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Flowers Time Hunt

Clock (working & transfer) Hunt gift

I just scanned this hunt quickly and came a cross this beautiful working clock from Gallerie Meara as their the gift – its adorable. Loads of time zones to set, as you can see I set mine to London ❤ Its just 2Li and is also transferable so if you are a sweet friend you could pass it along to someone to brighten their day. All gifts cost 3L.

Flowers Time Hunt Blog all landmarks, hints and photos of prizes.

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The Big Freeze Hunt

Free Italian ice cream set 3Li & 1Li

Ohhh I thought this hunt might have some yumminess involved and I wasn’t wrong. A small hunt that’s quite simple to do – just visit the hunt blog for pics of the prizes and hints. The Italian ice cream set above is found at Harambee Charity shop, its located right by the hunt poster (you’re looking for an ice cream) All gifts cost 1L. This stylish ice cream machine comes in two versions, one with all the accessories 3Li and one with the machine on its own which is 1Li. It even gives out a myriad of ices!

The Big Freeze Hunt Blog, hints & photos

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Adore 1L Top No Match Hair 50L

$1L Adore Perla Tied top Hunt Prize No Match Hair 50L

Spring has sprung here in the UK, sunbeams and longer days hurray! I’ve got two little gems to share this morning with you. My top is by Adore and is only 1L, its their hunt prize for the Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes Hunt – fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn. Hint to find it “I love a bit of bling”. My hair is a new offer from No Match, just join the group (it costs 50L) et voila you can grab this sweet plaited style hair, all colour packs included ! You also get a Hud with many different colours for the flowers.


No Match

Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes Blog

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Petite Mort & Oubliette Wonderland Easter Hunt

Wonderland Easter Hunt prizes

I do enjoy the hunts the Petite Mort & Oubliette put on – always such charming things to hunt down. This latest one is more décor & furniture which is frankly awesome! As soon as I saw the list of items to find I put aside an hour to search them out. My first priority was the day bed, which is stuffed with poses, I also really really wanted the tea set, cake and stool – found them all yay! Bonus finds were the rug, side table, cake and tea cup plant – I couldn’t resist. Prizes are from FREE to 20L – so inexpensive.


Now as well as the main prizes to find in little pastel eggs, there are some free ones to hunt for, these contain little treats like a bunny, a duck, wreaths etc. Touch the board where you land for all the info plus a list of hints and a free Easter basket to wear as you wander around.

Petite Mort & Oubliette Wonderland Easter Hunt

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Easter Joy Hunt – Free Gifts

Easter Hunt FREE car drivable

Had a lovely afternoon pottering around the Easter Joy Hunt. My absolute fav prize is this bright orange car – easy to drive, just rez and jump in. Im terrible at driving anything in SL , but this was a breeze. You’ll find this at the Moonshadow Motors store.

Free Easter Hunt Prizes

I collected a few Eastery type décor items and a sweet wearable Easter basket. You’re looking for a green basket with flowers in it. If you choose one that’s not in a store or on a cart you will need to answer a question to receive it – I failed miserably!

Easter Joy Hunt

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Green Freaks Hunt

Free Dress Free Shoes

Green Freaks hunt is now open and you’re looking for a little gold coin. I couldn’t find any hints on the web site, just a list of stores and how many coins they’ve hidden. However, I still managed to find a few hurrah! Above is the dress from Web Dew, plus a fat pack of shoes which is a separate coin to find.

Free Corset Free piercings

This sweet corset top is the gift from Eliavah , I’m also wearing the navel piercing that I found at Enigma – the nipple piercings are also dead cute.

Free Decor 1Li

This awesome little bowl is the prize at Eclectica – I so love it ! Its just 1Li and is just SO different! Btw I didnt know until I was hunting that Eclectica now does furniture – some totally gorgeous retro pieces on the upper floor – check it out.

All prizes are 0L and there is no group join required.

Happy Hunting ❤

Green Freaks Blog with Landmarks

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Free Buzzy Bees!

Free meadow & Bee Hive with poses

As soon as I saw this hunt gift I knew I had to find it ! This is the Harambee Charity Stores gift in the Spring Air Hunt. Each gift costs just $3L and there’s plenty to find. This sweet grassy meadow has six variations of grass & flowers, plus eight poses. The bee hive is not linked and is super cute, with buzzy bees flying around softly humming…the hive is 1Li and the meadow 3Li. (You’re looking for a plush turtle)

Spring Air Hunt Gallery with hints & links