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Heads up – The Oh Dear Sweet Christmas Cookies Hunt

I did a little hunt yesterday at a store called Melange. Now I have a golden rule its “never moan about hunt gifts” – they are GIFTS and even if they aren’t suitable or to your taste – DONT moan. However, I am going to give you a little heads up about this hunt – as I was thoroughly peed off after doing some of it. It costs £5L per “prize”, I’m using the term “prize” very loosely. I know that lots of hunts charge a few lindens for hunt gifts, and a lot of them also will provide a poster showing you whats inside each of them. Seems fair right?

What really irritated me with this particular “hunt” was that there – to my knowledge – was not a board showing whats inside the boxes, each box is labelled with a number – so no clue given even if you look inside before buying. So imagine my surprise when I got home with quite a few of the “prizes” to find each one of the gowns was a different mesh body fit ie: Maitreya in one box, slink in another, XL or S, M, in another separate box ! I almost blew when one box contained a shoe shape?! If you’re going to charge for hunt “prizes” – this is NOT the way to do it!

If you feel differently great ! I thought it might be helpful to let you know before you go

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Sassy gets huntin!

I was yapping to Steve on skype when I tried this dress on…Ive never heard him “gasp” about a dress before ! He did though…and quite rightly so I think…the cosmopolitian dress is just glorious…so feminine with its ruched band belt and thick rose applique,even a little net edge to the skirt…I fell in love and havent changed clothes thing is…you too can make this your own by finding it in the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30 hooooray!

Another hunt prize is this triffic Meow dress…bright pink leopard print skirt with a netted edge and plain black vest top…this is the gift in the Just for Fun Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30 ! I teamed it up with a necklace from Addiction, a new release in a range called “Moon Flower”, there are other pieces also but I just couldn’t wait to wear this long chain with its striking triple pendants …you can buy the set that comes with earrings for just 75L steal! (there are also some gorjuss earrings set out as gifts for you to collect when you visit)

Last hunt gift from Sassy is this fun complete outfit you might wanna grab for Halloween ..the Succubus comes with gloves,poison ivy stockings, body suit,tail & horns andddd those magnificent wings ! Great stuff…this is the gift for the Twisted Fall 2011 Unseelie Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30…

HAD to show you this, a new release called the poet shirt..just dreamy and chic…sooper pretty sleeves and laced ruffled collar detail…heaps of colours from white through to a deep red… I had a wander around the store , there’s a superb array of clothing, casual to evening and I also found a lucky board and some group gifties…go see !

All clothing : Sassy !

Moon Flower necklace: Addiction