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Meet the girls

Immerse NEW! Jenny - blue garden

Immerse has some new items out…and I think Lilly is getting in touch with some of her English roots. This long feminine dress is called Jenny and I’m wearing the blue floral version…such an English garden party print ! All the colour options are gorgeous, to be honest it was a really hard decision which to show…but this one won out, its delicate and fresh.

Immerse NEW! WoW skins Sasha NEW!

I’m also wearing a new look from WoW Skins, called Sacha, my own shape (yes, I’m very attached to it !),there is a Sacha shape to buy also. In my opinion this is the best WoW skin to date…lovely lips…and the issue I used to sometimes see with the neck and torso skin being a tiny bit mismatched is gone yay! Go grab a demo, you wont be disappointed.(Its available at the SL Fashion week currently – landmark below)

Immerse new! Julie with optional mermaid style skirt or sleek

My final bundle of gorgeousness is called Julie, I chose the peach version as the stunning fabric and texturing just blew me away. It gives the impression of a heavy satin…the folds and creases are perfect…check out the rear and those tiny fabric covered buttons ! You get two options with this…long and sleek like I’m wearing it on the right…or add a mermaid’s tail type flared skirt, as on the left of the photo above..clever huh? Thanks Lilly ❤


WoW Skins at SL Fashion Week

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Get Dirty

SF Design Group gift Mesh Welling ton Boots (dirty & clean included)

o.O! Fantastical group gift from SF Design is out for the month of February ! Head over and collect your “wellies”…gawd these are one of  my most worn style of footwear , and I know Swaffette has doggies, so Im betting that they might be hers too …Im always so cheerful once Ive got my Wellingtons on..stomping through mud…happily pottering around my garden or the park…the extra sparkly bit is you actually get two pairs. One like Im showing above…all muddy and worn, or if your not into a little realism…a pristine pair. These boots are mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them…and there are ooooodles of sizes in the box, so youre bound to get a great fit…thanks Swaffette ❤

WoW Skins Lucy For SL Fashion Week round 3

Also new for you, SL Fashion week is into its third round..WoW Skins has “Lucy” on offer. The skin is 200L quite the steal…(you also get the lola applier and Lucy shape – but im wearing my own shape) You can also buy a set of makeups for Lucy which includes three eyeshadows and four lip colors for just 100L..bargain ! Im wearing the gold eyeshadow above which was my absolute favourite.

Free animated mesh watering can

Last of all a little sneaky freebie for you, I found this darling mouse shaped, mesh & animated watering can on the Market Place…its by meadowWorks, in the box is one you wear, that animates you to water your plants & garden , plus a plain one for decor purposes…and just 1 prim !

SF Design

WoW Skins at SL Fashion Week

meadowWorks free mesh watering can

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SL Fashion Week

SL Fashion  Week - WoW Skins Jadey in Tan + Jadey eyeliner & gloss , [whatever] CG Spikes shoes FREE GIFT

Tra la la la Best start ever to my weekend..freeee shooz ! Yes yes, head over to SL Fashion week, join the group (its free) and snap up these delectabubble shooz from [whatever]. You get them in PINK…and also with a choice of three different coloured spikes…uber cool, I love ! Also WoW Skins is there…and they have a fantastic offer on this Jadey Skin..its in Tan for just 200L *faint*…a real bargain for such a sweet new look…you can grab yourself some makeup for it while you’re there, just 100L for assorted lip coluors,eye liner, gloss and eyeshadows…go onnnn…treat yourself !

SL Fashion week