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Not for everyone.(Freebie Backdrop).

I’m being tempted to buy a backdrop from the Synnergy stall at the event I’ve just blogged but there isn’t a full-sized demo anywhere for me to check out however there is this Freebie.

The Synnergy shop isn’t a big shop, but I’m liking what I see, so you will find the desk this is on just inside the door.  Simply buy it for 0Lds.


Blogging SL

Part 2.(Freebies).

I did go straight back to the “The Best Point”, check out my last post, and there are FREEBIES and cheapies as well as something which I’m seriously thinking about spending some Lindens on.

The cheapies are the little gift bags on the stall, some are free and some come with a token price but the “The Best Point Group” is free and this top and pants are just 2 of the freebies out for us.

These and the TeleportHub gift are donated from a shop called “Anny’s Fashion” and I have blogged their GG’s before but one of them looks new even to me so I will put the LM to the shop for you to check those out.

I wasn’t going to grab the top at first as it has a lot of slogan in the hud you get with it and I’m just not a slogany(sic) sort of person but I’m glad I did as this simple floral texture is just what I like.  As for the pants just really good additions to your invent and they too come with their own hud.

PS. There is a neat little trick, although both of these are separate gifts put both of them on and then use the hud for the top and see what happens.

The Best Point(These gifts are not next to the TeleportHub one, if the LM doesn’t take you to them then it’s not a big event and you should find them easy enough esp as they are also near to a party table.

anny’s Fashion

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Part 1.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

Just a quick as I want to return to the “The Best Point” event but I just wanted to do a quick post on this freebie which I found here.

Green is my fav colour, this comes in my fit and has a retro 70ties vibe to it.  Nice detailing in the lace front, not sheer so no boobie flashing, and the tie at the back of the halter neck.  Even my hair is a flashback as it’s a Truth hair but because it’s so old it’s probably not even for sale anymore lol.

Again the TeleportHub Group costs only 10Lds and its one that I’ve been in for a long time now as it’s pretty handy not just for Group Gifts for TeleportHub members but keeping you updated on other freebies/discounts/special offers etc so join to grab this but stick around for the other offers.

The Best Point(The LM does take you right to it).

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It’s a Booty Call.(Freebie).

These are my new fat ass pants and if I don’t get to the gym soon my RL will need fat ass pants as well.

Just a great free Group Gift from Cynful.

You get an excellent colour hud with these pants, sorry not the top, with just the sort of colour palette I love and so useable.

I’ve forgotten exactly where downstairs you will find these but they’re not hard to find and once you’ve got them check out upstairs as there are 3 lucky boards with some fine gifts in for us.


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Summer Stunner.(Freebie).

I knew I was in for something good as there was a decent amount of other AV’s in the LRS Moda shop and this is why.

This is only one of some fine freebies upstairs at LRS Moda.  TBH you will have seen the others as they’re such good quality I think that most freebie groups and blogs will have blogged them I know for sure we have as well.  So to get notice of a new Group Gift was just what I needed and as always top quality, lots of fits and comes as separate.

To find this and the other Gifts you need to head upstairs.  Also, check out the Lucky Boards as the prizes in them are well worth loitering for.

LRS Moda

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A BIG FAT (non) FAIL! (Freebies for men).

I went looking for the “Lemonade” shop and somehow ended up in a shop called, as you can see, Gutchi.

I don’t know if it’s because I normally don’t go hunting for freebies for men that I get the impression that damned good freebies for men are thin on the ground.  So to find even more fine freebies for the boys in such a short time was a bit of a shock to me.

This top comes with a decent-sized hud and even better one that allows you to change the body, sleeves and hem of this so a whole raft of colour options.

Great pants as well, these too come with a hud so you can change the base colour of these pants.

I had hopes that this backpack was going to be unisexed but because you can’t adjust it the straps are too big for the standard female shape.

Again a hud with a lot of options and you also get a wearable cup of coke and a phone.

Last but not least a mention about this backdrop.

It just turned up this morning which got a big woo hoo off me.  It’s from Minimal and it turns out it’s off Faith lol.  I logged in and out so fast I didn’t get to read any messages etc.  THANK YOU, love it.

BTW The Minimal group is only 50Lds and I suspect I was in the group and I’ve accidentally left it but at 50Lds cheap enough to rejoin when I feel like it.



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Deceptively Simple. (Dollarbie)

This is a deceptively simple summer dress and out of the “good, bad and ugly” I picked up off the Marketplace this is definitely, better than, good.

The texturing is as good as it looks, some nice subtle wrinkles and if you look closely a sexy little bit of side boob.  Nothing SCREAMS sexy as a subtle flash of side boob lol.

Damn, I’ve not even managed to log out of the Marketplace without adding something more to my invent….next post line up.

BTW Believe it or not the Sunflowers I’m holding have nothing to do with the ones I’m using as a backdrop it’s just spooky how they’re almost identical.