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Cheap and Cheaper.

I am a house hoarder.  Houses and skyboxes are what I waste my Lindens on (as well as plants, gardens, furniture etc) so I maybe a Cheap B* when it comes to clothes but it means I have the money to add to my hoard.

Normally I wait for events such as The Arcade or FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) or Collab88 where you can find amazing bargains esp from shops such as Trompe Loeil but I decided to check out the main shop to see if there are any gifties and there wasn’t but it wasn’t such a loss in the end esp if you’re willing to spend a few Lindens.

First is this Gacha win.

This is an old Gacha from a previous event but it’s now outside the main shop with some other Gachas and if you’ve never seen it before or forgot about it and need a small and yet perfectly formed home for ONLY 25Lds you cannot beat this.  There is also a model rezzed out next to the Gacha as well so you can check it out.

A “Shotgun” shack is usually a small single room and the reason it’s called “shotgun” is if I remember correctly you can shoot a gun through one door and it goes right through and out the back door.

Inside the main shop there aren’t any Freebies for Group VIP Members, or at least I didn’t see them. What there are is some discounted items, 2 builds and 2 items of furniture and it was this sky house that was the “Woah” for me.

You get 3 rooms in total all large and open, each has a fireplace and windows etc if I remember correctly 2 are identical and the 3rd is slightly different which just breaks up the monotony if there is any because these pictures were taken in my sim setting so you can see the texturing and details which go to make a classy design.

Big spacious rooms with lots of detailed windows and even a window type nook.

And if you join the Free VIP Group and this amazing skybox is just half priced at 250Lds.

As you can see outside is a snowy dark wintery scene but don’t worry as you get 2 versions, the skybox with or without the surround and a surround on its own.  A couple of extra’s is also blazing log fires for the fireplaces or a row of lit candles.

Like the Shotgun Shack there is a demo out for this build as well, above the desk in the entrance is the TPs so go to the “old builds” and you will be able to rezz yourself a demo for a good look at but don’t buy it from the rezzer, TP back to the main shop and this as well as the other Group Discounted items are on the wall behind the reception desk.

PS Can’t remember the exact primmage but it was under 50 for the shack and without the backdrop just under 100 for the sky box and with the back drop just over 100.

PPS I’m hoping the LMs take you near to the marks but I have a feeling the LM is preset by the sim and you will have to look around to find the main shop but it’s really easy.

Trompe Loeil (Shotgun Shack)

Trompe Loeil (Entrance)

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Ugly on the outside, beautiful within.(Freebie).

I’m always grateful when someone gives me the heads up about a Freebie, Gift, Hunt etc esp if it turns out a corker like this one.

A massive 4 roomed skybox.

All 4 rooms lead off from this wide central corridor and you can see the full-length skylight as well.

Each room is identical with the 3 floor to ceiling windows/doors (they don’t open) and you can just about see the metal railings.

You get a small hud with this build which allows you a few changes, 3 of the outside view, remove the railings, change the corridor sky-light but you also get other building components so you can add more on or reduct this and there for the prims down to a single room, single room with corridor etc.  I’ve not played with that but it should be relatively easy with basic editing skills for you to design a layout that suits yourself.

Because this is very much in a French apartment size the rooms are very tall and spacious and so of course I tried to shrink the room and yup they’re all mod.  So I shrank it a bit but really these sorts of rooms need to be OTT.

Once I’d finished shrinking I decided to play with my wind light because sometimes a build doesn’t change when your wind light setting does but this one sure does.  I slapped out a light as well to see if that also changed the ambiance and it did, although it is a small weak light.

And then I went CRAZY and I swear this, for once, was deliberate.

Since I don’t do much editing of mesh textured things I just don’t but I just thought I’d see if I could slap a texture on and although this is just an ad can you imaging using a psychedelic texturing it could look wicket.

This is a FREEBIE from Onsu and BIG thanks to a lovely lady from Flickr who gave me the heads up as I would not have spotted it.  I love getting hints and tips on any freebies/hunts/sales going on, as long as they’re sent to me in a NOTE form lol.  If however you do send me a note and it doesn’t get blogged please don’t be upset, it might be because I’ve done it previously, it’s something I already have lined up, or Faith has done it or whatever.  All “heads up” are greatly appreciated just not always acted on.  So keep em coming.

DOH just remembered that this is a subscription gift so slap that sub and it will be sent to you.


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Millionaire Dreaming.

Sorry no freebies or cheapies in this post just some dreaming.

I was once wandering around a sim, I think it was called something like Millionaires Paradise and that basically was what it was.  Enormous primtastic houses, manicured lawns, sweeping driveways etc and it made me pause to wonder that in SL we can ALL live our dreams which may sometimes cost us a few Lindens but compared to RL we can all live like Millionaires if we chose to.

That was a while ago but when I came across a new shop to me, Vandelo and I was absolutely transported back to my Millionaires Dreaming.  I had a wonderful hour or so TPing to each of the houses and snapped so many pictures I can’t post them all here so I’m going to put the Link to my Flickr account if you want to see more but I really really suggest you clear some RL and SL time and go drool.


The texturing is outstanding I’ve taken all of the pictures only in the sim setting and apart from putting a frame around them I’ve done nothing to enhance the texturing.


I wouldn’t cook in this kitchen I’d swan about like Lady Muck (old English expression meaning someone who’s really posh) wearing a long evening gown with a cocktail in my hand.  The prim count isn’t even that bad, the back wall bit with the sink, cooker etc is only 23 prims and that long main counter is only 9prims and each chair is just 2prims each.  I think VandeLo has been really cleaver and linked a lot of items which helps to lower the prims but sometimes you have to accept that you can’t have quality without using up your prim allowance.


You can just see a board at one of the chairs but I’ve noticed that most things even if they don’t have a board with them can be bought from the home so if you like what you see you just click and buy, so you want the plant, click and buy, you want the desk, click and if you can’t buy it insitu then there is a mainshop as well.

I also noticed with 1 home you had 2 options-buy empty or buy fully furnished but that doesn’t seem to be the same with the others.  There is no way in Heck for the prices of the houses that the furnishings come as standard because that would make them too good to be true.  I’ve dropped a note to the builder/owner to ask but nothing back as yet.


Sorry I didn’t menu check so I don’t know whats in this bed or any of the bed and bathrooms.


These are not all from the same house.  I took so many pictures just to try to give you an overall impression of whats here.  As I’ve said there isn’t many actual houses but that means you don’t get tired from house hopping.


I’m so tempted to become a Squatter! and move in and pretend these are my homes, will definately be sneaking back to use them as backdrops for my pictures.

OK lets talk about Prims n Lindens.  Theses aren’t cheap but neither are they unreasonably priced especially since you’re getting a stunning and unique build with quality texturing.  As for the prims the house/club that I’m being tempted by is only 88Prims, unfurnished of course.  VandeLo has been really clever and has linked as many pieces as possible which means there is a lot of ornate furnishings but with a much lower prim count that you would have thought.

Please check out my Flickr account as I’ve put up many more picture there and although I walked away after having bought nothing I had a really enjoyable time here and I hope you will to even if it’s still just a dream.



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Homes For The Homeless

HouseSome big changes are happening to the place where I live in SL  which means I’ve having to do some serious packing up of stuff.  Included in all of this stuff was my studio so I rezzed one of my many sky homes and as I was taking some, very poor photos of my new skin, I realized how pretty the sky home was.  So I gave up trying to take a decent skin picture and dragged on some clothes and TPed to where I got it from and it’s gone.  What I did find was a charming well stocked cafe, great for anyone needing a place for photos or a meeting place but also this.

House1Now I have to confess that in RL I’m running around like a headless chicken but I so wanted to get these posted that I’ve sorta mixed and matched the 3 homes and I’m a bit short on the actual prim count but each is well under 50Prims.

House111This is the second land house and it again has some lovely details from the outside decking to the net curtain.

House3Thats me stood in the corner.  I like to put myself in the pictures sometimes so people can get a scale of the item and you can see that this is a good size.  Plenty of indoor space with decking outside.  Open and airy perfect for the beach.

House 11Just found this one of it taken from outside, sorry it’s a bad photo but at least you again with the help of my AV can see you get a lot of house for your money.


This is a sky home and it’s so low primmed you will be able to indulge in that home in the sky.


Even though this is intended for the sky and has no doors they haven’t stinted on the windows so have it low enough and have fun with your Windlight and even though your in the sky you will be able to look out on some lovely sky.

Apart from the skyhome each comes with open and breezy doors and plenty of decking, shabby chic wall paper, net cutains, sun bleached wood, exposed brickwork.  Price wise at 50Lds each for the land homes and a mere 25lds for the sky be like me and grab the lot of them.  LM takes you to the lovely cafe and you can see these on the wall but even better you can then TP to the demo area to check them out before you buy them.

Next post will be of not only the fabulous skin but the other goodies I managed to score.  All I need is for RL to calm down.