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Old, New, Cheap and Free and no I’m not talking about me! (Freebies, GG’s etc)

A whole mix of goodies which is going to make your SL home lovely and not hurt your pocket.

First is the lounging chair, male/female and couple poses.  Low primmed, cute and a FREE gift and although it’s a “Shutter field” gift you have to join the Godrics Hollow Group, which is free but the Shutter field is not but more about that later.  Since this smaller shop isn’t in the main Shutter Field shop once I’d grabbed I TPed over to check out the larger main shop.

The Shutter Field group only costs 20Lds to join and there is not only so many of the old GG’s but some new to me ones plus also some very discounted items and in this picture you can see some of everything.

I’ve shown you the food tray before, this one is the wine and steak and I think the other one is beer n burger but the game board is new.  You get 2 versions this rustic one and a beach one.

The flowers in vases are super GG’s but I went crazy for all of 35Lds and bought this small side/coffee table and yes of course I checked and it’s editable.

Another new to me GG is this coffee shelf.

Definitely not new but just so damned good they deserved to be reblogged again and again and again until Faith screams at me to “STOP”.  2 sets of planters, one inc the 2 barrels and the other the 2 metal ones and the hanging one.  Just great home and garden decor and yes, of course, editable if you really want to

I just zoomed in for a close-up.

As always popping over to Shutter Field has made my Sunday as I was eyeing up something which just wasn’t so great but I didn’t want to miss posting something on a Sunday so to find and refind these brill things means I can now log off with peace of mind and enjoy my lunch.

Have a great day and I will see ya’s tomorrow.

PS. Hunger has made me forget a few things, firstly to pick up the chair you will have to be an adult to get into that sim, secondly Shutter Feild is a row of small shops but all are stocked with Shutter Field items, the last shop has the GG’s and discounts but it also shares the sim with a similar shop so if the LM doesn’t take you to the SF Shop just walk or fly over.  Honestly easy to understand when you get there and thirdly MORE Grou Gifts are there I’m only showing you a few of them so if none of these look of any interest to you make sure to still go as there maybe something else or of course you could splash the cash because Shutter Field has some really nice stuff and I do have OMG stuff I’ve paid Lindens for!

Shutter Field

Godrics Hollow

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Thank you!!!! (Freebies)

So bloddy easy this morning because one of our regular readers (you know who you are) dropped Faith a note about some NEW Goodies out there, as it happens Faith had already lined up the first one to show you but knowing my love of Shutterfield Faith winged the note my way and I was off like a shot.

OK firstly a boring shot but there is a reason, the first score was 2, 3 sided simple room builds.  2 of the walls are glass blocks and the 3rd is either wood or brick.  Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the excellent texturing.


Simple builds like this can be very handy because they’re usually so low primmed you can go a bit wild with the decor and with theses 2 because one side is missing a wall you can use this as an added room to your home or a stand alone garden room and just use your imagination to tart it up or of course grab the rest of the GG’s from Shutter Field.


I just quickly rezzed the lot of them and I remember a couple of them are old GG’s but still worth while picking up.  I can’t swear to it but those planters in the back are oldies but I’m sure they didn’t come with the plants already in them but I could be wrong.  I also can’t remember any of the prim count for these things but again I do remember the planters were only something like 2 or 3 prims which is surprising considering how bushy the plants are.


Although a more wintery decor item I’d still snag this now because quality like this will still be as good next Winter as it is now so pick it and the other more wintery decor item and tuck them away in a folder for next year.  Slaps forehead because of course you can make your SL anything you want so if you want winter all year round or blazing sun and sea etc the world is your oyster, even if that world is SL lol.


Same Nams setting as above but I clicked on all of the candles which give off a lovely and subtle glow. Even the candles in the bucket can be lit, such great details that make something a bit different.

What I’m not showing you is the stuff I bought from Shutter Field and although I’ve given  the link to the MP you can only find these in the inworld shop so I treated myself to some bargain priced plants in a variety of tubs and pots, very low primmed very low-priced.  I also spotted some new furniture inc a sweet seating area in a cupboard plus some buildings which is new to Shutter Field.  I have to say I would be tempted by the stables but although there is furniture outside I couldn’t find full size stables rezzed on the land which is a shame but since I know Shutter Field is pretty good quality then you can assume the builds will be as well.

PS if you come across a fab item and in my case esp something free or really super priced don’t hesitate to let us know as we try so hard to find so much but like many we have limited time in which to hunt down the goodies to show you.  But at the same time if you do send us  link to a goodie but we don’t use it, it maybe because we’ve shown it before or we have something very similar lined up etc.  ALL hints and tips are gratefully accepted.

Shutter Field

Shutter Field Marketplace

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Free little Apple Biter.(Freebie&Bargains).

I’ve spent/wasted the best part of the morning struggling with my printer and I WON! So I’m now sat here with a big glass of water and waiting for the pain killers to kick in because all of that brain strain has given me a nasty head ache.

Fortunately for me I already had these goodies tucked away in my invent and this adorable munching loving “apple biter” is the Freebie.  I went over to the Lost Junction shop to snag it and then of course got tempted by all the apple related munchies you can see in the pictures.  The Apple Biter is just by the table in the entrance with the table covered with all the Candy Apple Craft items.  Lovely bright and an excellent decor item, everything is just a prim and everything comes with a wearable.  So even the tray you get with the scissors and ribbon gives you a pair of scissors to wear and you  can even try this out in the shop just click on one of them and the wearable is sent to you.  Costs now 100Lds but I wish I had grabbed it when it was a Lazy Sunday offering but still a bargain for an excellent Autumnal display.


I have to say a bit more about this shop Lost Junction because I LOVE IT.  It’s full of quirky and odd stuff and all top quality it’s a struggle sometimes to leave this shop without having bought something…err like what happened when I went to get the freebie I bought the Candy Apple Set LOL see even I get tempted.  Just a nice shop to visit and treat yourself.


Another shop I love to visit is Shutterfield/SF Design.  It’s another shop that regularly has a Lazy Sunday offer on and I usually end up being tempted but these items weren’t this weeks Lazy Sunday offering.

The table/bench only cost me 65Lds and you get a whole lot of actual bench space on top and a lower shelf as well.  2 colour options available and I knew this one would fit in with out welcome area perfectly.  You can also buy the matching chairs and a sink unit I just wanted the bench/table.

This candle bottle plants all cost 60/70Lds and zoom in on the details, taken in my Nams setting they’re so realistice and at 1 prim completely rezzable.  The candle gives off a lovely flattering soft glow.


How lovely and good quality is this plant?  You have to look outside of the little shop to find these items but make sure to check out inside as well because again there is some lovely stuff. some lower priced but just as stunning plants and upstairs is an excellent shabby chic shower which I’m almost sure I own!  If you’re on a much more limited budget then for 20Lds you can join the group but when you see all the shop quality group gifts set out, you get that 20Lds back in spadefuls.


Ooo as I was checking my piccies I spotted this one I’d forgotten I had taken but again you can try this out before you buy yourself.

And remember everyone is welcome to our Welcome area, lots of lovely seats, fireplace, foods etc and you are more than welcome to have a wander around our sim, Faiths security will kick you out of her house but mine is open to all.  Feel free to just sit and take pictures etc and remember if you don’t bother us we don’t bother you…thats because we’re usually just on our platforms working LOL.

Shutter Field (SF Designs (plants, bench and bottle)

Lost Junction

Welcome Area

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The Challenge – community

The Challenge - shutter field NEW

A new round of The Challenge is up and running, and I’ve got a couple of things to share with you today that caught my eye. Shutter field have a gigantic set out “Lifeguard set”, there’s loads in it and I’m just showing a few pieces that I set out around our new pool area. It’s really suitable for a pool of beach, very versatile. There is also a decked area so you could place the hut on it, but I’ve used it as above – which I love. There are shelves, racks and pegs, lifeguard gear box, liferings and SO much more.

The Challenge - shutter field

The lifeguards chair is really cool, great selection of lifeguardy poses, or just for lurking about the pool looking swanky-de-posh. Everything is super low prim too , so get cracking on an early start for your beach & home pools.

The Challenge - ht home NEW!!

I have to say a big fat “hurrrrrah” at these seating units called “dialounge” from [ht home], such a unique design and the texturing is lush. They seat two people and have nine poses built right in. You need to choose the exterior colour you’d prefer (white, black, brown or grey) the leather inside has ten choices – yes ten and they are alllllll delicious. You could make them totally modern, or retro with the click of a menu button ! The Li is only 5 so if you’ve got a cafe or bar and wanted to rez a few, no worries. These are mesh and materials enabled too. GOD I adore them.

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A Humph day RL & SL there is nothing worse than sitting waiting for a repair man to turn up or having picked up a load of SL goodies only to find they’re not that good after all.  All is not lost as I did find some free goodness yesterday from the Oneword Bimonthly Event, Vespertine and Shutter Field.


The wall lamp of a cloud is actually only 1 of the GG’s from the Oneword event.  This is a Bi Monthly event and basically people can suggest a single word and the one that is suggested the most becomes the theme. “Dreams” is the theme of this round so lots of dreamy stuff here..boom boom.  Clouds, floaty dresses, Kawaii bags & wings, jewelry and poses so basically a little bit of everything and all set out in a lovely shopping mall.

The Group is free to join and you will find the GG’s right next to the large Sub board.  There is more than this lamp waiting to be grabbed, wearable clouds, a ring, some poses and the cutest wearable cloud rezzer.  I normally don’t care for those things you wear and when you walk they leave foot prints, lights, paws prints etc and in this case little poofy clouds but I have to confess I wore them and took a run around my platform leaving little trails of clouds behind me and giggled a bit.


The Tea crate with the books, tea towel and cuppa tea is the new Shutter Field giftie, all linked and all so well textured.  Not had a chance to check out to see if there is any new stuff in Shutter Field but this is a really good furniture shop and if you’ve not been there it’s worth a gander.

stuff 2

Last but definitely not least the gift from Vespertine.  OH I’m so happy that they’re not only copyable but mod so the smaller one in front is the original size but I made a supersized one.  You actually get 4 in the pack, 2 wearable with poses, 1 wearable without a pose and 1 rezzable.  Blimey I’ve forgotten the name but it’s something like “let your dreams flow free”.  I adore Vespertine and I adore how you get such great gifts.

PS if you missed Vespertines FLF offer it’s out now and I SNAGGED IT! So if you need a retro sofa/side coffee table then check it out.

PPS The repair man is finally here Woo Hoo.



Shutter Field



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Lazy Sunday, busy Monday, finally Tuesday.

There are 3 weekly offers I really enjoy FLF, The Neighbourhood and Lazy Sunday oh wait there is also Hello Tuesday, 30 Linden Saturday and 60 Linden Weekends, I just seem to go from special offer to special offer but usually because they’re only on for such limited time it’s hard to post about anything so you need to check out these groups and see if you can pick up as many goodies as I do.

In any case I popped over to Shutter Field and although I didn’t grab her Lazy Sunday offer I did even better as there are Freebies for ALL (can’t remember if you have to join the group but I know it’s free to join in any case).  Since I already own a few items from Shutter Field I thought it’s time to show them off as well so a mix of Freebies and tbh cheapies as her shops is so reasonably priced.

Window1Sorry the window/platform isn’t a freebie but since it only cost 89Lds it’s a brill bargain.  I had mine rezzed on the land for a while but I’ve just rezzed a copy on my platform for you to see.  A linked deck and window which can make a great staging for furniture (check out the beach area at Shutter Field for an example of that) or a simple tree platform.  At 4prims you can afford to rezz a few wherever you like..


Adorable pale packed suitcases, all linked and freeeeee.


Check out the amazing texture on the fabric! Just like most things in this shop great texturing and quality and FREE.


Another Freebie, an industrial stool with a streaming cup of coffee and a book on it.  There is 1 other freebie which I haven’t shown it is a white wall with plants draped over it and a shelf.  Sorry almost forgot the lantern in the window is also a freebie but comes with either the stool or the box can’t remember which.


I rummaged this out of my invent as I don’t believe I’ve shown you it before.  A little wagon with the hay bale and fork and OMG only 30Lds.  I can’t believe I actually put this back in my invent and forgot about it because I remember I had it out with a cushion on it and it makes a lovely sitting place.


Whilst I was there I noticed a small collection of boxes, a beach box, cube box etc some with items in them already but in this case empty.  A single prim and 35Lds I had to have it.  For some reason this is the only item where I’m not happy with the picture as the texturing looks a bit flat but I can tell you it’s not, a lovely and only a single primed item for your home.

Make sure to have a wander inside and outside as she has a discounted area and a beach area and you don’t want to miss them I’m sure.

 Shutter Field




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The Challenge goes Mediterranean

The Challenge hatethis NEW

This months round of The Challenge is Mediterranean, which is sooper as a lot of the pieces in this round will bring a little warmth to the chill of November. ht:home has this lovely Tuscan patio as their offering. It positively radiates snuggliness, its got a fireplace at one end which makes a useful place to position some comfy chairs and make a hangout area during the cooler nights. You get two versions and the drapes as a single item in the box, and of course it’s also materials enabled yay!

The Challenge Shutterfield - whatnext wreath & candles 10L NEW

I popped these snazzy chairs by shutter field beside the fire, low prim with some really super poses, the blanket over the arm rest is also texture change. Love love love the little side table, ideal for placing a candle or décor item.

The Challenge Shutterfield table 7 chairs, poche free gift & gacha NEW

Also by shutter field is this table and the chairs, there’s a lot more to this set which you will have to go and take a peek at (but I ran out of prims to show it !) Again great poses for males & females. I just adore the finish on the tale, its comes in a light or dark wood.



shutter field

The Challenge Blog