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Worth every Linden.

The only reason I was hesitant about changing my side of the sim to full snowy winteriness(sic) was because it meant I had to either cover up my beloved Skye Zen Garden or even worse pack it up!

So when I checked the Syke Marketplace shop and couldn’t believe my luck that now you can buy a “4 seasons bolt on pack” for the Zen garden. This means not only do I get to go full snow with a couple of clicks I can change my beloved garden to whatever season I want and keep it out as a permament fixture.

My only concern was that in this case it’s drop in scripts you get and I’m just so unteccie. So I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it and at first I did struggle…then I reread the instructions and understood where I was going wrong and once I’d worked it out it was so easy! Just a bit time consuming as you do have to do each individual part of the build which is a shame as the actual Zen Garden comes in an easy to rezz rezzer…but if I could do it you can as well.

I took a break and you can see that half of the garden has been changed to snow and the other half is still green.

Sorry as usual the Zen garden and seasonal bolt on are seperates purchases. I paid 899Lds for the garden and 499Ld for the bold on season pack. I save money on so many things so I can spend it on the things which bring me visual joy such as this.

I will put the LM for the Skye inworld sim but you all know the Skye builds/landscaping as its used extensively however to buy the items you do have to buy them from the Marketplace shop.

Skye Marketplace.

Skye Inworld.