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Are you game? UPDATED.

I was checking some hair out and spotted a poster for an interesting interative event and of course some shopping and thought what a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning…..foolish me.

The event is called “Kagami” which is a “Japanese Horror Event” and I have the link to their blog which does give you all the info you need. Then when you TP to the set landing spot on one side you see this…

…and on the other side is this…

So naturally I headded off to the shopping mall and which is as far as I got….and I’ve deleted the rest of this post as Faith has managed to visit the sim.

The ridiculously low script allowance must have been a mistake and now it’s been rectified I will be visiting. I don’t know if there are any freebies but if you check out the event’s blog then you will in the gallery section some of the interesting items for sale and I want to check out the bridge and price check a dress.

Kagami, Japanese Horror Event Blog.

Kagami Hapanese Horror Event Inworld LM.

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The Time of Year

Currently having a bit of a mini heatwave in the UK – so my thoughts are turning to messing about by the water ! Neve have got this tremendous release at the latest round of Uber. The Salty top and the slashed shorts. Now youd be forgiven for thinking “oh T shirt and shorts” but but but – it is SO clever ! Put on the top, wear the Hud – et voila – you have a tank top, a sweatshirt, and a sweatshirt around your hips – all options on the Hud – FANTASTICO! Four packs of plains and paterns avaialble. Mesh body fits only.

The the Slashed shorts – oh tight and snug with a whole heap of options via the Hud for frayed, pockets, belt hoops – and of course various packs of four colours ..

Am I going to wear anything else this summer? Prolly not ❤ Thanks Neve team !


Cam Sim

Cam Sim 2


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Go hard or go home.

A new Gacha event is going on but it’s only for those who have “adult” ratings mainly because it’s set in the rather sordid, dirty and unwelcoming RP area called HARD ALLEY but if you want some Gacha goodness then you’re going to have to brave the pervs and make a dash for it.

bed nine

This bed only cos me 50Lds! comes with a cuddle menu a slow and subtle sexy menu.  Sorry I’ve just noticed that I’ve missed out the lovely Cherry Blossom decoration on the headboard and foot board in this picture but you can just about see it in the next.  A lovely Princess bed with that touch of naughtiness.

feeturbI was so rushed to get a picture of these absolutely sexy foot ribbons I snapped dozens of foot shots and only a couple of bed ones.  No I don’t have a foot fetish I just think pretty ribbons tied around a sexy polished foot is just so unbelievably decadent.  25 a play and I got the red pair in my first try.  Will fit both a high and med SLink foot.

OK Hard Alley is a seriously “hard” RP area but this is probably the one and only time you can pay a visit and not feel like Live Bait waiting to be caught, although I swear I saw a lot of private IMing taking place.  I did think about putting on my Repellant Noob shape but honestly I spent a nice time checking out all the naughtiness without being bothered at all so don’t worry if that’s something that concerns you.  Also if you’re not into the naughty stuff such as the Rampant Rabbit Lamp, not sure how I resisted that, there is a pretty vast selection from poses to furniture and all at low Gacha prices.

Hard Alley Erotigacha

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Eden Rising – coming up !

The Co-Op Presents_ Eden Rising - April 7 - 21


A heads-up for all you shoppers, this event looks like its going to be a corker ! Its got added gacha action (woohoo) and some exclusive items from creators, some of which I hope I’ll be able to share with you over the coming few days.

“The Co-Op is proud to present it’s very first event — Eden Rising — April 7th – 21st. Celebrate the Conquest of Spring with this two week event, featuring new and exclusive releases from top SL Designers. “

Featuring New, Exclusive Creations from:


More info can be found right here :


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Tatties (n free stuff)

Tatties=Geordie word for potatoes.  A bit light on the old postings this week but OMG the HEAT!! Sorry but where I live we’re hardly used to day light let alone sun shine and heat.

PotsSadly I decided to pack away my garden (will dig it out in the Autumn) and since there apart from my greenhouse I have had no veggie patch at all. Then I stumbled upon Dysfunctional Designs.  This is a shop which has a load of open fronted shops facing onto a pond. Each shop is pack with such low primmed items and such quality texturing that even if your not into RP or your home isn’t a rustic style home there is  still massive amount of things which will make you go “oooo”.  I snapped myself up a couple of the small veggie plots because each consists of 3 vegetables in it’s own little plot of soil.  The detail is amazing I picked up the potatoes and the yellow courgettes and resisted the red/yellow peppers and tomatos and all of the other veggies.  The picture shows a total of 6 (3 courgettes and 3 potato plots shoved together at the side of the greenhouse and all of that comes to 6 prims. Mesh of course which is why you get the real 3d effect of the plants.  At the bottom of the picture you can see one of the freebies which is a moss covered log.

CreepNot the best picture of this log but if you look closely you can see a beady eye looking at you.  Yes thats me I was so bored this morning I mooched around doing the FLF and I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed so I popped on my black skin and walked around in the NUDDIE! It was fun. The log inc the mushrooms is one of the freebies on offer.

LanternsNo camera tricks just Nams prim & skin setting because I wanted you to see how bright are these lanterns even in daylight.   For 185Lds you get 10 tones (just click each lamp and you can change the colour) 10 types, 2 singles with or without the stings rounded or squared, 4 trios and 5 on a single sting and believe it or not that string of 5 only comes to 2 prims!  Theses aren’t just floating shapes what you can’t see in the photos is that you can see the metal wires underneath that holds the tea light with the flame coming off it and again so LOW PRIMMED! and the icing on the cake is they’re all mod and copy. These are hanging around the whole sim so you can check them out before you buy.

As I’ve said this is a shop which leans towards the Gor, RP and rustic look but you would be a fool if you let that put you off because even for the most modern home there is so much here.  Food that looks so realistic, beds with a Shaker simplicity style, fireplaces, bedding plants and borders the fountains are absolutely elegant, worn and covered in moss and I want one when my budget allows and everything is so low primmed.   Make sure to look behind the shops as well because there are items there as well.

Dysfunctional Designs

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Those little touches

I’m always on the lookout for items to make my rental homes that little bit more “homey”…the Kitchen is a favourite place of mine to really go to town…and I was stoked to find a vast selection of free food pieces to add to my already burgeoning inventory …I visited “JellyBeans too”, it’s a great sim to explore…theres heaps to do..and a whole load of stores that you can use to role play in or just mooch…laundrette, grocery store, coffee shop etc. I had a ball wandering about with my shopping cart. In most of the stores there are free items to pick up..really cool…low prim and perfect to add some interest to your home. I stashed a selection of meats & fish into my trolley..

..then headed off down the aisle to buy some ice cream & preserves…take a wander around outside…theres a beautiful beach area with towels, sand castle making, tubes to rez…plus  a lush lovely park area…bowling and an arcade ! For those who don’t want to walk…grab a Sedan tour car, it will drive you around in style…

(My landmark should take you right outside the grocery store)

Jellybeans Too