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Worth it (Free)


For some reason I found myself at Lagom – and there were a lot of lucky boards. Decided to camp out and see what turned up, et voila. The boards roll along quite swiftly and in no time I had won this rather fab earth shaped wall light – only 1Li.

Next my letter came up for the (IMO) best prize – the converted barn sky box ! I spent the next few minutes wondering why I kept on sinking through the floor – finally fixing it by making my own transparent platform to slip underneath – if you win this and want that texture – shout and I will send it. Just 25Li and really adorable – its a keeper for moi.


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I think I’ve found my new home.(Freebie).

I sat my skinny AV ass down determined to work through a whole load of gifts from an event long, long over now and came across a stunning backdrop from a shop called Varonis. No this isn’t my new home the details are in the last part of this post.

This is the new Group Gift from Varonis and yes it’s FREE.

I know that for many people a backdrop isn’t really a useful thing and that’s why even though you may never use one I say you really have to admire the quality.  This room is pretty big it’s more warehouse-size which means that if you do take pictures you will have no issues getting great angles.

As you can see there is a doorway which leads onto a small corridor with totally different colours and again another photo opportunity.

All of these pictures have just been taken in my sim setting so you can really see the quality in the lighting and use of textures to create such great and workable backdrops.

There is a small selection of clothing but really this shop is backdrops AND builds which is how I’ve found my new summer home.  For the first time in years, I think I will be living in the sky because if you check out the Lueur skybox demo you too will find your jaw-dropping at the stunning texturing/lights, price and prims! This skybox reminds me of one I already own and yet if I placed them side by side the older one will look so much chunkier and dated which in all fairness it is since I’ve had it for XXX amount of years.  So at some stage, I think I will rezz myself a little hut or I did pick up an 88Ld caravan from Collab88 and live in the sky for spring and summer.


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Its a cutie & Free

Popped over to the 3D Winter market – found a few little items to decorate my home and then spotted this gift from Simply G – a snuggly skybox – just 12 Li and really well made. You also get a room divider in the box. You will find this, along with loads of other gifts under the huge Christmas tree in the far corner of the market – no group join required.

3D Republic Market

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Slightly disapointed, NOT.(Freebie & Cheapies).

The one thing I try to do when grabbing freebies is to check out the shop they came from and I’m going to have to mention the “The Liaison Collaborative” again because this is where this freebie gift of decorative scattering of leaves and sparkles came from.

Gorgeous and only 1 prim for each big patch and I think in the end I had to rezz just 3 of them to cover the front of my house.

PS. That pram doesn’t contain a baby it has something even better…a sleeping cat in it.

Once done I TPed over to the shop who had donated this gift to the Liaison Collaborate event and it turns out SynCo is mainly a jewellery shop.  There are some nice pieces inc a delicate snowflake set but you know I don’t do jewellery.  So I almost left till I spotted that the Group Gifts do include 2 skyboxes and 1 prop box.

Taken just in my sim setting and all that stuff you see through the feature window are the trees on my land so you can see that you get a clear and unobstructed view through them.

This is the same design as the first but in a more Sci-Fi style.  Both boxes are big, big enough to really create a home inside and ONLY 3PRIMS!  Again if you want an SL home for Christmas you can rent one of the smallest plots with low prims really cheaply, rezz one of these and still have plenty of prims to decor it to your hearts content.

I’m not showing you the prop room, it’s a cube with cubes in it.  A nice hud to allow you to change the colour of the walls and the cubes.

The SynCo Group only costs only 13Lds to join and there are other GG’s inc earrings and a choker.


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Thrifty idea (Free)

One of my favourite past times in Second Life is looking at homes and whilst I was at AT Design I spotted a board saying “Useful”, on that board is a free gift of Skybox covers. If you never knew you needed one of these – well you DO! Such a nifty idea. We all have some of those gorgeous skyhomes right? The ones that are gorgeous inside but look like a carbuncle on the outside? Yeah you knowww. So in this box are covers, many different sizes with a texture change function with lots of different facades to choose from. Simple but effective and just 1Li !

AT Design

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You paid HOW MUCH! 685Lds to be exact.

AWW Damn, I’ve already broken my plan of action for this month.  I was only going to get 500Lds and thats it that was going to be my budget for the month and then I spotted this cube which comes with a price tag of 685Lds so I’ve bought 1000Lds and then I bought this.

I betcha thinking “whats in the box” well it’s THIS!!!


In RL I am a water baby, I love swimming, I swim like a fish sadly that fish is a Flounder…geddit?

I go to the pool all the time for “Deep Water Aquafit! which is amazingly good fun and pretty effective.  It’s very similar to aquafit but you do it in the deep end of the pool so you get a neck to toe work out with the water acting as a resistance to make your muscles work harder.  This is an excellent exercise for all ages and abilities and for those who have joint problems this is perfect for them. So if you’ve been trying to find an exercise for you then google it and find out if there is a local pool which offers it and you probably will as it very popular.

PS. Don’t worry about sinking as you wear a floatation belt which keeps you suspended in the water and you bob there like an otter lol.

Anyhow speech over.

I’ve had to downsize my house and pack away my gym, there is plenty of space on the edge of the pool if I want, to free up the prims so I can keep this rezzed permanently as it just feels like a second home to me.  I only wish there was a land version but it’s a skybox.

It’s not colour changeable but changing the windlight settings affects the ambiance which I love and you do get 2 versions, this with the mesh water for 84 prims and non mesh water version is 71 prims.

Milk Motion

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Dollarbie Mesh Apartment

I have to admit that while I was waiting to start my meeting earlier – I was browsing the market place on my iPhone ! I found this charming little apartment for just $1L. At 21Li it wont bust the prim budget and it’s really nicely put together. Hallway, Living space / Studio area, and a third room accessed through a door. Simple and easy to furnished for a home or studio. Keeper for me !

Dollarbie apartment