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Tartan rocks (Free)

Love a bit of fresh winter wear. If you’re not in your teens, or even your twenties you might be looking for something a little more modest and cute for winter. I found these adorable little red boots and the amazing tartan dress for just $1L each. They are from a new-to-me store KvH. The dress comes in the following sizes:

Belleza Freya
-Belleza Venus
-Slink hourglass
-Slink Physique
-Tonic Curve
-Tonic Fine

P.S Just noticed there are actually three colours of this available for $1L

The boots in just Slink high. Perfect fit and great value !

KvH Boots

KvH Dress

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Oooo Super Simple, FREEBIE.

So I log in and spotted that I was wearing yesterday’s Freebie and so 2 simple snaps later and voila here it is.


Sugary, sweet and super Kawaii.


A nice addition is a handy Hud which gives you 8 pastel colour choices for the shoes and 8 for the bows.  It’s a free to join GG from…. and tbh I just grabbed and ran so I can’t tell you much about this shop so when I LM grab I’ll have a wander around myself.

I’m glad I go back to LM grab in world because it acts as a reminder and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that this is, in fact, a SL Free’s & Offers group gift in the Pink Pearl Design shop, to find it and the group invite if the LM doesn’t take you right to it when you land turn left to the row of Gachas, some very interesting spooky AV ones from what I could see, and you will see these shoes and the invite on the wall next to them.

PS SLink High Feet needed.

Pink Pearl Designs (PPD).

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Keeping it unreal (Freebies).

RL SUCKS because on the day I decided to go into the garden with my throws, cushions, kindle and coffee it’s PISHING DOWN! So instead of being snuggled in the garden I’m snuggled in my chair with my “throws, cushions, kindle and coffee” and a massive case of the hump.  So I added some sunshine to my piccie, actually I added a sh*t load of sunshine to my piccie because I need it lol.


So of course the editing will have changed the colour of the shoes somewhat but I’m beyond caring lol.

Venus is another shop where I walked in and had to wonder why I hadn’t been in this shop before or it had been so long since I was in this shop I forgot about it so I decided to have a saunter and stumbled upon a shelf of FREEBIE GG’s and since I wasn’t rushed for time once I’d grabbed the lot I continued my sauntering because I had also spotted a big discounted department.  Prices aren’t too bad and from what I saw most of the shoes come with pretty extensive colour option Huds which always turns a bargain into a super bargain.  I was also lucky in that my initial came up on one of the Lucky Chairs and I scored a pair of floral flip-flops.

Then it was luckier that I had kept on wandering because it turned out there is another whole shelf of freebies shoes and boots.  A mixed bag of styles and not all of them appealed to me but just because they weren’t my style doesn’t mean they’re yours.  TBH there is nothing nicer than working through a whole stack of freebies and working out the keepers and binners.

If you’re just not in the market for new shoes/boots pick at least 1 pair up because they come with a super handy ankle lock.  Although a lot of poses either for taking pictures or in furniture is now adapted for people wearing mesh feet there is still a lot that isn’t and if the weird angle is an issue with you then just add an ankle lock and your feet return to a more natural angle.

One last thing each shoe pack comes with 4 different shoes to fit, SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP all in the high foot setting.

Venus Inworld

Venus Marketplace

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Lazy Mare!(Freebie).

I’m in full “Lazy Mare” mode at the moment I’m snuggled on my over sized chair, feet up, fire turned up, new Judge Judy on the TV and a couple of new books to start reading later so I popped into SL to grab my notices and since these Free GG’s SLink High Shoes are so simple and easy to wear I just TPed, grabbed, TPed home and one snap later here they are.


SLink High feet needed but they also came with another pair which fitted my ankles really well LOL.  As it happens since this second set doesn’t say which mesh feet or maybe they’re meant for non mesh feet?  So basically even if you don’t have SLink feet you may still want to check them out.

Normally I would give you a bit of a description of what else you can find in the shop and not just the Freebie but I’m going to be lazy.  I will tell you though that for some reason even in my Nams setting my SL world seemed to be unusually dull so I had to edit the picture a little bit to lighten it up so you could see the pretty floral decoration but it’s also give the purple colour also a hint of pink, so it’s more purplie (sic) than it looks.

If you’re not as lazy as me you will spot there is more GG’s waiting to be grabbed and of course whilst your there you can check out the rest of the shop as well.

Vitrage Boutique

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Too good to delay showing you these shoes which come with an added bonus for non mesh tootsie owners.


I went for the hunt and ran off with the Freebie instead.  Actually I have to confess that since everything in the small hunt going on at the BSD Design Studio shop cost 50Lds to buy I didn’t bother cos I am a MEANIE, plus I don’t need any more shoes or bags etc, but if you want to get some top quality shoes and bags at slashed down prices then this is perfect for you.  Since the hunt prizes are paid for there is a picture of what each heart, that’s what you’re looking for, contains so you can pick and chose the prize and when I was looking at the poster I spotted these FREEBIES and I snagged and ran home with them chuckling.

The gold hammered heels and sequins texturing positively twinkle in my Nams setting and probably in all settings.  Really good! and then I spotted that a really nice touch is you get not just these SLink High shoes but a pair with Mesh Feet already in them so for those who haven’t got Mesh Feet or those of you who are still thinking about getting them these are perfect.  I’ve not tried out the Hud yet, I’m wearing my SLink Feet, but I have a feeling that because this is a top quality shop then the Hud will be very easy to use and get a really good skin match.

BSD Design Studio


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The Girl Did Good, (A mix of Free ‘n’ Non Free)

I have NO idea of how Faith managed to squeeze even her extra skinny AV ass into the Shabby Chic event!  If like me you’ve tried, tried and tried again it’s time to give up and let it calm the Eff down! However when you do get in there check out the New Mina hair called Aimee.


You may have actually spotted that I wore this hair in my previous post as well.  I really should have put on one of the many other shade options you can choose from but I forgot which is a shame because although I have a tendency to stick to the browns, Mina hair comes in not just everything from blonde to dark brown but a lot of hairs come with amazing whites and blacks and the Ombres! and of course as I always say Mina does the best Gingers in SL LOL.

And YES Mina has a gift set out for us@Shiny Shabby, it is this hair but in a never to be repeated shade and I’ve seen it and I’m not going to show you it so you can have a surprise.  As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop because you can not only TP straight from there to the many events her hairs are at this moment but even better try the demo on at your ease and not in a crushed laggy sim.


A bit of the back of the hair so you can check out the scooped back top layer into a small pony tail.

If you read my last post I mention about the brill shoes which I thought for only 50Lds, SLink High Hooves needed, was not only a bargain but very unusual and stylish and here they are.


Folder over satin/leather? petals.  As soon as I spotted them I knew I needed them.  But remember these shoes are to be found in the market area just outside of PurpleMoon.  In my last post I showed you some of the exc Hunt items to be found at this little pretty hunt but sadly I’ve still not found the other hunt items and then of course as soon as I snagged these 50Lds off the PurpleMoon stall at this event I TPed home.

But again as I say save the “Lindens to spend the Lindens” and this is a repost about the suit I am wearing.


Loved this suit so much I actually paid the FULL price for it LOL.  This suit is why I was pleased the mini “Cherries on Top Hunt” wasn’t inside the main shop as PurpleMoon has some real quality clothing items to tempt even a meanie like me to part with their Lindens.  I bought this suit quite a while ago and I can’t remember the price but whatever it was it was worth it so once you’ve checked out the Hunt outside I DARE you to go inside and resist!

Last but not least a little Freebie for your home, I quickly scanned a note I received from La Galleria and then hauled ass.


Looks a bit like an oversized choccie to me but then again I am on a permanent diet and everything looks edible to me.  You have to hunt this freebie down in a way but the note I received made it quite clear where to find it.  Just walk into the Sedona House and check out the bathroom and I only noticed this when I went back to LM grab that if you check out the shelf above the bath there is an ornate egg on a stand as a gift for us.  Just click and pay 0Ld for each item.

I have to say that although these large almost brash houses aren’t to my taste I had to admire the quality and spaciousness of these homes.  Big homes for BIG personalities and I really enjoyed mooching around the many designs of homes on these sims, every time I walked out of a house thinking it’s time to get back to note clearing another home would tempt me and in the end sometimes it’s just nice to wander and yes even day dream a bit.

PS the LM for La Galleria will take you to the Sedona House.

Mina Mainshop (to try the demo)

Mina@Shiney Shabby

Purple Moon

La Galleria

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I’m sooo NAKED (Freebie).

I’m such a tease LOL although I was actually was SL naked when I took this picture…..


…and this one.


Such a quick and easy find which was pretty handy for me as my RL workload has gone through the roof.  So to keep it sweet just join the Lucky Night Group and snag couldn’t be simpler but you will need SLink High hooves for these ones LOL.  Nice touch is you can wear them with or without the red bows.

OK back to work for me.  Have a great day.

Lucky Night