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Grandma’s Basement. (Freebies).


Be afraid be very afraid of what you could find in Grandma’s basement. OK that’s a deliberately ugly skin not just a really bad freebie,  because I am trying to be as spooky HELL in this basement.


I TPed over to Domicile to check it out and actually bumped into the owner, Skell Dagger, who must have noticed me clicking away on the freebie board.  You do have to pay a Linden for each other items on the board but it’s refunded straight away.  This  “Grandma”s basement” is one of the free rooms.  It actually only has 3 walls but that means a blogger/photographer like me can cam and zoom more freely with a missing wall.  It’s also copy and mod which means I can have even more fun with it.  So in this picture am I weeping in a tiny room or has the room been shrunk to the size of a small box?  Check out the texturing which has remained perfectly in proportioned to the scale of the room which I found most impressive.  The candles on the wall are mine but it’s the unearthly glowing door way comes with the basement. basicWith the first 2 pictures I’ve had fun with windlight and effects but since this is a photographers room it shows you what it can look like but this photo is taken in my standard Nams Optimal Skin and Prim setting.   A very handy low primmed cube with well done texturing, love how the ceiling is darkened.  Great for a prop room or a very simple home/room.  It reminds me of the first time I had a home on the land but kept a “secret room” in the sky away from prying eyes.


This very steam punk.Gothic/industrial room would make a great RP room or yet again a great background.

As always I walked outdoors and had a good wander around to see if I could find any goodies and I did.  Skell Dagger has a slummy shopping platform set up and most of the shops are fake but a couple of them aren’t and there is some bargain basement items although the shops, homes, warehouses he has in the main shop are hardly bank breaking in the first place, and some Lucky Boards.  Take a wander around to check out the old Italian Pizza shop or retro sweetie shop and make sure you LM this place for future posing potential.