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A great start.(Freebies).

Not just a FREE dress but Damned good FREE HAIR!

You will know that I personally think that it’s really hard to get decent free hair, it’s the same for skin, so this freebie from Lamb is probably the first free hair I’ve shown you in months actually thinking about it although there may have been a free Mina along the way I think it’s been years since I’ve found a free hair I’ve loved.  I used to own a lot of the Lamb hair but I’ve just not visited the shop in such a long time but this freebie is going to get me popping over.

Now for the slightly bad news, this Lamb hair is their SL Birthday Gift so you’re either going to have to suffer the lag to find it in the Lamb shop at this event or wait patiently till it’s calmed down.

The title says “Freebies” because the dress is also a FREEBIE!  And even though it’s only a Maitreya fit it’s still pretty wearable for my SLink bod.  Obviously, there is some breakthrough but I don’t care.  The dress comes from Sorumin and the TP takes you to a little shed which is where this freebie and a couple of older and previously blogged items are.  These are mainly cute decor items ie a little piggie in a cup.  The Sorumin shop shares the same shed/platform as the Yokai shop and you can TP to either shop..or just walk out of the shed as they’re both just there lol.

Sorumin & Yokai