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Indulge me Freebie.

Moan moan moan, paperwork SUCKS so before I get a full-blown migraine I’ve shoved it all to one side to deal with later.

batThis is just a vanity shot as I was sat on my platform wondering how the hell I’ve managed to get about 200 notes and notices sent to me in a matter of a day!  So as I was working my way through them I just thought how pretty I looked (PumeC skin and Mina hair of course!) if only it was the same in RL!  So I took a snap.  As it happens the Bat wings and the fountain you can just about make out behind me are Freebies I picked up from ridi-ludi-fool shop/sim? I wasn’t going to blog them but then I thought what the heck and here they are lol.  When you rezz the freebies, there are more, are behind the rotating white screen thingi..once you get there you will see what I mean.

However if you have time to kill then this shop is on an interesting shopping sim which is a whole mess of shops and stalls and lots of ramshackledness.  The same can be said about the stuff for sale on this sim.  Lots of the Good, Bad and Ugly but if you have time to kill a good place to do it.

This is what I was planning on showing you.


I’m only wearing the same hair because well because it just looks so good and of course it’s a Mina.  I have gone edit crazy and flooded the picture in red but I knew as soon as I saw this Free dress from the Sneak Peek event it was going to be a good one.  There are 2 other free outfits waiting to be grabbed but yet again even though I TPed over to LM grab I forgot to check them out!

Although I’ve played with the editing this is a beautifully textured dress with red and golds etc.  Comes with inbuilt curves as well for extra Vavavoom!  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Freebies then just turn to your right when you land and they’re there.  I’d recommend that if you’re after something new though to check out the rest of the shop.  Of course there is a lot of styles which are recognisable but there is some new fresh designs so for you fashion addicts with Lindens to spend well worth a check out.

ridi-ludi-fool (bat wings and shopping sim)

Sneak Peek

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Counting my blessings (Freebie).

I get so many notices and notes from groups and sometimes people, that occasionally some goodie will slip by me and the latest Hunt at Nouveaux is one of them that I almost missed.  Again because of RL I only had a limited amount of SL time so  I actually only went and grabbed this 1 item.  My invent is so stuffed until I clear more stuff out I have to be careful and as much as I loved the cute shoulder pet, dresses and even I can always use extra poses I could instantly see that this top would be very useful for me.


I went and grabbed this mesh top simply because it’s simple which to me means easy to wear and looks great but that added natural runched up hem gives is a very realistic look.  Perfect texturing this is a free but not cheap gift perfect for everyone.

Nouveaux is a lovely well decored small shopping sim, cute and individual shops from small stalls to a few larger shops and everything from clothes to decor items.  Such an easy to wander around sim and with the clues given to you for the hunt item (a musical note) it’s a lovely relaxing way to spend some time in SL.  The prices of the items in the shop range from just a few Lindens to a few more if you want to indulge yoursef.  I had to leave SL before I could purchase some of the excellent lippies in one of the shops which I don’t know the name of yet but I will do when I get the opportunity to get back inworld.  I’ve put the link to the Nouveaux Creative Blog site because this has a sample of things which are available.  Scroll down and check out the oh so pretty dresses from Cosette and at the bottom is pictures of all the hunt items. OH and make sure you check out all the shops as some do have dollarbies out and I did notice and old hunt item was still available in one of the shops I managed to check out, its a small pastel paper flower.

If you’re a regular visitor to Nouveaux as I am still pop over because there are some new shops and a pretty darn scary skull that’s the entrance to a new shop to me.

I must mention the Boom Estate shorts I teamed the top with,  I have to confess I have so many pairs of these shorts and yet I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged them but I could be wrong.  They’re just shorts but yet again the quality shines through sadly so does the price which I won’t mention but it’s a case of save on the top splash out on the bottoms and you can create a great look for a bargain price.  There is also a vast range of colours to chose from which is why I have so many of them because it’s just too hard to chose which colour you like best.

Nouveaux Creative Collective Blog

Taxi to Nouveaux


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Grandma’s Basement. (Freebies).


Be afraid be very afraid of what you could find in Grandma’s basement. OK that’s a deliberately ugly skin not just a really bad freebie,  because I am trying to be as spooky HELL in this basement.


I TPed over to Domicile to check it out and actually bumped into the owner, Skell Dagger, who must have noticed me clicking away on the freebie board.  You do have to pay a Linden for each other items on the board but it’s refunded straight away.  This  “Grandma”s basement” is one of the free rooms.  It actually only has 3 walls but that means a blogger/photographer like me can cam and zoom more freely with a missing wall.  It’s also copy and mod which means I can have even more fun with it.  So in this picture am I weeping in a tiny room or has the room been shrunk to the size of a small box?  Check out the texturing which has remained perfectly in proportioned to the scale of the room which I found most impressive.  The candles on the wall are mine but it’s the unearthly glowing door way comes with the basement. basicWith the first 2 pictures I’ve had fun with windlight and effects but since this is a photographers room it shows you what it can look like but this photo is taken in my standard Nams Optimal Skin and Prim setting.   A very handy low primmed cube with well done texturing, love how the ceiling is darkened.  Great for a prop room or a very simple home/room.  It reminds me of the first time I had a home on the land but kept a “secret room” in the sky away from prying eyes.


This very steam punk.Gothic/industrial room would make a great RP room or yet again a great background.

As always I walked outdoors and had a good wander around to see if I could find any goodies and I did.  Skell Dagger has a slummy shopping platform set up and most of the shops are fake but a couple of them aren’t and there is some bargain basement items although the shops, homes, warehouses he has in the main shop are hardly bank breaking in the first place, and some Lucky Boards.  Take a wander around to check out the old Italian Pizza shop or retro sweetie shop and make sure you LM this place for future posing potential.



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HUG MEEEE (I dare you!)

My Attic @ The Deck has reopened it’s doors and yet again this is one of the places to go and score TOP CLASS goodies at seriously discounted prices.  Shoes, hair, skin, poses etc and everything under a 100Lds.  I never miss this discount shop because the bargains are just too good.

Cardie UseLet me mention the cardie (English for cardigan) first because I mentioned it in my last post.  Comes from Blueberry and is now in the discount section for only 99Lds.  A choice of colour and I of course chose the browny/beige.  Great fit, great texturing with a small hood at the back and a satin ribbon at the waist (you have 2 choice colour for the ribbon).  So wearable and so handy. So if you’re popping into Blueberry to grab the Free Group Gifts or the hunt item at least grab the demos for this so you can see how good it is.

Hair 1 use

Now check the hair.  This one comes from Ploom and is called Kat.  I chose the Candy shades which has a massive 18 choices of colours!  An easy to use hud and such a variety of shades.  The one I have has graduated colouring but there are many other fat packs for more colours.

Cat use

Same hair just another colour choice.  Comes with a starfish decoration which of course you can choose not to wear.  Love it’s swirlyness.

Hair 6use

Frothy fluffiness. This hair comes from Exile another top-notch hair shop.  I don’t go there often because I inevitably walk away with more hair and less lindens in my account so when the chance comes to grab one of their hairs at such a great discount I’m first in the line.

Hair use 11Lovely dramatic colouring which is also still pretty subtle.  This one also comes with such a handy hud, I remember once having a fat pack of one hair in the whole 280 shades so I for one LOVE huds because it means you have less hair to clog up your invent but also a great variety of colour.  This comes in a total of 8 shades.  This is called Live Every Moment and I bought the Wild Fusion shade pack.  Best of all is both hairs come with demos in ALL of the colours so you don’t have to guess which ones will suit you best.

My Attic @ The Deck

Ploom Main Store

Exile Main Store

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Meandering Pays

SkirtSeem to spend most of my time rushing from one special offer to another but occasionally meandering really pays off.  I popped to a lovely, new to me, shopping sim called Raspberry City.  Nice open shops, simple and well laid out streets (massive amount of pose potential) a bar, cafe and this cute little waterside cafe for you to pose to your heart’s content.  There is a new furniture shop there that looks very interesting so much so that I’ve joined it’s inworld group before the shop has even opened for business, so I’m hoping to bring you some fresh new decor items soon. Then I found La petite fleur.  A small shop with some lovely simple to wear mesh clothes and this sweet little outfit of mesh wrap over skirt and jumper which is only 25Lds!  Wear separately or together and she,YUKI (yukineko.jewell), has included all the Alphas you would need to wear it as seperates.  It’s just plain lovely and so easy to wear.  A choice of colours available as well all in suitable mute tones.  She has priced her clothes to make them so affordable and yet not skimped on the quality.

NOM use

And then I went looking at her main store and scored so many free shop quality gifts from them and you don’t even have to be in their group so I indulged myself.  Not that a 100Lds for this is a big expense plus it comes with a colour changing hud which allows you to change the colour of the collar, top and bottom, but this is a complete dress and not 3 seperates.   The combination is endless.  All in light pastel shades

She also has some Gatchas out and they “gotcha” me because there is an interesting chair (great poses) which is half a car and some other items well worth the few Lindens they cost.  FUN.

Raspberry City (lovely shopping sim)

Chocolat (free boots)

La petite fleur (group gifts)