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A couple more …

I have a couple more items to share with you from The Silver Lining Hunt yay! I did go search for both of these, but as usual failed to find them. Luckily for me both designers kindly sent a review – so thankyou – phew ❤ Above is the gift from Pestique…something very close to my heart and also something I see most days at work…I can tell you this is as close as it gets to a professional kitchen set up…absolutely fantastic…would really liven up your SecondLife kitchen…stainless steel that is sparkly clean…pots, pans and even some milk & cookies…brill !

I’m pretty sure Player will adore these as he’s SUCH a ginormous geeeeeek…(as am I really), these fabbo space invader prints are the gift from Breno…you get them separately or joined in a row…I shall have to squeeeeze them in at home!



Silver Lining Hunt Blog

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Silver Lining Hunt – Part Deux

The gifts keep on coming from the Silver Lining Hunt…what a deeeelicious mix of fashion & decor ! A big squishhhhhy hug to all the fabulous designers in this hunt, who recognise I’m not the worlds best hunter and sent me a copy of their gifts, thank you ❤ Above I am wearing a delicate little dress from ezura XUE…now this is the great thing about hunts…you get to search out some terrific prizes and also find stores you havent seen before…win win no? I had already been to try to find this sweet frock out..and failed miserably, and I so so SO wanted to get it….layers of frothy lace…and a perfectly shaped over skirt…bared shoulders for added wow factor (the stole is mine and not now available sowwy!) I’m also wearing the snuggly Ugg style boots from Intrepid…essential stomping about gear…

[CIRCA] are in this event yay! This prize is brilliant for your wintery abode and will certainly light up your space…a whole host of pretties in this gift box..a darling slim side table with a tiny glass globe attached…a special sparkly piece that I adore…

closer look at the twinkly snowflakes that flutter around inside the glass dome..isnt that just gorjus? You also get the large frosty wall mirror andddd the darling little Christmassy potted tree , its got dangly stars *squeee*…

Heres the stunning Fireplace from L&K Prefabs…a streamlined play on a  log burner…which neatly fits perfectly into my new home ! Great flame effects too…Im wearing the prize pantalon from NuDoLu, sweatshirt looking fabric, really comfy and easy to wear…teamed up with the poncho from ATTIC…love love LOVE this ! Ohhh can you spot another gift in my hand? No?…well look closerrrr….

Isnt that sweet?! This ritzy clutch bag is by Ty Zvezda…teeny jewels scattered on the outside…its also got a lovely pose for holding….

Last up for today…is this desk top computer..this is offered by SFW Industries as their prize…its only one prim…unreal ! If you click on the screen , it gives you a choice of desktop views…google…windows…photoshop etc, I really love that. I’ve placed it out in my new home..cant beat something sleek for a prim can you?…

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ATTIC (also has a gift for the guys)


ezura XUE

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The Silver Lining you were looking for?

Yippeeee, at last..The Silver Lining Hunt has begun ! This promises to be a fantastic hunt, so don’t miss out…it runs from  Nov 24th to Dec 09th and features 25 gifts. Fashion to decor, it’s all there, from some really top-notch designers. There is a minimal charge of 5L per gift, and having seen a few of the gifts…you wont have an issue sporting out that tiny amount…totally worth it ! The hunt is based around colour palette grey/ silver. Sooooo every gift will be in theme for tone…lets get this kicked off with a sleek evening number from 22769 casual couture…the dress is called  Anastasia, it’s a long slinky column of fabric, with a beautifully detailed back . Strands of silvery grey wind around you from top to hemline…a classic item that stands alone or can be glammed up…

My excuse for buying this dress at even.flow was uhm…well….it went with the shoes that are their gift? it was just so lovely AND it matched the shoes ! The classic heels in floral silver are just gorgeous…the dress was only 69L  and is called “Bookworm Dress”, lots of other colours available…

Heres a closer look at those prize pretties on my feet, such a sweet flowery print and very subtle. A great shade for Winter.

Last up for today is this marvelous table and Photo frame from estatica …can you believe each piece is just 1 prim? The set has already won a place in my new apartment skyhome…its just a perfect fit, ohhh btw..the frame is modify so you can place your own piccies in it…I resized mine also to fit…fantastic gift !


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 22769 casual couture

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