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Romping about

Indie Rose romper - comes with HUD NEW!

Gosh its been a while since I’ve had something new from Indie Rose, but this romper set really caught my eye. The fantastic thing isssss, you actually get sooo many outfits in one ! The romper suit comes with an easy peasy HUD that lets you change the colours of the buttons, frills etc, each set has a  colour theme, naturally I picked out the pinky one awwww. I snapped my little chihuahua up at a gacha yardsale, its theeee biggest one I’ve ever been too (a whole sim!) Its by Alchemy and is on sale at the latest round of The Chapter four if you wanna play the machine and take your chances. Hat hair combo is one of my favs from this summer and is by Cheveux.

Sky - Lulu heels - slink feet high 100L

I helpfully managed to edit my feet out of shot, but I am wearing these delicious shooz by Sky!. On sale at Retail Therapy for just 100L, there is one other choice of colour to be snapped up also. These are for Slink High feet btw.

Indie Rose

Retail Therapy

The Chapter Four


Epic Gacha Market

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I’m so bad!

I was planning on working away at the hundreds of notes I’ve received just over the past 3 days alone and then try on all the demos I’ve picked up along the way and generally be a good girl and clean out some of my invent but yet again I’ve been led astray with this really excellent quality “living it up romper” outfit.  Comes from Sky and I have to confess my guilty conscience also sent me here because I have a whole folder of Sky Summerwind’s items and yet I’ve not gotten around to blogging them.

urb dusk

Check this cute romper suit, a little bit formal and a little bit safari looking.  As you can see the texturing is excellent with no stretching of the pattern.  This is Sky’s 50Ld Thursday offer and not only do you get the one colour you have 3 in the pack.

DON’T PANIC! Thats what I always do when an item is delivered to you in a different way.  With this you get sent a folder with a hud in it, just wear the hud and then click the download tab and then all 3 rompers are sent to you then and only then can you delete the hud.  It’s actually pretty easy to do.  If you have trouble finding the wall with the 50Ld and other offers then simply follow the pink footprints on the floor if you want to check out her 60Ld weekend offer then follow the yellow foot prints.

Now I have been to this shop a couple of times and in fact also earlier today and I can assure you that there is usually 2 row of Lucky Chairs in the entrance way but either SL is screwing with my mind and I can’t see them or they have been removed, maybe to be restocked or new ones set up but if they do come back I know that I managed to grab some goodies from there and you may too as well.

There is also an Easter egg hunt going on I’ve managed to snag 2 of them just as I’m stood here typing so I’m not sure whats inside but again another great reason to pop over here grab some goodies and some bargains.


Just as I was unpacking my the outfit the notice about Mina’s new hair and the latest round of The Dressing Room Fusion (TDRF) is just about to start.  This event is so popular the organisers have to put up ban lines around the shop to stop us entering and grabbing the goods as they’re being set out and Mina Nakamura hair’s is a classic example.  Her full priced hairs are perfectly reasonably priced and  you get so much in the hair colour packs and such an easy to use hud but she like a lot of people appreciate that not everyone can even afford SL prices and she regularly has her hairs at events and special occasions so everyone can have great hair.  Yet again loving this hair, although it comes with a resizer I love the bouffant  look, what you can’t see is the flicks at the nape of the neck.  Adorable and at 70ls a bloddy bargain, you also get a choice of 3 colour packs but don’t forget to check out her main shop for much more styles and of course bigger choices of colour packs and fat packs.

PS when you pop to Mina’s check outside for not only some lovely scene posing potential but also a small selection of Gacha Arcade items.

Sky Mainstore

The Dressing Room FUSION

Mina Mainshop

Mina Marketplace

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High in the sky.


I did a lovely Dollarbie house from Harmoni (still available) but I had also noticed that xMIKEx Static also has some great looking skydomes in their Marketplace shop and being a sucker for an easy to use backdrop/scene setting/workbox etc I decided to splash some cash and get one.  This is Grass Bubble one but there is a sandy one or still hankering for snow then a snow setting one.  I’m so impressed with this I’m trying to resist getting the others.treee

Sometimes when I see a home on the land and the surrounding area is horrible I always wonder why they don’t rezz themselves a skydome just like this and place their homes in there.  A perfect little setting.  This one comes with a certain amount of plants and rocks but the whole thing is editable so you can add and remove to your heart’s content.  You can even mod the texturing but I’ve not tried that yet however since this is copy then even if, when, I screw it up I’ve still got my original copy.  Comes with 7 (I think because I’ve forgotten) skies textures but no land ones.  This sky setting is by far my fav but it has a couple of night settings, sunset, sunrise, weird etc  I’ve taken all the pictures in the same Nams optimal Skin and Prim settings (Touche eclait for SL).

Costs 249 and although you can’t see it in an in world shop if you want to check it out then pop over to our sim, the LM given will take you to the cafe automatically but you can either TP again or simply fly up to my skyplatform to check it out.


Then I popped over to the Garden Gacha event and won a RARE!!! and a bunnie pose and some handy suitcase.  Will confess I had my fingers crossed when I played the Eternal Dream Cacha (50Lds) because I wanted this pose which comes with the bunny and carrot fishing rod so when I won it (it’s not the rare one) I was very pleased.


Wasn’t bothered winning the rare one of these either because ALL of these cute suitcases look cute, not saying the rare one wouldn’t have been nice but more than happy with this (70Lds a play).


This is the rare item. Comes from the rojo Gacha and at 50Lds a play I played it a few times and won this a lam, coffee table set and curtains all matching to make a lovely outdoor setting.

I zoomed back not even as far as I could to give you a better idea of the sky dome which is  75x75x75 in size.  Perfect for a big or small house but you may want to check out the foot print first.  As I’ve said if you want to check this out inworld then TP to our sim and then fly or tp again.

Harmoni Grass Bubble Sky Dome

Gacha Garden for Easter Event

Sky Dome My Home