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Flirty Dirty Little Shirty

Sorry about the title but I couldn’t resit it.  OK so all the Couture Whores have been there and filled their fishnets with all the goodies from the Whore Couture Fair so it means it’s not lag hell any more and safe to enter.

Snapshot_006Best off the shoulder little boyfriend shirt I found at dollies, a new shop to me, slightly hangs off both shoulders and is a  great fit and a sexy sweet look.

Snapshot_008And my excuse for buying this top is…sorry no excuse I just love clothes that have that cheeky draped look. Same shop same place less Lindens than the shirt (sorry I forgot how much it cost and I’m not searching Whore again to find the shop).

WOW am I glad I decided to call into the main dollie shop and not just checked out the smaller Whore one  because even as a hardened mesh head and blogger there is so much stuff here which is FRESH and NEW to my jaded eyes.  New styling, fresh spring colours, a flash of side boob here and lifted jumper there.  I’ve grabbed not only 6 demos to try on later but for 50Lds to join the dollie group I have grabbed a poorly hidden gift (on the tree trunk) but also a total of 8 group gifts.  Can’t wait till I relog in to unpack and check them out…and then maybe treat myself to some of the other clothes.

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