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Sleepy Eddie.(Free Stuff)

skyboxThat’s me the little figure in the distance.  Popped to the The Chapter Four Even and picked up this free skybox/shop/workroom.  Just join the free group and you will find it at the entrance.  Although because it’s non mod you cannot remove the 2 tables, you can see there is so much space and it’s so low primed that if you need a workplace (or even want to try your hand with a small shop) this is perfect.  The texturing and shading are excellent as well, so no one will know you’ve done it on the cheap(or in this case free).


“The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long. We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores.”

Not sure what room I found this thermal vest in, but it won’t be hard to find as the shops in this event are very small and select. This makes it so tempting.  I didn’t just pick this thermal vest up for only 85Lds but a stunning back pack for 65Lds and a bathroom mirror (and then my budget ran out).  Nice to see more than a token menswear shop, as well as some furniture so a little bit of everything.  Some of the TOP names in SL are here as well and some real discounts which can only be found here during this event.   This thermal top also includes a female version and on my trip to Sleepy Eddy’s main store I grabbed as many demos as I could, they too seem to be a mix of male/female sizing.  This is damned good uni sexed stuff, great texturing and fitting.


Decided to visit TRFF (The Rockabilly Fashion Fair) and I’m so glad I did.  A pretty impressive shopping event, small retro shops set out with some great stuff and some have freebies in them – like these workmens boots from Moda.  I have tried to give you the LM to the actual shop but you all end up in the same landing place, however if you don’t want to kill some time and wander around then check out the link to the TRFF Blog. They have put out a map so you can work out where you need to go.  They come from Moda and damn they’re good actually they’re bloody good.  Great texturing and you can resize them – you also get 5 colour choices.

The Chapter Four

Sleepy Eddy Mainstore

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair Sim

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair Blog and Map

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Stock Swap

The super awesome Mens Dept has swapped out its stock again (it happened a while ago actually, I’ve been slow). As usual there are some amazing bargains to be had from some equally amazing designers. Loosening my purse strings, I grabbed a few to show you.

When I saw Belleza had one of their skins there, I couldn’t very well go past that now could I? This skin is a special edition Ewan and as you can see, it’s a very handsome skin indeed. A very strong, intelligent face and a great-looking, defined torso. It’s really well done and if you’d like a better look at the fabulous details, you can see it in its glory in my post from Monday because I’m wearing it there as well.

The mesh pocket polo shirt is courtesy of [Sleepy Eddy] and is just fantastic. Check out the texture on that, you can definitely feel the roughness of it right? The buttons, the pocket, all the other details are cool and it fit me perfectly. There are five sizes of the mesh for guys and five sizes of a female version as well!

They may be a little hard to see in this picture, but the eyes I’m wearing are also on sale at the Mens Dept. They are made by the tremendous eye-maker Poetic Colours (just about all my eyes come from there) and they are just beautifully realistic. You have to zoom in on yourself when you get these, check out the details such as reflections on the surfaces and slight red tinges at the corners – gorgeous.

There is  a host of other fantastic items on sale at the Mens Dept so fill your wallets guys and head on down before they bring in the next load of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept.

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The Men’s Dept.

Thanks to the magic of subscribo news, I managed to find out about The Men’s Dept, a sensational new monthly sales event, chock full of great designers and a range of gear for us guys. Almost everything you see me in above, I picked up while I was mooching about there: hair, shirt, facial hair and skin, all bought from the Men’s Dept. and I didn’t pay over L$150 for any one item!

The hair is from one of my all time favourite hair stores: [Shag] and is aptly named ‘This Charming Man’ as you will definitely look charming in this short, neatly styled ‘do. You get three different colour tones with this hair and three matching hairbases to wear with them.

The shirt is from [Sleepy Eddy] and is gorgeous. I love my striped shirts lately and this one fits the bill oh-so well. There are a total of four different colours you can choose to buy for this fantastic shirt, I was so tempted to get more than one but settled for the coral in the end. It comes on multiple layers and includes the sculpted body part of the shirt as well as white sculpted collar and cuffs that both look brilliant and fit really well.

Last but not least is the skin and facial hair which both come from Fruk, a store that’s new to me but one I’m going to have investigate more closely if this is the kind of stuff they have lying around. For a crazy-good price (everything at the Men’s Dept. is sold at crazy-good prices) you can pick up this Knox skin. This has an amazing-looking face, youthful and handsome and I like the skin tone it comes in as well and the body looks just as good, not overblown with muscles but still nicely defined and a manly bit of chest/body hair thrown in for good measure.  I couldn’t buy this skin and not pick up the Stinger beard Fruk was offering right there, it’s such a good add on to this skin (or any other really) and comes in two tones: black or brown.

So you guys definitely need to head down to the Men’s Dept. and check it out. You will be well pleased with the gear on offer, I think there’s a little bit of everything just about. Go take a look while you can.

Get the gear here: The Men’s Dept

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The Seasons Hunt

Seasons Greetings! As you might have noticed, the Summer edition of the Seasons Hunt is on at the moment and there are some brilliant gifts for guys and girls to be had. I’ve not been up to my usual hunting standards so far. In fact, I’m failing quite miserably but I have managed to find a few bits and pieces to show you.

In the picture above I’m wearing the ‘Linen Check Shirt’ from [pivaaca] and ‘Linen Pants’ from Willow. As soon as I put these two gifts on together, I found an instant favourite outfit. I haven’t taken them off since I put them on. I love the way they look together and individually they’re just as good. Perfect for summer with the lightweight linen and the textures on both are fantastic, as are the colours. You put purple on anything and there’s a good chance I’ll like it but with the Check Shirt, it works even better than usual. They both come with some beautifully made and perfect fitting attachments that come in male and female versions! How great is that?

The other item that I’m really loving from this hunt are these Boston Sandals from [Sleepy Eddy]. The straw texture on them is so good you can almost feel it and the colours, the strap and buckle are just executed to a tee.

If you haven’t felt like getting out and doing some Summer hunting, I think that these three items alone should be enough to get you moving. Seriously, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to get these as gifts. There are a lot more Season Hunt gifts out there just waiting to be found, as well. This hunt will end on the 30th of this month so you better get moving. For more info you can visit their website:

Get the gear here:
Linen Check Shirt: [pivaaca]
Linen Pants: Willow
Boston Sandals: [Sleepy Eddy]