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Touselled Elegance

Still looking for “that updo” I so want but until then look at this, how lovely is this hair.  It’s so reminiscent of Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor and for the first time in a long time a man IMed me and complimented me on my whole look (and no he wasn’t propositioning me).  Dura is a name new to me but seems to be well-known by others who know their hairs and I wish I had known about it a long time ago.  Dura doesn’t seem to name their wigs but give them numbers instead so this particular one is Dura-Girl 31 and cost 360Lds for a Dark Brown fat pack which added up to a total of 7 shades of brown from light ash to Black and resizeable.  Inworld you can also buy a certain amount of single wigs for 120Lds but  inworld or Marketplace you can grab all the demos you want for free.
And Boys get yourself over there because they give equal wallspace to some great male and unisexed wigs that have a touch of uniqueness to them.

Dura Inworld

Dura Marketplace