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Stuff In Stock

Hagrid Smoke

“Stuff in Stock” is another excellent discounted shopping experience.   New stock is now in which draws a big crowd because at the prices they offer it’s a great way to treat yourself.  The hair is not only just 65Lds but it’s menu contains a massive 16 colour choices of everything from shocking pink to mossy green or if you want you can choose the natural pack which also contains 16 shades from black to platinum. Tameless is the name of the hair shop Hallie is the name of the hair.  Her hair uses a mix of everything from mesh to flexi prims whatever is need to create a natural look.  This is a big shop with loads of demos for you to try out and have fun doing it.

The skin is another Stuff in Stock bargain called “Jamie Berry” pale from annaA from and not only is it just 65Lds but it’s a Lola Tango ready skin.  2 Shade choices and I picked the pale but the demo is there for you to try out.


A much less “bright” photo from above but I do like to show skins off in a more natural light so people get a better I idea of how it looks without special effects.  Taken with a nam  optimal skin and prim (windlight) setting (my setting of choice for 90% of my photos and when I’m inworld, try it you might like it). It’s the 3 P’s, pale, pretty and pink. annaA Body Stuff has a lot more skins and shapes than I thought it would so lots of demos for you to try on.  Special mention to a few items. Loving the “cow patches” tattoos you can buy and the washing up mouth bottle is fun but this is the shop to come to if you have a man or are a man or even a woman who wants to have a more slender, femboy, androgynous  shape which are hard to find.

The TP takes you to the main hall  of the Stuff in Stock shop and one way takes you to the Day Room and the other way to the Night Room so make sure you check them both out because you can pick up shoes, poses, jewelry, tattoos, dresses and on and on and all at a great price.

Stuff In Stock


(annaA) Body Stuff (inworld shop)

(annaA) Body Stuff Marketplace