re Group Gifts they’re non trans.  The Gacha is at the LM but you will notice straight away that the whole sim/shop has and is going through a real revamp.  A very pretty watery setting now with the shoes and Gacha’s floating on diamonds.  Always nice to see a shop or sim which has had some imagination spent on it so I took a wander around and then that’s when I thought I’d better log off and finish this post.

Almost forgot to say that the shoes for Maitreya, SLink High, Belleze & TMP feet! and I don’t believe that’s because I have the rare I think that it will be the same for all colours I just got the bonus of all the colours.

Mina@The Hair Fair

Pure Poison

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Change of mind. (freebie).

I LOVE these shoes and they are FREEEEEEE and the icing on the cake is you get a total of 6 flower colours in the pack!  You will of course need SLink High feet for them.  They come from B!asta and are so easy to find hunt item.


I’ve left the picture unedited because the flowers look so artificial which is how they were meant to look.  That light texturing in the flowers reminds me of one of my Hubbys old work shirts which I’ve cut up to use for future crafting projects.  In a way this shoe reminds me of the many Pinterests which show you how to tart up an old pair of plain black heels.


These are the enMESHed into Summer hunt gifts and what you’re looking for is an Ice Lolly.



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21 Shoe – hello Chica

21 Shoe - Chic Chica

All geared up for the shoe fest that is 21 Shoe? It begins tomorrow and for 48 magical hours you can glide around the grid snapping up your two’fer one deals . I’m wearing the offerings from Chic Chica, “Sesa” and “Diana”, both a sweet dark denim colour and will suit SLink high feet or Maitreya. No decisions to make as you get both yippee! While I was out and about I also bought myself another treat from Label Motion, this “take a break” chair caught my eye, full of neat poses – that work well for lounging about or taking pics, only 5 Li. Hair is by Exile and is available at collabor88 currently, been wearing this a lot, I thought it might just be for my posh frocks and lingerie shots, but it works as a messy up do too. Finally coldLogic *finger wags* – they’ve done it to me again, these “jennings” cuffed jeans are rarely offa my legs – dangerously easy to wear , top is “feyer” and its a bit chilly this morning so I plonked it on and feel all snugglybuggly.


Chic Chica

Exile hair for collabor88

Label Motion

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place



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Dirty Story (Freebie).


Good Morning Monday and I wish I even felt half as hot as I look in this picture! but Mondays and Mornings are not my best friend.  Never mind at least I’ve started off with a couple of fun items, firstly the Non Free but definitely worth a mention in case you’re interested, the skin ia a PumeC of course and the Hair is a NEW Mina which will be available at the next round of Kustom9 and I will keep you updated esp as this and the other Mina hair is one of my favs.

The Free is those rather pointy and dramatic mesh nipple covers and these shoes.


You know the more I look at these shoes the more I think I may have blogged them before but if I did it must have been a long time ago and certainly worth a reblog if that’s the case.

There is more than just the nipple covers and the SLink High Mesh shoes to be grabbed from Dirty Story but they’re mainly tattoos and accessories and that’s it.

Dirty Story.

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21 Shoe gets all Fruity

21 Shoe YS&YS Mykonos strawberry

21 Shoe only a day to go yippeee! If you fancy something to make you feel more summery , check these babies out from YS&YS . You get two pairs of the Mykonos shoes on the 21 Shoe deal for the price of one. Above is the lickabubble strawberry pair, cork wedgey heel and a heavy cotton fabric for the shoe – so cute.

21 Shoe YS&YS Mykonos banana

The other pair (my fav!) is the Mykonos banana version.-** I have never ever ever owned a pair of shoes with banana’s all over them. These are suitable for SLink high feet and also Maitreya.

Dont forget babies, the offer is only good for 24 hours on the 21st of each month – so grab your purse and head off to get those deals for your trotters.

21 Shoe Blog


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Unbelievable!(even MORE Free shoes).

So I logged into SL and had so few notes that once I’d sorted through them I sat my AV down in SL and in RL made a call to a dreaded Call Centre!  By the time I had spoken to 3 people and then hung up in disgust I realised that my AV looked exactly how I felt, DARK AND DANGEROUS!  Do you know whats worse than calling a Call Center?….probably working in one LOL and so I’ve taken a painkiller for my Migraine and counted my blessings.


Because Faith and I work in RL and do all those RL things which keep us busy it means that often when were showing off our latest finds we only talk about them and put the LMs for those items alone at the end of the post BUT  if you ever see us wearing anything you like, a skin or hair or an item of decor we’re using then please don’t hesitate to drop us an inworld NOTE (IM’s are capped all the time) or even use the messaging on this blog.  There is nothing nicer than being able to tell someone where to find something they really want.


So I’ve just included the top picture because that’s how I’m feeling at the moment when in fact the Freebie I want to show you is just the kick ass boots.  I popped back to my platform and quickly rezzed my handy photo cube and took a snap of these steely black wicked pair of strappy boots.  You will need both SLink High Feet and a Kick Ass Attitude to wear them.  Although these are from the Skull Design shop they’re an SL frees & offers Group.  Easy to find on the entrance table.

 Skull Design