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Monday Morning Blues(Freebies).

I’ve had such a good clear out of my invent but before I binned anything I checked to make sure it wasn’t keep worthy and I found this.


A simple denim pinafore dress from AtiK  One of a few GG’s (free to join).


It’s slashed at the sides, pretty and sexy.

Ok I did have a couple of minor issues with this dress but nothing that can’t be resolved easily.  The Alpha that comes with it is not the best fit and because of that my bum, which is very small in SL terms, breaks through and so does my right nip LOL.  You do get a system layer pair of panties and pasties but in all honesty it would be very easy to find an Alpha in your invent to use instead of the one given.

This is a really nice dress and worth that little bit of effort and there are more GG’s waiting to be grabbed as well, all very wearable.


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Sweet or Sassy?

A very quick post.  AMD (Apple May Designs) has one of their Special offers out right now and since there is only a few more days to go grab I thought I’d do a quick post.

Although there are 2 mesh dresses the Sweet one is the one which is priced at 25LDs the “Sassy” is full priced which is fine by me as I would have chosen the Sweet one in any case.


Taken of course in my Nams setting with no picture editing because I not only wanted to show you the dress but also the skin and hair in what I consider to be the best SL Windlight setting.  The “dress” is composed of a slightly puffed out skirt with that high over waist and the belt to give your waistline some definition.  The top is a system layer which is needed if you want to pop on your Lolas and obviously I’ve got the “girls” on LOL.  I’m wearing the slightly sheer version but there is also a non sheer version for those who blush easily.  This outfit can of course be worn with or without the boobs and actually the same with the skirt and top can be worn as separates as well.


Quick mention on the hair, Daisy is another Mina special at the “Love Is In The Air” event.  Honestly that lady has been working overtime because she has so many new hairs out which is great.  I was tempted to show you one of the more zingier colours for a change but I decided to almost match my hair colour to my dress and so I went with almost a grey shade.  And as always her hairs come with a simple to use Hud for resizing and recolouring.

Even quicker mention on the skin because it’s one of the PumeC Group Gifts.  I’m just about to show you a new GG, at least it’s new to me, and I just thought I’d pop one of the other GG’s on. Although I’ve taken the photos in my Nams setting with this skin I have added blusher, lipstick and eyeshadow and in a way it just shows you that you can add as much as you want and change the overall look or just use them as they come.  The only reason I added some subtle make up to this skin was that this skin comes with a cat eye flick which I think made her look a little bit more sophisticated and I wanted a more innocent look for this outfit.  Since I have a make up addiction in  SL, RL as well LOL, I just used some of my own but you can buy Lippie and other extras for your skin direct from PumeC but I’ve never found a make up layer that doesn’t fit well.  Again I have to stress that you don’t get just a skin you get ALL of the Appliers etc

PS Check out the colour blending as well!  I don’t wear my Lolas often so look at the blending of the skin at the wrists and boobies.  PumeC skins blend so well and you don’t even need to wear a blending tattoo layer the match is that good and I promise I’ve not smoothed the picture at all.

PPS the Love is in the air is a big event but don’t worry because when you land your sent a site map which is so handy.  I’m a bit laggy today


PPPS If you go for the AMD dress then when you enter the shop, veer to the left to find the Discounted dress but make sure you click on the right one as the “Sassy” dress is full priced.

AMD (Apple May Designs).

PumeC Skin

Anna Shapes Marketplace

Mina Mainshop

Mina@Love Is In The Air Event

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Anastasia, Emily & Sharon.



Indulge me but doesn’t this look like an old-fashioned Christmas card?  Whenever I get new PumeC skins I just go crazy and I take so many snaps in so many poses (and usually very naked) because I’m so SL, and a little bit RL vain, and I adore them so much.  This new skin is called Anastasia which made me rush to dig out my Junbug thick fur coat and although it’s not clear I’m also wearing a matching muff.


This is the untouched Nams optimal Skin n prim setting.  As usual I picked the cooler “Winter” shade but Anastasia also comes in all the shades Sly Pumec offers.  She labels her skins with the seasons so you have Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, Dark Autumn.  Demos available for all shades.  Anastasia is 699Lds but remember you get SLink Hands and Feet, Link Visage Head, SLink Physique, The Mesh Project Head, Mesh Body,Loud Mouth, Phat Azz, WowMeh, Getto Booty, Baby Bump, and tattoo clevage layers as well as brow choices.  Actually there is even more but these late comers aren’t in the packed Hud but come in the pack, Universal KL Body, Universal (BANNED) Applier, Universal Applier#TheMeshProjeck Deluxe.


After all of the pictures I took of Emily I decided to reuse the one from a previous post as its simplicity shows off the skin so well.  For once I picked one of the more tanned shade and tbh I can’t now remember if this was the Spring or Summer shade I’m wearing.  Emily is on SALE along with Ivana, Nadya, Inna and Marina LOL.  Poor girls have all had their prices slashed to 399.  Not writing that big list of what they come with again but you can see above the picture that they ALL come with a fully loaded Hud.


But of course what comes first the skin or the shape?  To get the complete look you will need “Sharon” and finally I’m in time to tell you about the latest round at The Designer Circle.  Basically a whole mix of stuff from clothes, hair, poses and of couse a New Shape from Analy Amat which at only 80Lds is another bargain. I’ve cut all the rambling out of this post but if you look back at every picture of me taken in the past 2 years it’s an ANNA shape although I have worn my SLink Physique body as well but that only rarely as the shapes from Anna are that good I just rarely feel the need to put on my SLink one.  I can remember blogging 1 other shape and that was a delightfully curvy shape I won in a rather good hunt but I have never found a shape that I love as much as my Anna Shapes.

You have to work out what suits you, my look might not be what you’re after at all there is no wrongs or rights in how you want to look in SL which is why it’s great to try the demos, try different shape and skin combos.  Always buy a modable shape and don’t be afraid to tweak it if you feel the need but with the qualty and pricing of PumeC skins and Anna’s shapes you can at least look great for a more than reasonable price.


Anna Shape@The Designer Circle

Anna Shape Marketplace

My Flickr


Skin me. (Freebies).

Busy RL=Lazy SL.  First let me say a big thanks to Arkesh Bara for sending me more of her brilliant mesh eyes to try out.  I will be showing you more of them at a later date as they just seem to work so well for me but if you missed them check out my previous post.

However this post is such a lazy one, I managed to grab a Free skins and a 55Ld skin I’m only showing you one this morning so as soon as I got inworld this morning I stripped and rezzed a prop and took a piccie.


Modesty saved by the baubles and as always this photo is shot in my Nams Optimum Skin and Prim setting.

The 2 skins I picked up come from Aisling Caiben shop JOLI.  A small shop with not a lot of stock but some real nice bargain priced ones, a 19 Gacha and a Free to join Group Gift.

There is a choice of 5 women’s skins and 1 male skin for the set price of 55Lds and I’m wearing “Nadine”.  For 55Lds you get all the eye brow shades, dark and light freckles(worn), teeth tattoo layer(worn) AND SLink hands and feet.  Nadine is a positively Luminous skin with some dramatic make up but if the make up isn’t to your taste then simply change it with your own.  If you’re after an even bigger bargain then join her Free Group and snag “Marie”.  A lightly tanned skin and she not only comes with the same as Nadine but more.  Lola Nip Applier, Baby Bump, Loud Mouth and Phat Azz Appliers and again you get all of this for FREE.

Not a lot of choice in this small shop but certainly worth a visit as everything seems to be only 99Lds and don’t worry even the 55Ld skins come with Demos.  I’ve just snagged one of the Horrorfest skins out of her Gacha for only 19 Lds and I’m just going to unpack it……… YEAH I’m really pleased, I won number 4 and I’m happy to tell you that even these dirt cheap skins Horrorfest skins come with all of the appliers inc.


Mayfly Eyes

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I’m going to break one of my RL and SL rules and log in in the afternoon (I limit my SL time so my RL time doesn’t suffer and I find that even after all these years I still enjoy my SL time) because just before I returned to RL I stumbled up this new event.


The Dream, this is what greets you when you rezz, a small dome with clouds and a bed simply sit on the bed and you magically  rerezz on a matching bed but at ground level.


How adorable is this and of course you know that when this is simply the greeting area it undoubtedly means the shopping experience is going to be so much fun.  You walk to the end of that little pier where there is a little swing hanging from a cloud and you simply sit and you zip along to the main event.


Thats me “zipping” I just used the fun pose that it was set to but you can change the pose not that you’re on it for that long but as the main event is just through that tree corridor.


This is the view through the trees and even from this distance I see soooo many goodies and then I had to jump off my swing and return to RL.

I’m doing the post now because you might have the time to meander and it looks so good that I’m logging in a bit later for a wander around and if I buy anything I’ll show you and hopefully give you a better idea of whats here and the prices.

UPDATE – I Popped in and grabbed the LM and also checked out the goodies, ooodles of super Kawaii clothes, shoes, some skins and decor items.  Lots of new fresh designs from some big and some new shops to me.  Prices aren’t “as cheap as chips” (an old English saying) but neither are they extortionist and because there is a lot of Gachas that means lots of cute things priced for those with a limited budget so basically something for everyone.  Of course I caved in but even though I was sorely tempted I resisted the clothes and picked up some items of decor which I will show off in my next post.

The Dreamers Factory

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Destocking and restocking.

There I was desperately trying to clean out some of my invent when I got a notice about The Destocking & Gacha event so I decided to pop over mainly because the prices are only between 10 and 30Lindens at most. This event starts on the first and ends on the 25th of each month so I grabbed the first good item  I saw TPed home and took a snap.


Please ignore the butt ugly socks they will definitely be trashed when I get back inworld it’s the boots that were my bargain find.  Cost me only 30Lds and fit like a glove, yet again a lovely addition for an Autumnal wardrobe although there are many other colours to chose from.

OK quickest post ever as I didn’t want to delay posting this as there is only 3 days left for this round and it’s hitting 1am in the UK so pop over check out all the goodies as there is a mix of skins, clothes and shoes.

 Destocking Market & Gacha

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Confuddling (Freebies)

RL time is so short and yet I have so much to show so I’m going to blab less and get this posted before I have to return to RL.


Fun vanity shot.


Cute close up.


Shiny dress.

Join the Genesis Creations Free group and grab the gift bag then join the SL&Free Group and grab that gift bag and then pop outside and slap the MM boards and make sure your initial isn’t on the Lucky Chair.  Then TP over to LeLutka hair and again join the free group and check out the gifts in the middle of the shop.

Not only do you get a free skin you get the skin in so many shade packs and then each shade pack comes with so many choices of make up, freckles, cleavage, eyebrows and on and on and the not only all of that but you get ALL the Appliers that most people need ie SLink hands, feet, Lola Boobies, Phat Azz etc  When I was trying out the skins the MM boards ended and I scored not only more skins but also this dress which I think you can see is such quality texturing you would never think it was a freebie it’s so shop quality.  However since popping back to grab the LMs I can see that the choices in the MM boards changes somewhat but the skins are still there and so is an item of clothing.

The hair in the last picture is also a Freebie from LeLutka Absolutely kicking myself because not only do you get a range of colours but it comes with a little feathered hat which would have looked so good but I forgot to put it on.  There is another Free hair from here as well which comes with a hat and ooodles more colour choices but because the hat is more of a beret style and you can’t wear the hair without this will be a brilliant hair to tuck away in you’re invent till the Autumn.

PS oops looks like I forgot to remove my smile in the middle picture the lip colour is the one that came with the skin but my teeth come from Piddle not free but worth every Linden I think.

OK rushing back to RL see ya’s all tomorrow and I think I will have  a lovely time unpacking and trying on all of my new skins when I have more time

Genesis Creations

Genesis Creations Marketplace

LeLutka (hair)

LeLutka Marketplace