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The sound of “Silence”.(Freebie).

When I see a Group Gift I really really want in my RL head I’m going “be free, be free, be free” like a little mantra and guess what? Yup FREEEE!

It’s the bed only and I’m loving this luxurious take on a mattress on the floor look.  This red is actually a leftover Christmas gift in the Silence shop.  You get the PG and Adult version but unless I’m mistaken as it’s not easy to menu check when you’re on your own, but both of them do seem to contain the same menu for a singleton and a couple.  Doesn’t make much of a difference really esp for me and so I’m just happy to have this to add to my VAST collection of beds!

If I wasn’t a meanie I’m actually pretty tempted to buy one of the full priced items, this freebie is just in front of you as you go in the shop but just to your left is the full priced ones and they’re pastel and pretty and delicate and just lovely.  At only 250Ld for the PG and I think it was 350Ld for the Adult I think it’s a bargain but I made the mistake of typing “bed” into my invent and I have enough beds already to stock a hotel but I don’t have a pretty mattress on the floor bed…save me!