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Free Fun !

I was mooching about looking for something to do yesterday when I remembered how much fun we used to have going skiing. Sadly it looks like two of our most favourite ski haunts are now gone – BUT I found some Linden owned places to head to. I scanned the market place for some up to date skiing gear – nada ! Dug out my VERY old ski boots, some leggings (Neve Lapin pants in the chevron pack) and a lovely puffa jacket that’s a free gift at the shop & hop event by Mooh. There is one full perm ski set on the MP, if anyone else knows of any mesh ski gear let me know?

Voss is the sim (land mark below) you will find a ski – lift there and a couple of signs giving out free ski’s and poles. The scenic way to the very top of the mountain is the lift, long ride and very pretty. Or you can fly up to the peak. At the top you’ll find couples and singles items to use such as a sleigh, ski’s, snowboard etc. I nabbed a snowboard wow that was a lotta fun! Look in your local chat for the info on how to get the most out of the board.

I was at Voss for about an hour, couple of people came and went but mostly I was just whizzing down the mountains enjoying myself. I used the search and found a couple more locations by Linden Lab, basically the same but one did have the snow donuts, impossible to control but loads of fun!

Voss Ski Run

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Crashing through the snow!(His “n” Her Freebie).

Nope, you will never ever see me doing this!  I can barely stand up on the thinnest of frosts so the idea of “Dashing through the snow” makes me cringe.

I’ve deliberately cut my feet off because you will spot that I’m wearing sneakers/trainers because believe it or not I don’t have boots to go with this outfit, on my shopping list now lol.  You get only 2 fits but that’s a “his ‘n’ hers” fit and a really decent colour Hud, everything from black to white and combos.

Oooo again I’m glad I popped back to LM grab as I think this outfit is free for all but there is a pair of gloves right next to it and if you join the I-Mesh group they’re yours.  I didn’t grab them as my group slots are full but I will clear a space and pop back to get the gloves.

PS I promise in my next picture my nose and antlers will be gone.