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Damn n drat I swear I’m going to turn off my notices/notes so I can finally settle down on my platform and bin stuff.  I’ve not even had the chance to sort my skewed house out but I am weak in the face of temptation.  So I TPed over to another Gacha event with a massive amount of freebies but thats for the next post because this dress is only FREE for the next 24 hours.


I had to fight my way through all the lag caused by all the Cheap B*s grabbing not just this but a whole wall of Group Gifts, yes of course I grabbed them all as well but because this one outfit has a time limit on it as soon as I got home I threw it on and I’ll save the rest for later so again lots of lovely surprises for you.

PS Colour Hud inc and all the mesh bod sizes plus I heard the noise of Lucky Chairs/Board

MH Unique Design

PPS I’m just grabbing the LM from the notecard that comes with it to save time and this is on the card and I personally think it’s worth copy n pasting it here.

Who are you?
You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are kind.
You are Unique.
You deserve to receive love and affection.
You are never to much but you are always enough.
You are precious.
You are a diamond , a rose ,a pearl, the most amazing of God’s creations.
You deserve more then you can ever imagined.
More valuable then all the hair style products that you are using .more then the shoes you are wearing,more then all your clothes.
Your value is higher then all the earthly,because in God’s eyes you are loved and Unique.
Doesn’t matter who you think you are , a model in a magazine,if people want to copy you or try the change you,if you are a cheerleader or you didn’t finished your school,if you are Miss Popularity or if you you never had someone who you call friend,if you love yourself and your life or if you can’t stand yourself in the mirror and feel that everything in your life went down,if you are a winner or if you consider yourself the biggest failure ,no matter who you think you are the truth is that you deserve someone who will die for you.Because you are strong,full of strength and capable.
Read about the Woman in the Bible…Ester,Ruth,Martha.Those women changed the world for ever.
And in everyone and each of you there is a woman with the same strength,same power and same capacity to change the world.
This is you!!
And if any whisper in your mind trying to tell you something else,tell them :No.No.No.
I am the one and only in God’s eyes,cherished,loved and adored for all by the Creator of all kinds.I am the most wonderful.
And please do not ever forget !!!
You are beautiful and UNIQUE.
marrylinhope( MH Unique Design)