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Mittens (Freebie)

blonde Just lately I’ve been so spoiled with not only cheap, brilliant skins but all those extras which make them so great ie Appliers but the reason I’m wearing the cute gloves is because these 2 free skins, a pale and tanned version,  don’t come with any appliers.  That doesn’t distract from great skins though and they do come a flat, cleavage and XL cleavage tattoo boob layers. Surprisingly the Amachi group is free to join so slap and join and you can get the skins from either the board or through the group history.


Not just showing off my bum but the lovely big hair from Mina and how the ends have a lovely curl flick to them.


The first hair is called Roos and is offered at a 25% discount BUT this wild and windy hair,  Roosje, is Mina Nakamura’s gift for the Enchantment Sleeping Beauty fun thingy!

The reason I called it a “thingy” is that they have changed the ways the Enchantment event is being run.  Instead of having everything with a fairy tale theme for sale  in one place, each shop now has a special themed and discounted item in their actual shop.  If you love it then buy it and in the pack you will get a stamp card wear this card and check out all the special items in the other shops.  You don’t have to buy if you don’t want to but just make sure you get your stamp card stamped.  Then when you have a certain amount of stamps you go to a special place and select which one of special items  you want. In this case it’s this wild and curly hair. Mina says in her note that this is a one off never to be sold in her shop so damn I’m so chuffed that I have this now.

Check out the Enchantment blog to see not only how easy it actually is to do but there is also pictures of the big prizes and that black dress is going to be MINE! (once I’ve filled my card).


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