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Lets have a cuppa & a chat. (Mention of Freebie).

I actually cannot stand tea which is so “unbritish” of me. I wish I did as others seem to really enjoy it but I’m a coffee drinker and proud of it.

Faith has a drink dispenser which is just such a good wearable. I won’t go into to much details about it as really I wanna talk about the Mina hair I’m wearing as I got a bit of an update on it as well as mention of a freebie, if you want to miss the all the blab just scroll to the end.

This hair is called Senja and I did blog it when Uber had literally just opened it’s doors. I’m always excited when I get a hair that has something new about it and of course in this case it’s the lovely classy pearls worn on top of an equally classy hair. I did mention in the post that with the hud you get you can remove the strands one by one till you have no pearls and just a nice plain hair but what I didn’t mention because I didn’t spot it is that you can also resize the pearls by clicking on the loose bun, you can’t really see at this angle but it’s there lol. It’s rare for me to have any issues with hair fits from Mina so I didn’t look for a resizing menu.

As for the freebie, it’s a gift for the Uber event that Mina’s “has somewhere hidden in her shop. I’ve just seen the hint and now realise where is will be. The gift is the pearls, just not the hair. If Mina and I think she will have has included the style hud and the resizing option then you should be able to wear the pretty pearls with an exsisting hair you may have.

BTW have you seen the new non-Gacha’s called “Miepon” I did get a note about these new style of bargain givers and Mina now has 4 of them in her shop. Two of them are nice and “bloody” hairs so for those of you who love Halloween check those out. I’m going to check Seraphim to see if they have an idiot proof explaination of how these Miepon works but it’s lovely to see the bargains are coming back to SL.

Faiths Post.

Uber Blog, Hints & LM’s.

Mina’s Shop.

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It was a safe bet. (New Belle Epoque Gift(10Ld)).

Another quickie because of RL what can I say!

New gift from Belle Epoque (10Lds). Two fits, Maiteya & Legacy (as it happens the Maitreya top and the Legacy skirt are great fits on my SLink).

It’s a skirt and not pants as I initially thought. As alway, that skirt with a sweater out of your invent and the shirt teamed up with jeans I think will look great.

See ya’s later when RL lets me go.

Belle Epoque.

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Look for the red bow. (Freebie).

The hair/hat is the freebie.

Super quick post as I should be “adulting in RL”.

This is a gift from Emo-tions. There are other free gifts but this one is behind the 3 posters/stands of what I assume are the 3 newest hairs. Just look behind them for the bright red bow on the poster of this hair and buy it for 0Lds.

PS. You get this lighter beige and a black version.


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My treat. (FLF, 50Ld, Junbug Dress).

I had to check and nope this FLF offer from Junbug is not listed on the Seraphim blog post. To be fair to the Seraphim blog they’re usually on the ball with their lists so this may have been put out super late or since the group gift hasn’t changed for a very long time then maybe this and the other FLF offer also haven’t changed for a very long time.

I’m not complaining as it does mean I’ve managed to indulge my need to be a fancy pants.

I do own a few gowns in SL because I like many do occasionally tart my AV up and swan around like Lady Muck, the rest of the time I’m wearing the last item I blogged, covered in demos signs or one of my “goto” basics.

This only comes in 2 fits and both of them were a great fit even for me. There is a demo available. As for the colour it says “lemon” but although the editing has made it slightly darker to me it’s definately a light cream. If you want something bolder then the other FLF is a shoulderless gown with a tight bodice and flowing skirt that Junbug is known for.


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Who me? (Freebie(ss)).

Virtual Diva has new group gifts out for us and I don’t think this is new but new to me. I just so happened to love the skirt and as it’s a seperate it means it’s a keeper. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the top though and that bright zingy red/orange colour will go well with jeans, shorts or even just a bikini bottom…thinking outside of the box again.

Plenty of fits and happily for me the SLink HG fit fit my SLink P body perfectly so since I didn’t have to change into my HG body to show you this outfit this is the one I’m showing you.

There are other gifts inc what I believe is a brand new one and they’re more classy/sexy than this bold shade.

PS. Just before you go inside for the group gifts on the wall to your left are gifts for other free/cheap groups but I didn’t spot anything new and to your right are some lucky boards.

Virtual Diva.

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Sods Law. (Freebie & FLF Offer).

I was going to save this free outfit for tomorrow as I have plans on how I’m spending my sunday in SL. So I was happy to stumble upon this new september group gift from the Lurve shop only for a message literally to go out in a free group about it as I’m pulling this pose!!! Thats where the “Sods Law” of the title comes from as it’s an old English saying which means “if something can go wrong, it will” and so “my scoop” will be popping up in many groups lol.

Never mind, I’m very pleased with it as even though it comes in a lot of mesh fits inc the old standard mesh sizes it doesn’t feel that old. A nice blush pink colour, lovely lace pattern on the skirt and of course folds and wrinkles.

You will find this new gift on the reception desk but check out the back of the wall behind the desk for other gifts for other free or cheap groups. I have blogged most if not all of them previously.

The other “Classic” is this hair and it’s not a Mina! I know shocking but I do try a lot of demo’s and in this case this FLF offer from Exile was just too good not to buy! It’s classy, elegant and flattering and even better a great fit. Only 5 colours in the hud but they’re very servicable. This hair is so good check out Faiths last post as she too couldn’t resist it and is wearing the same hair…twinsies lol.

As for me tomorrow I’m planning on spending some quality time changing my landscaping to a more Autumnal theme/shades so think of this post as sundays post and not todays post lol.



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Two for Free.(Freebies).

I had to strip off for both of these dresses not only because of the fit but because both of them have some serious boob/nip flashing so for the sake of a PG post I’m blanked out.

This dress is a free for all gift from the Moon Amour shop.

It also has a hint of sheerness. You could rummage in your invent and find a cropped top to cover up the boobies as that exagerated skirt is a joy or just wear it as it is. Comes in a lot of fits as well inc flat chested one for any male AV.

BTW if you’re tempted to join the Moon Amour group, only 55Lds, you will see on the board with the pictures of the freebies one picture is marked as old group gifts, make sure to pick those up as well.

I’m not 100% sure if this dress has been cut low enough to nip flash or was that simply because it didn’t have an SLink fit for me to try it on. As always since it costs nothing to try go try it out for yourself.

The Flamingoes group is another one with a small joining fee but this dress is a Fab Free group gift.

Moon Amour.