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Dumping n running.(Super bargains).

SF never fails me and SF stands for Shutter Field and it’s one of those shops I like to pop over to every few months to see if there is any new stock and of course check for freeness.  The Group which was once free to join now comes with a joining fee of a measly 20lds and so even a cheap B*atch like me can’t complain esp when it’s TOP QUALITY decor items.

I’m not showing you everything that’s set out just the new stuff which means there is some nice surprises if you haven’t already got them in your invent.


A hanging metal tub and I have, to be honest, and say I don’t think my piccie is really doing this justice.


Now this is a much better picture.  Look at the details in this and if I remember correctly it’s either 2 or probably 3 prims.


These 3 planters are all in the same gift box and are just so good.


Lastly dinner is on me, burger and beer or wine and steak.  The stool with the books and the metal tub containing candles are again gifts but I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you them before.

Anyhow yes this is a very quick post…lucky you lot lol.  As I’ve said even if there isn’t anything here to interest you there are other exc GGs which are all out for you to check out before you decide if you want to join the group but for 20Lds! it’s a no brainer.

Have a great Sunday and I will see ya’s later.

Shutter Field

Noooo don’t rush off! So I popped back inworld to LM as always and as I did a quick scan I spotted these and yes they’re GG’s as well but because they’re not in one of the shops with the other GG’s I almost missed them and I would have been KICKING myself!


Gorgeous and low primed and perfect!

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Posh Castaway

The Challenge Castaway kuro

If I ever were to find myself castaway on a desert island I highly doubt Id be able to make more than a palm leaf matt! However in my dreams I’m always very proficient at whipping up nifty items from stuff I find washed up on the shore of the remote island of my night-time dreams. Obviously something like the beach shelter above Id have up in a jiffy right?! This is by Kuro and I absolutely adore it, its animated for two av’s and comes in at a lowly 9Li.

The Challenge Castaway 2

The driftwood wicker chair is by 22769, again just 9Li and stuffed full of top quality poses. The table, tealights, mirror and bookcase are part of the items out for The Challenge from Newchurch – new in this months round – the wood detail is exquisitely lovely, go check it out in the store – lots more of this set , various prim counts.


Shutterfield have been very practical and come up with a brilliant castaway Loo arrangement ! Seriously go and try out the poses – fantastic !

The Challenge Castaway & Scarlet Creative $99L offer

Hate this have a castaway camp set out, really lovely poses in the cushions (animates up to two people) and a roaring log fire to sit around. You can just see the bed by shutterfield inside my glorious “Breeze” build by Scarlet Creative. Breeze is only $99L at the mainstore, it’s an open type of gazebo, with faded drapes at both ends and shutter boards to cast a bit of shade – just right for the summer and gardens .

The Challenge 3

Closer view of the magnificent bed by Shutterfield, its simple yet beautiful and stuffed full of great poses.

The Challenge Blog for all info & url’s

Scarlet Creative

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The Challenge goes Mediterranean

The Challenge hatethis NEW

This months round of The Challenge is Mediterranean, which is sooper as a lot of the pieces in this round will bring a little warmth to the chill of November. ht:home has this lovely Tuscan patio as their offering. It positively radiates snuggliness, its got a fireplace at one end which makes a useful place to position some comfy chairs and make a hangout area during the cooler nights. You get two versions and the drapes as a single item in the box, and of course it’s also materials enabled yay!

The Challenge Shutterfield - whatnext wreath & candles 10L NEW

I popped these snazzy chairs by shutter field beside the fire, low prim with some really super poses, the blanket over the arm rest is also texture change. Love love love the little side table, ideal for placing a candle or décor item.

The Challenge Shutterfield table 7 chairs, poche free gift & gacha NEW

Also by shutter field is this table and the chairs, there’s a lot more to this set which you will have to go and take a peek at (but I ran out of prims to show it !) Again great poses for males & females. I just adore the finish on the tale, its comes in a light or dark wood.



shutter field

The Challenge Blog