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Me and Mrs Jones – FREE !

I don’t recall joining Miss Jones subscribo – but I must have done at some point I guess – anyway I got a notice and trotted off over there. Glad I did as I found some very cool gifts set out for the SL Frees & Offers group! The group is free to join – the group for the store is $299L – they did have some lovely gifts – but I’m not Linden rich atm! Sooo anyway back the freebs – this is “Legendary Lovers” super little dress that comes in mesh body and standard fits. Great fit – no alphas required (that’s my benchmark of good mesh btw).

I also liked this, another SL Frees & Offers group gift -“To the Edge” – its verrrry sparkly and glittery and purrrrple! Mesh body and standard sizes given – another brilliant fit too. There was also a swimsuit freebie which is pretty but I’m too short on time to show it off – Happy Saturday!

Miss Jones

Bowtique – feather earrings

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In bits(Hunt, Freebies).

I started to unpack the “Adventures in Baby Sitting” Hunt gifts but mixed in is some of the GG’s I’d found on my way and as soon as I unpacked this SL Frees & Offers Gift from the Albino Peacock shop, which is in the hunt.  As soon as I put it on I had to show you.

As you can see it’s a matching dress, shoes n bag set add to that all the mesh sizes, but sorry can’t remember the shoe fits.  You even get 2 different textured tops this gray pin-striped shirt for a denim one.  You will find this on a stand next to the desk in the back of the room, you may even get tempted by a rather pretty 60Ld dress offer on the wall next to it.  I also have to say some really pretty Summer clothes here as well but I’m too mean to buy.

I’m actually already changed into my next freebie! so I thought before I get all confuddled I’d show you what I find while I’m meandering around the Flawless sim.

Albino Peacock

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Hunt with me.(Freebie n Dollarbies).

A quick post as I’m actually doing this hunt at this mo but when I saw the quality of this top I TPed home popped in on and here it is.


The top is the SL Frees & offers gift in the Shae’s Design shop.  I went to find the rose which is what you’re looking for in this hunt and I did find it but this was the winner.  It’s supposed to be “pink” but it’s not which is even better because pink is not my fav colour and brown definitely is.  A great fit comes in all mesh and mesh bod sizes from what I can remember and great texturing which all means it’s a KEEPER for me.

Now check out the flower behind me as that is actually a hunt gift from the Dixie Dandelion shop.  You get 2 versions this stand alone one and one on a stool.  Love the simplicity of it and it’s going to stay in my craft room.

I’ve found the page with pictures of some of the prizes, each prize only costs 1Ld but the SL Frees & offers is of course free.

Love me…Love me not. Hints & LM’s

Love me …Love me not Pictures

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Multi Tasking like a B*.(Freebie).

When I log in all I seem to hear is “bop bop bop bop bop bop bop” as notice after notice pops up and sadly since the 3 main Freebies/Gifts groups I’m in are so active it means I miss more than I see.  So as always I decided to give myself a RL break, log in for half and hour and plonk myself in front of the Entice Lucky boards, there is a pair of shoes I really, really want! and yet again by the time I had to log out I still didn’t have the damned things but what I did get was these new boots.


To get these you will have to join the SL offers & free’s group, invite is just there, and you will find them in the same place as the Entice LB’s, discounts and other Group Gifts.  However the LM takes you to just outside of the Entice shop and when you walk inside just to your right is the Entice gift, I’ve already blogged it and it’s a nice skirt/top with a small hud, but to find it and the other gifts you have to walk through the shop, skirt around the ornamental pond and into the shop behind and then head to the back of the second shop and voila.

I’m about 90% sure I haven’t’ shown you these before as I did check my invent and they’re not already there and I would definitely have kept them.  The gift is for only the 1 colour but if you would like another shade they’re on sale for I think just 50Lds each, but check.  They come in standard mesh sizes so you should find a good fit but if you’re going to buy one of the other colours then try the free ones on first as a demo.

“I’ll be back”…how many of you read that in Arnies voice? You will now lol…later with hopefully more gifts so have a brill day.


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It’s the top only, see I actually do buy stuff in SL lol.

xxxcowuse I actually started to put together a Hippy Chick look with this top then changed it to a beachy look and then finally settled on a cowgirl look, pretty versatile. This top came from “Bellydance Goddess” a shop which is geared towards the silks and bejeweled costumes worn by dancers, obviously, there is more than just one style but you will be able to see for yourself when you get there.  This isn’t actually the Belly Dancer Group Gift it’s an SL Free’s and Offers gift which is on the wall around the corner with a couple of other gifts.  Comes in all the mesh bod sizes plus alpha.

Sooo glad I come back inworld to LM check as there is 2 Bellydance shops the first one has more GG’s and the second LM has this top as well as other GG’s.  If the LM’s don’t take you directly to them just have a wander around, not big shops with a well-known layout so easy to find.

I’ve also put the SilveryK LM because that’s where these shorts came from, and they also came with a price tag but as I always say ” save Lindens on somethings to spend on other things”.  Not sure if these shorts are still in the shop but they must be as they’re so good but I did spot some freebies and I’m now going to have a wander around as it’s a pretty interesting shop and be still my beating heart but I may actually end up spending MORE Lindens here.

Bellydance Goddess(for the top)

Bellydance Goddess

SilveryK(for the pants if you want to check them out).

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Challenge on! (Freebie).

I know I’m the “Cheap B*tch” of the team but actually, I do spend an awful lot of money in SL I just don’t usually  show you because I have my cheap ass rep to look after! lol.   So since I have a couple of BIG expenses coming up I decided that this is the perfect time to curb my SL and RL addictions.  So from now till the 14th of October all I have to spend is a measly 24Lds!  Even though it means no FLF or 25Ld Tuesdays I’m going to stay strong.  However since I am in a number of paid for Groups, such a Cheeky Pea, I might just squeeze in an item that if you like you will have to pay to join but really I’m hoping to find some super goodies and damn I’m starting off on a roll!

A simply sexy Mofo Cat Woman outfit from Legondare but you will have to join the Sl frees & offers group to grab this.


A skin tight sexy leather look complete with tail and cat ears headband.  The tail is detachable just in case you don’t want to wear it.


You will need SLink high feet but you don’t need a mesh bod as it comes in just the standard mesh fits.  Don’t let the feet put you off from getting them because even if you decided to wear it without any mesh feet on if someone wants to zoom down and spots you ain’t wearing no feet then pity them.  Not everyone wants or can afford to mesh bits!


Last “bum” shot as I wanted to show you the tail, sorry these pictures are NOT doing it justice but this is a Halloween gift and guess what? it’s HALLOWEEN lol there isn’t a time given for when this gift runs out but if I were you I would RUN over today to snag just in case it’s gone tomorrow.

Last word on my frugality, sometimes in RL we treat ourselves too often and those “treats” aren’t as appreciated as they used to be, so it’s no to that hair treatment, no to a new nail polish, no to “window shopping” that turns into plain old shopping lol and not only will my credit card be happier it means I can finally work through my stockpiles of stuff and learn to appreciate what I already have and when I’m spending think twice about if I really need it or not.

Time to log off now as those 2 giant Pumpkins I have won’t carve themselves!

PS Still keeping my gym membership as my flabby ass needs as much help as poss.

UPDATE, as I was getting the LM I spotted that there isn’t just a Pokemon Hunt going on but even more Group Gifts.  Each Pokemon seems to cost 20Lds but check out the poster and you can see whats inside each one so you can pick and choose what you want to buy.  Also this Cat woman gift is just in the doorway of the Legondare shop but the rest of the Gifts are inside the shop and there are some upstairs.  Lots of GG’s as well and although I didn’t check to see if the Legondare is a free group I might just do that next time I’m inworld.


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Ooo La!La, Stripped bare. (Freebie n cheeky bargain).

Phew PANIC OVER because my sh*t has got its act together and I’m prepped, packed and raring to go which is a shame as I don’t go until tomorrow.  That does mean I’ve had a bit of time in SL to grab a lovely freebie, a cheeky bargain and STRIP the sim back to its bare bones.


Say goodbye to this little stone as he’s just about to be deleted and he doesn’t even know it!

I popped into La!La Fashion to stand in front of the lucky balloons so as I worked through any notes/notices before I go I might also strike lucky on the Lucky Balloons which I didn’t.  However, I didn’t walk away empty-handed as this dress is a gift in the La!La shop but for SL free’s & Offers group members.  I have a feeling that I might have shown you this dress before but it’s still worth going to grab as it’s a lovely simple dress with a delicate texture and those folds look so realistic. You will find it on the wall next to the desk and you will also find other gifts, a cute short and top set, for other groups.  However, if you join the La!La group then you will see on the wall next to the Lucky Balloons is a whole lotta freebie’s and I do believe one of them is new.


This is the cheeky bargain called “my first top” and it’s in the La!La shop and yup it’s very cheeky and at 25Lds a bargain.  I’m only sad there wasn’t a fat pack as I would have been tempted.  You get a system shirt layer and appliers for SLink, Maitreya and Bellieza.

OK, The sim isn’t exactly stripped bare as you can see because that’s my house and Faith’s house is still up on the hill. Both Faith and I work in RL and of course have all the day to day drudge which means that since the start of the year we, I mainly, haven’t been able to do much more than chuck a whole load of green stuff around etc and although the sim was looking very nice, NICE isn’t good enough anymore. So it’s gone, animal, mineral and vegetable, it’s either been packed or trashed and all that’s left is our houses and the few items around them that we don’t want to change.  This way when we’re both back from our respective holidays we can start off the late summer/early autumn with a sim that has more going for it.

La!La Fashion