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Why?(Freebie) & Tip #569.

I’m sorry because I to have to say yet another excellent gift that comes just in 1 size and I’m not sure what size that is but I do know it’s not a SLink Physique size because I’ve had to put shorts on to hide my Foo Foo.

Still showing it to you though lol.

You, of course, may have a mesh body with the right alphas in your hud which gives you a better chance of wearing it or you simply don’t use a mesh body but you will still have to dig up an alpha from your invent but it’s a standard shape and I don’t think you will have much problem finding one suitable.  Or like me you could wear it under shorts, skirts, jeans etc.  The top half of this bodysuit isn’t a problem and the 4 colours you get in the hud makes it a handy little addition to your invent.


Now for a quick tip which is something you might not have paid much attention to before.  When I logged in I was still wearing my SYS Outfit and I’d gone from thinking what a really good gift to I want to keep this WHOLE look and so I renamed the folder the dress was in  and then made copies of the hair, shoes, and glasses and popped them into the folder as well as the dress and this means I’ve created the whole look in one folder. It’s such a time saver.



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It’s going to get hairy! (New Mina’s@The Hair Fair).

I am one lucky cow and trust me I know it, getting my sweaty paws on Mina’s hairs for free is an absolute treat and does save me money because if I didn’t get them for free and so many of them just “sing” to me, in the end, I would spend a fortune on them.  Although when you think about it, you really do get a lot of Linens for RL money. I’ve always said that skin and hair are the 2 things you cannot scrimp on and although occasionally you get a stunning freebie this isn’t often enough for a Cheap B* like me.  So this is the time to splash the cash and in this case, it’s for a truly worthwhile cause.

“Wigs for Kids” is the charity and who hasn’t heard of that cause and I’ve put the link down the bottom to check that out for yourself but really the title of this charity and the fact it’s been around now for a lot of years means most people will have heard of it.  I’ve also had a look at the pictures of what’s on offer at this event and I’m going over when it’s started to calm down and check out a few hairs and if in the end, they don’t look as good as I hope then I will simply donate and count my blessings and not my Lindens.

When you TP in there is a big sign that shows you the layout of the shops it doesn’t tell you which shop is where but the LM I’ve given does take you close to the Mina shop, walk forward and it’s the start of the left-hand row it’s actually easy once you’re there.  always looking at other hairs even if it’s just to compare them to Mina’s.

A nice touch is that when you land you get  sent the usual notice but also the option to have ALL of the demos sent to you and I will be doing that on my next visit as we have till the 16th to treat ourselves.

Now for 2 of the 3 New Mina’s and this is “Miss Mouse” ok that’s not her name she is called Emma and the first time I put Emma on I thought simple, sweet, understated. You wear this hair this hair doesn’t wear you.

Then we have THIS!

Check out that colour! I’m not big on colours and usually use chose from the browns/blonde/reds palette that I relate to but Woah this is just one of the many juicy Ombre Colours you can choose from.

Luna is the name for this very unique hair.  She like a lot of the New Mina hairs comes with not just the new 15 shade palette in each pack but you get the Material and Non-Material option in the Hud.  The “non-material” version is simply the same hair but just a bit less, and I’m not sure what I’m assuming a bit less texturing or mesh because to me I can’t see any difference but check it out for yourself.  A lot of the other hairs I have I also love but as soon as I put them on my …rockets up and so I have to wear them with caution as they can affect not just yours but other SL experience especially in busy areas.  Not many other hair makers offer this and now instead of having the 2 hair options in the pack Mina has loaded them into the Hud so super easy to change.  Also now more and more hairs are coming with other “options” so in this case with Luna you can have the full fringe and tendrils or just the fringe or no fringe and no tendrils.  So 1 hair 3 looks.  It’s the same with the third hair which isn’t being shown in this post but if you check out my last post and the hair I’m wearing is called Fiona and she is another Hair Fair hair.  With Fiona, the plaits can be changed to accommodate a more generous boob lol.  So basically when you get a Mina hair check out the “options” tab as you may be missing a little extra touch.

PS Can I just say that if you like Plaits which I absolutely adore make sure to check out the Mainshop.  Again you can try the Hair Fair demos out there first but Mina has some gorgeous plaited hair and you need to try the rest before you make your mind up.


Mina’s Main shop

Hair Fair Blog

Hair Fair

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Debating (and mention of a really good Freebie).

I was bored and so I was just TPing to random old LMs in my invent when I landed in a shop called “Albino Peacock” which I remembered from a previous visit.  There is a gift in this shop, not this outfit I’m afraid, and I do remember blogging that and I would highly recommend you go for that but if you have a few Lindens to spare then to your left in the shop is a discounted section and this is where I found this super frilly dress.

There is a bit of a niggle in the back of my mind that this dress is something I’ve blogged before but I’ve checked my invent and I can’t find it not even under a relabelled folder.  I could be wrong and have already blogged it but at 63Lds just a really lovely and very interesting frilled dress.

For some reason, not every outfit in this shop comes with a Demo and that’s the case with this dress so I’ve taken the pictures in my sim setting only which is a lovely skin and clothes flattering setting.  Try the demos out for other outfits so you can make sure you like the quality and you will know that although you can’t try the exact demo out for this one the quality will be just as good.  Again because of no demo I will list the fits which are just SLink, Maitreya and all the standard mesh fits.

There are other discounts in this section but also there are 2 outfits in the main shop, it’s not a very big shop, which I really would love to buy esp the one priced at just 100Lds but I have to be realistic as I would never really get the wear out of them but soooo tempting some very nice textures in this shop so go get tempted.

PS Remember there is a Freebie next to the desk and you have to join the SL frees & offers group(sic).

Albino Peacock

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Old Basics.(Freebies).

I was clearing out some old stuff but I’m pretty sure I’ve not shown it to you before and so I popped over to the shop and checked and yup they and plenty of other Free to Join GG’s are still out.  Add to that some Lucky Boards plus there seems to be a SALE going on which also looks like it’s in it’s last few hours.

The bandeaux style top comes in Applier form only so sorry no tattoo layers.  You do get quite a nice selection of colours though and it does make for a super handy Summer basic and the same can be said for the skirt.  Again a selection of patterns and mesh bod fits as well as standard mesh fits.  There was another full skirt set which was a bit longer and more pastel in shades but it was this skirt which went best with the top.

ARGH sorry I popped inworld LM grabbed, checked that there is a sale on and there is and everything is priced at 50Lds but time is running out and so I did everything except check which Appliers this top comes in but I’m pretty sure it’s the standard 3 biggie ones inc Omega.

MH Unique Design

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I bring you roses.(Freebies).

I have no idea of what the other GG’s from Bijou are because as soon as I put this one on I didn’t care.

I didn’t actually realise the top comes with the matching shorts so that was a lovely extra.  Just such a simple sweet look and yet because of the saucy boob drapery very sexy.  All the mesh bod fits as well.

The Bijou group is free to join and this and the other GG’s are upstairs but as I said I’ve forgotten what they were as soon as I saw this “keeper”.

Ooo UPDATE Because I’m inworld and I’ve tried on the 2 other GG’s I had, there is still more I didn’t get, and one is a rather bright red bikini and the other a crop top/jumper with a slogan on and both are REALLY good so if this outfit isn’t something you want or need still pop over to check out the rest.