Snatch it…

Just a quicky *wink*..while I was over at The Free Dove yesterday I also snapped up this outfit from Snatch,comes complete with wedge shoes with great big fat soft bows on,bangle,leggings,shirt & skirt..

Looks just as good wearing just the leggings ! Go take a wander around, I’m sure you’ll see some outfits I missed its SO stacked with boxes and gifts its kinda hard to see..

For the curious: hairs by 69,skin curio,lip gloss by glamorize,poses by hate me eat me

Go get gifts: The Free Dove

Ooo almost forgot…my hair is a special offer, on for a few more days (I bought three styles!!) It’s from 69, all grey and sandy blondes are just 50L per pack ! Get it here: 69