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The Challenge – Its Asian Baby

The Challenge bauwerk, Jian 9L asian style table & cushions

The theme for this round of The Challenge is Asian, so don’t be surprised to see plenty of sushi and spring rolls ! Seriously totes amazing foody items this round, makes me a happy bunny. Jian has an incredible food set out, platters of Asian treats, VERY low Li and also colour change for the dishes, bottle & glasses. (The mainstore has just opened up – join the group and get your opening gift of candles!) Also in the frame are bauwerk with their beautifully adorned cabinet and assorted deco items, low prim and really on trend. The table I’ve laid the food out on is a bargain from Roots. I found on the market place, just 9L for the whole set, the fabrics have a choice of colours and designs built right in.

The Challenge - Sky box asian theme 10L

I was most impressed with this Asian themed sky box I found on the market place for just 10L. It’s by Zyn and is called “Little Zen Skybox”, only 36 prims in total and you get everything you see in the photo – with the exception of the bamboo plants. (I swapped out the flowers it came with for bamboo – easily done as its modify)

The Challenge - 10L asian style skybox MP

View from the Zen garden at the bottom of the build, raked sand and two benches complete the look.

 22769 bauwerk


Zyn Zen skybox 

Roots table & cushions

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Get Fruity (Hunt&Cheapo)


Confession, I did boost the colours in this picture because I just wanted to have a bit of fun.  Did a bit more of The Fruit Salad Hunt and I deliberately went for the shoes, dress and picnic table to use in my new sky boxes.  I won’t give the LM to each shop involved in the hunt because there is a very much appreciated list of Surls and Pictures of the prizes so like me you can pick and chose.

SkydomeI took a risk on these sky boxes because they come from a shop called Wee Ones which looks as though it caters to the Pixies in SL, however these sky boxes are equally as good for us full-sized AVs.


This is the second sky box I bought from Wee Ones but there are more of offer for a Wee price, yes I had to make that joke, of only 30Lds.  The top one is called The Secret Garden and the bottom one is The Rabbit Hole Sky box.


I zoomed outside so you can see that even on the outside of the sky box the texturing is really charming.  These only cost 30Lds each which is why I took the risk that they weren’t for Petites.

Wee Ones, as I’ve said, looks as though it caters to the Petites and you can pick up everything from make up and clothes to wings and knives and I did notice a whole wall of stuff for only 5Lds.

The Fruit Salad Hunt, Surls and pictures.

Wee Ones


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Sweet Memories

Bubblez FREE musical bicycle and  Vika outfit - shoes,dress,hair bow & umbrella

Got a few things to tell you about that you really shouldn’t let pass you by. Miss Milo has been feverishly beavering away on a new sooper pretty location for a Bubblez Store. As you’d expect it’s ever so lovely, and to celebrate there is this gorgeous musical bicycle on the lucky board. Its 6 prims and plays a heavenly music box tune when you touch the words “Love is”. Also new out is the Vika outfit, charming mesh sundress in black and white, with a spotty bow at the neck, you also get a hair bow & shoes to match and an umbrella to protect you from those sharp summer showers !

Bubblez FREE skybox

I also picked up this rather scrummy sky box as a gift. The rezzing method is a bit different than usual, so pay attention ! The rez box, when touched, produces four other boxes. Each box rezzes its own part of the build. This means you don’t have to have the whole thing out, you can pick and choose which parts you want – clever huh? Outside is a little bank of grass, complete with butterflies that gently dance about. Inside is brilliant white, fresh and cool for this time of year. The walls are decorated with a stylish design, there’s a “bunker” which is a platform for a bed or couch, and underneath a space for utilising as a study. On one window there are side blinds, the other sheer white drapes hang lazily down – perhaps they are waiting for a soft breath of air to make them flutter?. While you’re there don’t forget to collect the darling set of dragonflies that s out as a gift too – they are such slippery lil suckers I couldn’t catch them to take a photo! Thanks Milo ❤

Bubblez @ Decay Moment

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Secret garden.

I’ve had this walled garden in my invent for absolutely ages I’ve just never got round to blogging it but then I had a really lovely time wandering around a very unique and interesting shopping and fun sim and picked up a whole load of odds n sods which inc a free house.  Instantly I knew that this walled garden would be the perfect setting for the house but it wasn’t.  Basically the house was so big that even though this walled garden is big it wouldn’t fit.


As you can see this has great texturing both inside and out, the door opens and closes.


But check out the size of this place! As you can see from my AV the whole thing is enormous and only 5 prims. The more observant of you will notice that the door in my version and the one on Emma’s Marketplace shop are slightly different.  Not sure if the one on her MP shop is newer or just a slightly diff version or you will get the exact same copy as me but one things sure for 45Lds and 5 prims a real handy garden, house plot, sandbox etc a very useful addition to your invent.  Lots of stuff in her MP shop but make sure to check out her in world shop, I’ve grabbed the box of freebies but there is also a antique cast iron cooker which would be excellent for a RP situation and if you pop upto the roof there is a whole load more of odds n sods including a lovely fabric cloud with a cute face and the rain is it’s tears.  So just the sort of place I love to rummage through.

Emma’s Home and Garden and Whimsical Things

Walled Garden Marketplace


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Cart Sale (everything 10L !)

Cart Sale - Clown avatar, complete with heaps of gestures 10L

I hopped, skipped and jumped my way over to the bi-annual Cart Sale. It’s such a vast space to cover with soooo much to see ! Everything is priced at 10L or under, here’s a few of my top buys. Above is a brilliant Clown avatar by Wicked Monkey. Its dead creepy and is totally complete, you also get a ton of really really cool animated gestures to play around with it ! Alllll this for just 10L *faints*. I will definitely be heading over to their main store to investigate further.

Cart Sale - Fantasy Sky Dome 10L!

I nabbed this from [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] , the fantasy sky dome ! It’s gloriously colourful and comes along with two loungers and table to enjoy the view. I really liked that nothing is hard linked, so you can pick and choose which parts you want (or add more) its pretty low prim also yay!. Again, just 10L, it’s a real winner.

Cart Sale - Hair 10L ! Roses Jewelry 10L !

Last up for this post is a hair-do from [Bizarre Hair], its called sweetheart and is pretty unique. It comes in three parts, so don’t forget to wear them all ! Just 10L and definitely worthy of inventory space. Head over and have a wander, theres stuff for guys too, home decor, skins etc

The Cart Sale

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Snuggle me up





It seems so long since Christmas doesn’t it? Yet here we are in Winter still, all yearning for spring. I’m so hoping the weather picks up soon, my boiler had packed up and I’m scrabbling about for sweaters and thick socks! Good job I can be as warm as toast in my Second Life with all the new releases from coldLogic this week ! Layering is the name of the game, and I am totally in love with the Montana skirt with cozy leggings attached. What a great idea ! Various colours available, this sand tone is my fav, closely followed by a beautiful silver-grey. I’m also wearing the deschanel top…


a layered effect again, you get a choice of the bottom panel of fabric is sheer or not, brill ! The colour above is called Paloma and its so pretty, would really dress up a plain pair of pants or a more evening styled skirt. The decor is all from Lisp Bazaar, each item just 10L, and the stunning apartment I took my photos in is by Scarlet Creative – just 50L furnished ! Huge choice of prefabs in the market place store for this designer – all at 50L, take a gander and splash out.


There is also a warmtastic sweater dress, really thick and cuddly called benes. I chose this girly’ish pink shade but there are heaps of options if you’re not a fan. Check out the glorious stitching detail at the neck and hem, it really sets this apart.


Couldnt pass up the chance to wear a spotty sweater ! I’m addicted to spots and dots, so this is a winner for moi ! Say hello too “berry”, jaunty little thing huh?. Layered details once more and a range of colours to wipe those Winter blues far away. Couple of shout outs, the pose in the first photo is part of a set being offered by KoKoLoReS in the Fi* Friday sale, 50L for the lot  , and my skin and shape are brand spankin new from Morphine (new name for ME). Its named “Kazumi” and I SO like it ! I’m pretty picky with skins but this caught my eye and the shape that goes with it is lully. Lotsa options for all you boobie lovers, makeups available and SLink appliers etc. I went with the tan skin tone, and used the natural look.

coldLogic store


coldLogic  market place

coldLogic blog



Lisp Bazaar

Scarlet Creative

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The Challenge – its Industrial strength !

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design

A new round of The Challenge begun a few days ago..Ive been a bit of a slow poke due to real life stuffage…BUT…I do have some bits to share with you today. This months theme is “Industrial”, I wasnt sure what to expect those wily designers to come up with ! Doesnt sound very girly swirly, however, you never know whats gonna pop out of their minds.Ive tried to squeeeeze in as much of the bedroom set by Cleo Design as I can ! It’s a ginormous set, with a brilliant bed crammed with great poses…theres a linen basket, wall art, posters, and….

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design side table part of bedroom set

…the most adorable bedside cabinets. I especially liked the corroded/ aged look of the hinges on these. One touch and the top and lower door swing open, one has a few decor items already inside (which are not hard linked so you can remove them to save prims!).

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design, palette table and decor items (part of set)

There is also a pallette style occasional table, complete with his & hers mugs, magazines etc..and a fully loaded tray with yummies on it.

The Challenge - Kuro pipe lamp - Percent lapfactory chair mfc poses - Studio Sidhe manequin 3 poses and upper body tattoo layer

Lots of new designers have joined The Challenge this month hurrrray! One of them being ” Studio Sidhe”, who came up with this rather unique take on the theme of a manequinn…its not like those ones you stuff in a corner for prettiness, it actually makes YOU the manequinn…and has three different poses contained within , bizarro but neat! In the box you’ll find a tattoo layer to wear that makes you all “manequinny” (that’s SO is a word). Also above is fantastic pipe lamp form Kuro…a real piece of statement style,lights turn on and off and its lowwww prim. The chair is from %Percent, subtle colours on the seat and some brill poses.

The Challenge - Industrial Follow us desk set

FollowUs is also in this month..and as usual a detailed piece is on offer “The Factory Desk”. Its verrrrry masculine, yet I can sit at it and look all professional too. The set comprises of the draughtsman’s desk, which is lovingly faithful to the real life ones. Boxes with decor, a guys jackets slung over the board and a football helmet also. The stool has the poses in it, sooper thing is…its pretty lowww prim too !

The Challenge - Industrial [DDD] Mine set with various tracks and carriages !

Another new designer in this round is Dysfunctional Designs, they have a superb set out for sale , with which you can build your own mine ! Mhmm, all sizes and shapes of railroad track, for the gorgeous little carts (also provided) The carts come full and empty, some have silver, gold or coal . I made up a small section to see how it all worked and fitted together, it was SO simple . Uhm had a little crash at the end of the line though ! Grab these and make an interesting space on your wont eat up your prims allowance as most is only 1- 2 prims a piece .

The Challenge - Industrial - Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot Set - [Breno] find your bearings wall art

Last up for today, a collection of tasty Industrial decor items to spruce up your space. I really love the wall art from [Breno] this round…simple but effective, it says its bearings BUT..I think they also could be pebbles, and I’m going to place this in my bathroom (so there:P). The rest of the items are by another new to this event designer “Little House of Curios”, it’s a big set of separate pieces…a trolley, chair (heaps of great poses) the fan wall art (LOVE it!) and the gas bottle on wheels. This set would look SO fab in a garage or warehouse …btw…big shout out to [bauwerk] whose skybox for this round,  got used to the max for my photos! It’s a fantabulous build, so atmospheric and totally cool textures….only 44 prims !




Cleo Design

Dysfunctional Design


Little House of Curios

Studio Sidhe