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Sleeping Koala (2 hunt items).


A couple of lovely little hunt prizes from Sleeping Koala.  The first is the simple locket and earring set.  The necklace actually comes in 3 lengths and I’m wearing the medium one.  A real nice touch esp when this outfit also comes with Lola Tango Appliers, so when wearing the boobies you can still wear the jewels.

CatsuitNot only do you get the Boob Appliers but also SLink feet appliers as well which was a perfect opportunity for me to wear mine for the first time and I think they look great makes this into a lounging around outfit. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Slink feet it comes with the sock layer.

Sleeping Koala is still a small shop and I’m sure that Evelyn Hartshon won’t mind me C&Ping this from her Profile “however there’s not much point since I make jack sh*t at the moment. LOL” which is pretty honest but that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t a couple of tasty little things to be had from here and if you check out her Marketplace Shop there is more to be had from there.

Sleeping Koala

Sleeping Koala Marketplace

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Something about Jane…

Jane in bloom - mesh- NEW! Sleeping Koala oversized sunhat 10L

I’ve been wearing clothing made by Janie Marlowe since 2007…and a big chunk of my inventory belongs to those items. They tend to be my go-to-pieces. Things I wear consistently, over and over again. I feel “at home” in those clothes and relaxed , they make me smile. When Jane released a selection of new dresses after a longggg time passing without any updates I was sooooo delighted…Jane’s clothing fits me, always..without fail. I don’t have to check, it just does….everytime. I showed a couple of items yesterday, and here’s a few more ! Above is “in bloom”, rah-rah inspired sundress, with thin shoulder straps…and ribbon trimmed layers of frothiness. Gorgy colour range in this item…totally adore the blue with apricot accents. Zan showed me these hats yesterday, she alwayssss finds good bargains. Oversized hat , with texture change from Sleeping Koala, such a great buy at 10L…theres a few designs so take a peek.

Jane  day trip - NEW!

Something slightly more sultry this time is the new “day trip” by Jane…dipped shape hemline and a simple vest style top to this dress. So perfectly made it’s really quite stunning, not fussy, not over done…just perfect. I added a choker from Ganked (which sadly now seems to have closed its doors)  a pair of heels, lip gloss and I’m ready to roll…

Jane dainty darling - mesh- NEW! Posh book purse FREE!

Last up for today is “dainty darling”…LOVE this frock. Antique lace effect on the fabric…with a broad satin ribbon accent on the bust area…I’ll be holding onto this pretty until you rip it from my clenched fists! Other colours available too , but isn’t this teal blue just divine?! My bag is from Posh…gawd LOVE these…its a book-as-a-bag kinda deal…this one is Pride and Predudice…and in this colour free on the market place currently…I bought a few others too (naturally!) , for 10L great deal. Thanks Janie ❤

Jane inworld store

Jane Blog (to see all colour ranges and designs)


sleeping koala

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Peace on Earth Hunt

The Peace on earth hunt 4 has kicked off..and the first gift I can show you is from Sleeping Koala..aint that a cute name for a store awww…anyways…if you find the gift you will get this very Chrismassy red RED hurrah! Its called “Candy Cane Ribbon” and wowser you get a lotta layers, even on the tattoo one…I love that. High waisted skirt…white vest and a matching bolero cardi type thing…plus stockings…tres chic.

POEH 4 : Sleeping Koala

Pose: Adorkable poses

Hunt web site for more info: POEH 4