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Swing away in shorts (Help!)

Found this darling shorts set on the market place for $1L – a mahoosive Hud is included that gives you a gazillion options for colours (well ok, not millions but loads) This is by Safira and has fits for: Maitreya, Slink & Belleza.

I’m lounging about on a terrific new garden swing by Circa – you can get your paws on this if you swing by (see what I did there) the mainstore – you’ll get 50% discount until the 14th July.


“Did you ever want to build your park or parkette area in a city or town setting for SL? Well our Waterton Collection does just that, offering you many pieces to create an expansive outdoor area for the public but versatile enough to use for backyards, patios or even commercial settings. For this release, we have the new garden swings which have a few nice features. These include a series of swings in each pack with a nice smooth rotating motion (dependent on your “frames per second” viewer settings). The swing motion will work regardless of rotation. Also there are 4 colours of woods per set to match the gazebos in the Waterton Collection. You get a swing frame with a 4 wood menu and 4 flower colours for the hanging plant baskets, along with 4 matching wood swings. The seating has 2 positions with male and female sits animations in both, 16 for the ladies and 12 for gents (28 in all). The animations include chats, sits, lounges, and reading. Perfect for parks, parkettes, botanical gardens, personal garden areas, patios, and more. ”

Now, the HELP me bit – Ive given up on Pic Monkey – I dont think its good value for the ££££ – so Im looking around for a good free photo editing thing – I’m trying out Pixlr currently – not 100% about it – anyone got any shout outs I can look at?


Shorts set

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Welcome to my Boudoir – Free Pj’s

Its Fameshed’s sixth birthday – wow where did the time go! To celebrate Neve have a set of pj’s out for you as a gift – Hud with diff colours & patterns included – SUPER CUTE!

While you’re there check out Neve’s newest release – the Sass shorts and Surge top – Lil bit of retro styling to the shorts and oh boy – juiced colours and patterns in the packs! For the non floral prints you can actually make part of the top transparent. Mesh body fits: Physique, Hourglass,Isis,Lara, Freya.


Fameshed Cam shopping

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Free Find

ohmaigosh yes – another romper! But you know whut? It’s that time of year, we need to be getting our pins out, our pale feeble winter jaded arms into the light – so you can never have enough rompers – especially when they are free! This one comes with a brill Hud that allows you to change top and bottom independently, gorgy retro florals for the lower half and bold brights for the top, with a few pastels tossed into the mix – voila! You get standard mesh sizes and mesh body sizes included. I won this on the luckyboard at the meltingdots freebie store – and actually take a good gander around – it’s stacked with some TOTALLY amusing little trinkets etc (all free)

Hud above – btw I picked up my little flower basket from Belle Epoque, lots of colours to choose from, resizable and you get one for each hand, lovely.


Belle Epoque

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Two for June

The june gifts are coming thick and fast…CandyMetal have this darling romper in turquoise , covered in teeny little spots…but theres more…you also get the skin I’m wearing…brilliant blue eyeshadow…cool lips (that I added a slick of lip gloss too) My bag is from magi can buy single colours for just 10L, they come with a hand held pose..and a more casual flipped-over the shoulder look..I treated myself to a whopping fat pack of seven colours for only 40L !

I headed over to Bella’s Lullaby to see if there was any newness…and I found another group gift hurrrah! Also a romper..but with a more country-girl feel..checked top..beautiful beige shorts and a neat belt ! The group is free join..and there are plenty of group gifts to collect while you’re there, plusss luckyboards!


Bella’s Lullaby

magi take

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Traaaa la la….Ive got some top notch romper-roo’s to share with you ! Call em what you like..rompers, lounging suit, shorts set whateverrrr…rompers rock my world . Soooo onto the goodies….wait wait…I have to say sorry first…truly…from the bottom of my heart…Im sorry – cause youre going to want ALL of these..mmhmm…every last fibre of your being will yearrrrrn to be wrapped in these darlings….I dont have a favourite of this latest coldLogic  release of rompering (thats officially what a group of rompers is called – you heard it here first) I do have a slight hankering for stripes though..soooo the “briggs” set made me all grabby hands…perfect for the beach…for pottering around in…a lazy Sunday…whateverrrrr…and briggs has such a wonderful wardrobe of colour tones to choose from…do I detect a slight nod to the upcoming Olympic’s in the shape of the shorts?

Next I wriggled into an altogether slinkier set..”ella”…I want to call it “Miss ella” has that feel of cuteness to it…pretty and feminine..with its split side ties…and border top…again a fab collection of colours to choose from..

Now “reese”…ella’s floral cousin…the same split short sides with a tie…but this time a subtle print on the top…I fell in love with the salmon tone…classy style that would take you anywhere…

Nowww…if I were to have to pluck just one romper…you know, if someone forced me too…with some awful threat of removing the strawberry frozen yogurt from my clutches..I guess Id plump  for “rae”…sooo swish…elegant..wear with heels..bare on some espadrills..its the do-it-all romper..theres some sleek colour choices in this but I was drawn to this shock of zestiness…YES moi ! Usually Im a beige or black & white girly..but gawd hot pink with bright orange…wicked ! For the “colour challenged” amongst us there are some less bold combos avaialble *wink*

My last romp of the “room”…looks so comfy I think id wear it all the time…thats the beauty of these through to night..beach to town shopping…it’ll be tough to take them off no?  Play in them…tumble around…sling on a floppy hat…potter…get languid and lazy in your romper suit – thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

All furniture is from the marvelous Lisp Bazaar  (apart from the dollarbie “good morning” set from “Bazar” on the market place – here– it rezzes foood!)

The home is from Scarlet Creative and is mesh yay! see it here or here – thanks Scarlet ❤

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Beyond The Stars

Ahh yus..another market place find…new-to-me store BTS have a few freebs to perk your interest…I love when I find some quality items from a designer that I don’t yet know, it means we can try-before-we-buy kinda deal  Anyyywayy onto the outfit above, its called Fallen…great fresh preppy look, white huggy dress with bold maroon stripe details..simple but lovely..

Next I’m showing “secrets”, shorts and a triangular-shaped tank…lovely colours on this…dress it down with some ripped fishnet stockings..or casual with some lowtops…either way its a keeper for moi..there was another free set so go check out their store..think I will pop over to the inworld location later tonight !

Market place: Beyond The Stars


Bunny girl

.Ange. Pink Bunny 165L

Easter is almost upon us the season of bunnies & copious chocolate consumption yummie. Ange Jacobus showed me her darrrling Bunny outfit today and it stole my heart. Softest shade of candy pink, fluffy cotton tail sits perkily on your tushie,the sweetest pair of bunnie ears ,proper bow tie adorns your throat, enough? Nooope…theres also a dreamy pink pair of heels to go with it! This classic bunny outfit is all yours for just 165L..get grabbby! Buy inworld or on the market place here:

.Ange. Spring Blue Tank Set 95L

Just in time for the spring break is this cutie-pie shorts set. I’m a bit picky when it comes to shorts and can’t bear those ones that go all strange at the crotch…you know? No worries with these from Ange they sit perfectly and are superbly detailed around the seams & edges. The spring bright top is a real winner, with it floral decked hem and happy-smiley colours. The body prim is so well crafted I didn’t have to fiddle one little bit phew! Available instore or on the marketplace here:

.Ange. Group Gift for April

*blinkblinkblink* suchhh a zingy lemon outfit! Yessss it’s a group gift from Ange hurrah! Gawd I just adore bright bright yellow..its makes me feel all juicy & sunbeamy. Hurry along and collect your gift today, thank you Ange !

Go get juicy: Ange